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Friday, May 31, 2013

Save on Summer Holiday Essentials

Elle (magazine)
Elle (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Although it is extremely tempting to go on a big spending spree as summer approaches, we recommend that you recycle your wardrobe this year before you purchase new items for yourself. This season, a lot of trends draw back on previous summer crazes which means you can save a lot of cash when you combine your old belongings with a few new purchases while keeping it low-cost all around. You’ll save some money that you can invest in other activities, such as your hobbies or your house! Here are some tips on how to save on summer holiday essentials.

1. Get with the monochrome trend

Though black and white might not the first colors that come to mind when you think of summer, the monochrome shade is in fact the hottest fashion trend this year. In the February issue of ELLE, they previewed some beautiful examples of this combination, and you can look at a few examples of them online here. The key to making this look work during sunny weather is to focus on the white items (to reflect the light and keep cool) and incorporate some darker shades into your look. So go through your drawers and select your favorite black and white items and combine them with a new garment, such as these beautiful white dresses.

2. Invest in some freshening gel or a makeup fixer

One of biggest challenges in the summer is keeping your makeup flawless, and instead of re-applying your makeup multiple times a day and consequently spending big money on your favorite brands, it’s much more economical to buy some high-quality freshening gels or fixers. You can purchase these from Nivea or MAC and they’ll help you freshen your makeup without having to remove and add new layers and they make your skin healthier. As a result - you’ll look great! You’ll cut down your cosmetics costs and look like a picture of health without the extra hassle.

3. Get creative

In the upcoming season, accessories will be all about loud colors and clashing colors. If you want to save on your holiday essentials but still want to keep up with the trends, why don’t you get creative? Our two top tips are buying your own shirts and dip-dyeing them in your favorite shades, or buying a blank tote bag (you can find these, very cheaply, at most markets and fashion stores near you) and cover them in florets. If you are not all about loud colors, then you can also opt for lavender colors: this is another one of the predicted big trends of the upcoming sunny days!

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