Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Greatest Gift You Can Receive Is Friendship

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The culture we live in teaches that it's the accumulation of things that will give us true happiness. During the Christmas season this is driven home. Just check the malls with all the crowds pushing and shoving to get the latest electronics and video games. What are we teaching our children?

I'm guilty I have done this too. But as my life has progressed  I have become aware of how material things are fleeting. Ask yourself what gifts did you get for Christmas last year, 3 years ago or 5 years ago. You probably don't remember. I'll also wager your kids don't remember. This is why the gifts you think are so necessary to get your children or friends, aren't. I don't remember the gifts but I do remember the experiences I have shared. The time I have spent with friends and family are etched in my memory.

There's an old saying that states, "A good friend forgives your faults. A loving friend doesn't see any". Having friends has become more important to me as the years have gone by. The things that your work can bring are  becoming less and less important.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't lived the hermits life. I have had friends and acquaintances forever. They have always been important. But recently they have been more important.  In my early years I always spent my time working to accumulate all the things that gave pleasure.  Those things were the house, car, vacations and children. After getting all those things what was there to satisfy.

The more friends I embrace, the more this circle of wisdom, common sense and laughter enriches and nourishes me. Some of us remember black & white TV, 10 cent phone calls and life before e-mail. These are friends that  can relate to me and my time. Even the younger ones who think I'm a relic of ancient history can also be satisfying for their individual point of view. It doesn't matter. True friendship trumps accumulated days on a calendar.

This is my hope for everyone. That you will come to realize that friendship are more rewarding than accumulating things.


  1. Dave, You know I like this one! If I never shopped again, I'm probably set (except for food and toilet paper)!

  2. Glad you liked it. How about our common experience. Black & white TV and 10 cent phone calls.

  3. Dave,
    I love this post, partly because I relate to the same memories you do and partly because the message needs to be proclaimed loud and clear.

    I have lots of acquaintances, but very few really good friends...the kind who will weep with me when I am hurting and rejoice with me when good things come my way. For these, I am very thankful!

  4. Joe, I'm glad you liked it. It's comforting to have friends that share common experiences. Even though you can meet someone new today. There is an immediate camaraderie with someone that is of your same generation.

    I like writing posts of this nature. It's the personal part of personal finance I enjoy. I have read many great posts of this nature on your site and have really enjoyed them. Keep them coming.

    Merry Christmas.


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