Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why George Bush Must Be Smiling.

I was going through the news sites tonite and something on caught my eye. The headline read "Why George W. Bush must be smiling". I thought how odd that was. Usually, President Bush is getting trashed.

The author writes in his article how the ex-president must really be enjoying all the hoopla over the current tax debates. Knowing his tax cuts are surviving his presidency; he deservedly should feel proud.

Though President Obama ran on a platform of change, not much has changed. Most of Bush's policies are living on. Most of his counter terrorism policies have survived. The expanded off shore drilling are continuing. Afghanistan is still in the forefront overseas and has expanded.

But mostly the current tax rates will be continuing. Obama knows that they are inevitable, so why not just go along and put a little of his own flavor on them.

For a presidents decisions to live on in further administrations is not an unheard of event. Take F.D.R.'s social security. Lyndon Johnson had Medicare. So also, Barack Obama will have health care.

The decision to leave the tax rates as is and not raise them makes sense for the hard times we are in. If taxes were raised, the backlash would be tremendous. Just revisit the question in two years and then make the decision. Better yet, just keep the rates as is and cut the budget by 10%. But that's another post altogether.

Old George W. Bush hasn't said much since leaving office and basically I like it that way. But as time goes on, we are seeing the good things he accomplished for the country, bear fruit. The democrat that replaced him has basically  accepted many of his policies. Keep smiling George, you did good.


  1. Maybe Obama will have healthcare, and then again maybe not. We'll see just how much the supreme court is willing to twist the Constitution. The judge in VA provide a strict and reasonable interpretation that it is not Constitutional. But you are right about one thing, in many ways Obama has just continued the policies of Bush... and delegated legislation to the "braintrust" of Reid and Pelosi.

  2. Excellent, excellent post! Bush did a lot of good things for our country. Sadly, most people are too wrapped up in the "D" or"R" to give him the credit he deserves.

    I am pleased to see the Dems and GOP work together to keep the Bush tax cuts in place. For the majority of us, a large tax increase would be tragic and likely push the country into financial doom. I am glad President Obama is seeing the need to work with everyone instead of playing party politics like some of his "coworkers" would like to see happen. Maybe, just maybe, this will be some of the positive change that was promised.

  3. I understand. We continue to take a break that were made to spur on the economy after 9/11 which instead decimated our economy. A cut that did not take into consideration of the cost of an eight year war in a country that did nothing to us- and a ten year war in a country that has NEVER - including Alexander the Great- been conquered- instead of a war in the country that started this fight----that would be Bush's buddies the Saudi's.
    And yes, my family is career military. We have served in Saudi and other places....

    We should not expect the rate to go up four percent on the people who most profited from these wars?

    And Grouch- I am guessing you and your family are fully employed and insured- or at least on socialistic Medicare? I know more middle class families who lost family members or have been majorly injured from not having health insurance available to them. I am OK with getting rid of Obama care as long as we rid ourselves of Medicare and Medicaid! Same with social security. Take the widows and orphans off ;>0 they never paid in!

    Read the actual history books instead of Rush (who no longer has a residence in the US - but in Costa Rica- A Great American- without an education).
    Do you not have children or grandchildren to worry about?

    ~ I was a Republican until McCain/Palin. God help us if the Republicans don't get a REAL person to run for President next time- not a Reality TV housewife from no where.

  4. Grouch - Its's true that mandated health coverage is unconstitutional. Any mandated commerce is unconstitutional. But rising health care expenses are rising. I don't know what to do about it.

    Budget Con - I like to see Bush get his do. He is excessively maligned, it's just not right.

    Anon. - Thanks to you and your family for your service. I agree we are in a big mess. The Iraq war did get our deficit up, sad to say. But I also think it had to do with the Housing bubble and stupid lending practices. Grouch and others are concerned that excessive government spending is harmful,so much social spending will break the country because the money doesn't exist to pay these things.

    People that have their financial acts together are wondering why their sacrifice and saving is taken from them to support people who haven't done the same. Sure I want that safety net there if I need it. But like me, Grouch and others think it's not right that it should be a life long way of life. Bottom line people need to take responsibility for their own lives and situation. It's not that people are mean, it just makes sense that the country can afford it anymore.


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