Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making Money Online is Possible - Learn How You can Do it

If your like me you are always looking for ways to make a little more money. Working on-line is a way and sometimes the only way most people have. It's a great way to to supplement your income and you can do it after hours or anytime you want. One way I am looking into is, writing articles.

Writing articles for people is a great way to earn income online, writing content for people is much easier than you may think it is. There are a few websites where people can join for free, and write content, and get paid per article they write. Using these kinds of websites is a great way make a few dollars and itch that writing bug. Below are two websites that you can try to write for.

The first website is Textbroker.com, but this website only accepts writers who are American citizens. The second website accepts writers from other countries, as well as citizens of the USA, and that website is Zemandi.com. Textbroker pays its' authors a little bit more money. For average writers they pay between $4.50 and $6.50 per 400 word articles. For better writers and longer articles the pay is more.

If your schedule is quite hectic or you don't think this is worth the amount of time needed, this isn't for you. But if you need to supplement your income and don't have more profitable options you should give this a try. 

If you could write an article in 1 hour, at $5.00 per article, for 20 days a month, you could earn $100 per month. It's not chicken feed. Contrast that to selling something on Ebay, with all the work of listing, packing, shipping, and acquiring the item. Can you make $100 on Ebay per month?

I have joined both Zemandi and Textbroker. If your thinking that you may not be a good enough writer to join these site and have acceptable articles, don't believe it. Most people with average intelligence can write decent articles. Most of the blogs you and I read everyday are written by average people with average ability. You could be a great writer and don't even know it.

Click Here for a Guide to Being a Freelancer

If you are good at writing, and have excellent grammar skills then writing for the website Wisegeek could be for you. Wisegeek is a website that people go to when they need answers to questions. People who want to write for Wisegeek need to fill out an application to write for them, and if they are accepted, they can be paid between $10-$14 an article. Wisegeek requires a more proficient writer with some professional background.

WordsofWorth.com and WritersAccess.com are two more websites that are kind of like Textbroker and Zemandi. These two websites allows writers to choose articles and receive a flat rate for the articles that they submit.

DigitalJournal.com is a website that allows people to be citizen journalists. If accepted then they can submit news articles and make a few dollars.

This is something I am going to try. Check this out for yourself and let me know how it goes for you.


  1. You can also make money using Amazon Mechanical Turk. I made a couple hundred last year doing this in my (very) spare time.


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