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Saturday, April 11, 2015

7 Things Business Owners Should Know About Pallet Racking

Pallet racking can be used in a wide number of ways and is suitable for all sorts of business applications, not just warehousing. 

Of course, installing a pallet racking system means that your business operation can more seamlessly fit in with that of other businesses, both customers and suppliers, thus improving the efficiency of the supply chain. 

However, there are a number of things that business owners ought to know about pallet racking before making any significant investments.

1. Pallet Racking Is Not Just For Warehouses And Distribution Facilities

Although pallet racking is the most widely used system in the logistics industry, employed in the majority of the world's warehouses and distribution centres, it is also the dominant form of storage in many other sectors, too. 

Pallet racking is, for example, widely used in the retail sector nowadays, as well. Not only do palletised racking shelves mean that store operatives are able to locate the stock items they need with ease, but forklift operators are able to return goods to the distribution centre, if appropriate, or even easily organise stock movements between retail outlets, when necessary. 

2. Pallet Racking In Manufacturing

These days, pallet racking is widely used in manufacturing industries, as well. Most manufacturers know the importance of keeping their production lines operating without clutter of excessive parts and components. 

Business manufacturers can find a variety of pallet racking systems at Warehouse Storage Solutions, and choose the most suitable one to help them become more efficient by de-cluttering, and avoid any bottle necks in the supply chain. Tying money up in stock close to the production facility is not wanted either, so many manufacturers rely on their slick supply chain to keep items coming to their production facility just when they are needed, committing as little cash flow as possible to purchasing. 

Therefore, components need to hit the places where they are needed immediately on arrival and palletised racking is the only real way of achieving this simply.

3. Pallet Flow Systems

These pallet racks are used with small rollers in their trusses, allowing for pallets to be moved easily from one area to another by operatives. Sometimes set at a slight incline, they are used in tandem with work flow environments, such as distribution centres, where sorting or other work is going on in support of the company's needs.

4. Safe Handling of Products

Some people are put off the idea of pallet racking because they think that smaller items held on a pallet will get damaged too easily, especially when they are cheek-by-jowl with bulkier items that are more suited to pallets and forklift pick-ups. 

However, high-quality pallet wrapping products, from the likes of Davpack, for instance, mean that even smaller items are held securely on a pallet without the need for large and costly containers or tubs to stow them in. Even hand held items are perfectly suited to pallet racking given such wrapping products.

5. Increased Storage Space

In many cases, palletisation can create more storage simply by using the upper space available in a business unit. 

So long as less wanted items are stored on the higher racks and fast moving lines are held at eye level, there is no reason not to use racking right up to the ceiling in a safe way which is perfect for getting the best out of the floor space that you already have.

6. Maintenance Issues

Pallet racking is basically a maintenance-free solution to a business' storage needs. Once it is set up and put in place, then there is virtually nothing that is required to keep it in good working order. Most pallet racking systems are modular with uprights and trusses being sold separately. 

Therefore, if a section of pallet racking does become damaged, perhaps by a collision with a forklift truck, then the appropriate sections can be replaced, without the need for starting again from scratch.

7. Benefit of Adaptability

Even when used outside of a warehouse, pallet racking is wonderfully adaptable so it can change along with your business' needs. 

Pallet racking is able to improve the overall functionality of the workplace, whether it is for holding components, finished stock or storing heavy machinery. Outbound goods sections and goods-in functions can be adapted easily with high-capacity and heavy duty racking.

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