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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

5 Water Heater Problems You Need to Watch Out For

Whether your water heater features a tank or is a tankless model, keeping it in functional shape is critical to its function. When your water heater runs into issues, you may not get the exact level of temperature control you need, which can be particularly frustrating during the colder winter months. 

Keep an eye out for these problems that may indicate you need water heater repair.

No Warm Water

The surest sign of an issue with your water heater is a lack of warm water. When you notice that your system is not producing hot water for your day-to-day needs, you may need to get repairs done. Any number of issues may cause it, ranging from the mechanical to the electrical.

Low Water Pressure

Your water pressure dropping may also indicate an issue. Because your water pressure is also tied to your main water line, the issue may extend outside of your water heater. 

Speaking to a certified professional can help you narrow down the specifics and determine what course of action will best restore function to your water heater.

Discolored Water

Like low water pressure, the appearance of discolored water may indicate something wrong with the water system at large. Though the problem may be localized to your water heater, older pipes and fixtures may also result in discoloration. 

A thorough diagnostic approach will help determine what parts of your water heater will need repair or replacement.

Strange Sounds

Another certain sign of wear and tear to your system is the presence of strange sounds. Your system should be running quietly or silently. Any grinding, whirring, or buzzing sounds may indicate the appearance of damage. 

This is particularly apparent in older systems, where these sounds may appear after years of use. Often, when a system is old enough, repairs are no longer possible, and entire replacements may be necessary.

Temperature Takes Too Long to Change

Sometimes the issue may not manifest in a particularly overt way. The slightest changes to your temperature can be enough to indicate an issue. Water that takes too long to get hot or cold may be a sign of your system not functioning as it needs to be. Speak to a professional as soon as possible to prevent small problems from getting worse.

Preventative maintenance goes a long way in extending the life of your unit. Always take the time to run a regular diagnostic check on your heating system once every three or four months, and call an expert when something is out of the ordinary.

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