Monday, July 18, 2011

Social Security Encourages You To Boldly Go To Their Website

Social Security has been running PSA ads touting the ease of using their online services. Recently they have been using actors Patty Duke and George Takei to make cute videos about how easy the Social Security website is to use.

It was three years ago when, Kathy Casey-Kirschling, the first baby boomer applied for Social Security. The preparation began for the increase of applicants many years before when the Social Security Administration streamlined there application process online. Today you can go online and apply for retirement benefits, disability benefits, Medicare, and extra help with your Medicare prescription drug costs.

Other things you can do online is get a personalized estimate of your future Social Security retirement benefits. Here you enter your name, social security number, and date of birth. You will see your benefits for full retirement at age 66 1/2, how much it will be at age 70, and if you apply at age 62. Start here for the retirement estimator.

If your ready to retire soon you can complete and submit your retirement application in as little as 15 minutes at the Online Retirement Application here.

If you need to apply for disability benefits, it's east to start your application here.

If you need to apply for Medicare, the application process begins here.

Your benefit amount can be affected by a number of different factors. If you already have a benefit estimate, you can use the charts and calculators listed on this page to find out how different retirement dates and situations affect your Social Security benefits. If you:

  • are currently working and are eligible for retirement or survivors benefits this year, you can learn how your earnings may affect your benefit payments with our Earnings Limit Calculator.
  • start benefits early, the amount may be reduced based on how long you will receive benefits before your full retirement age. If you want to find out how much retiring early reduces your monthly benefit as a wage earner or spouse, use our Retirement Age Calculator.
  • will start receiving benefits after your full retirement age, your benefit may be higher due to delayed retirement credits.
  • are trying to decide whether to retire early and take a reduced benefit,wait until full retirement age or delay benefits until age 70 we can help you decide if the higher benefit is worth the wait.
  • know the amount of your full retirement benefit, you can
  • compute the effect of early or delayed retirement on your benefit amount and
  • include Medicare Part B Premiums in your calculations.will receive a pension from a  federal, state or local government job in which you did not pay Social Security taxes, it may reduce the amount of your Social Security benefit. 
  • Find out what having a government pension will do to your Social Security benefit if it is based on: Your workYour spouse's work.

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  1. I sure wish I could have invested my social security contributions myself rather than earning the measly return the government provides. The SS Ponzi scheme is shaky, and demographics aren't helping.


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