Monday, February 28, 2011

Selling Your Car - Get the Highest Price - Go to

When I wanted to sell my car I would always go to and to see what my car was selling for. It seemed complete and accurate. You could see the wholesale, retail, and private sale prices of what cars were going for. Though I couldn't figure out how they got the data for private sales. 

Well there is a new website on the block that is offering the same thing. It's called It combs millions of used car listings on the Web and analyzes that data to provide consumers with an indication of how much a particular used vehicle (down to the year, make, model, mileage and condition) is worth.

So what's the difference between and the others? entire process occurs on one page. The others have page after page loading in between every option. It seemed very Web 2.0 while the others felt clunky and old style. Listed in order of speed and ease of use. First is followed by,, and

I put in my info for a Ford Excursion my Dad has been wanting to sell and the prices seemed to jive with the other websites numbers. Though there is some variation site to site.

Future versions of the tool will also incorporate actual transaction prices and wholesale prices of the vehicle to provide a broader price context for the user. hopes the new tool will help it create a robust database of pricing information that will ultimately help it release a trade-in service for consumers down the road.

Reader: what have you experiences been with these kind of websites?


  1. Good to know! I usually take KBB and Edmunds, average it out for a fair price and list it in the market. Usually works.

    But a new site is welcome! Thanks for the link@

  2. Great site.
    I have been thinking of selling my car. Thank you!

  3. @Moneycone and @Janette it looks like a great way to check out the price of a used car. To me it seems a little easier to navigate.

  4. Good to know about it, thanks for sharing.


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