Friday, July 15, 2011

Are You Afraid To Use Online banks?

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With ever changing technology, we always seem to be playing catchup. Technology is progressing faster than the time it takes for us to adapt. Most technology in our lives is just enhancements of existing products. For example, cars today are technological marvels with their computer controlled engines, satellite radio, air bag technology and many other enhancements. But basically it still the same machine it was 50 years ago. It has a steering wheel, pedals, and four tires.

Other things like TVs, radio's, home appliances are all basically old inventions with enhancements and upgrades. One of the things that is completely new in the last 50 years are computers. The world has never seen a technology like this before. An even newer technology coming from computers is the Internet. The Internet has made our shopping, learning, and daily life quicker, faster, and easier. It is still relatively new and will take time to be integrated into our lives.

Many things that we used to do at the corner store we can now do on the Internet in a more efficient way. Every year more and more shopping is done on the Internet. Many of us have our old checking accounts that are able to be accessed and used to check balances online. But we know, if we ever want to, we can still drive down to the old brick and mortar bank and talk to a real person. This lifeline to the old and familiar make us feel more secure to use online banks and all their services.

What if there was a bank that was online just like the one you are using presently. But there was no physical bank to go to. Would it make you apprehensive? A lot of people don't like the idea of their checking account and savings account being exclusively on the Internet or as they say "In the cloud".

What are peoples number one worry about Internet banking? They want to be able to go to a physical building to see where their money is. If you do go down to your local bank and think your money is there you will be very disappointed. The bank teller won't be showing you your money. The best and only thing they will do is print up a piece of paper with your account balance on it. Banking online is the same thing. Only you can do it from the comfort of your home.

If you have a lot of money you are probably investing through a brokerage account. When you invest in mutual funds, bonds, and stocks where is your money. The only way you are able to see where that money is, is if you look at the balance on your online brokerage account. It's the same as your online checking account.

You are trusting that your money is in your brokerage account, why not take the step to trust the online bank.

Today there is an online bank that wants your business and is willing to give you rewards to have your business. Take the money from under the mattress and open an account at the best bank on the net. Try PerkStreet Financial.

Here's what you get with PerkStreet Financial:

  • 2% cash back on non-PIN debit card purchases, with 5% PowerPerks categories
  • Free, complete online banking
  • No monthly fees for active account holders
  • Free online bill pay
  • Free, automated electronic transfers between bank accounts
  • Free book of paper checks
  • Mobile alerts for balances and deposits
  • Access to 37,000 ATMs - the nation's largest network
  • 24/7, fast phone and e-mail service

You don't have to close your account at the old brick and mortar bank, use them for transferring funds in and out of PerkStreet Financial. Sign up and link your PerkStreet account to any other bank account for free, transfer money when you need it, it's always free. You will get free checking, access to 37,000 ATMs nationwide, free online banking and billpay. All FDIC insured and your debit card transactions are protected and backed up by MasterCard.

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