Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Startup CakeHealth.com Wants To Be Your Mint.com For Managing Your Healthcare Expenses

Cake Health is an online system that helps users understand and manage their health care. They have recently opened it to the public. Cake Health provides a central place to track all your healthcare plans online. It updates your plan status so you know what’s covered, automatically categorizes your claims, tracks your out-of-pocket expenses and alerts you to possible overcharges.

“Eight out of every 10 medical bills have mistakes,” said Rebecca Woodcock, co-founder and CEO of Cake Health. “We don’t think managing your healthcare dollar should be difficult. We developed Cake Health to help subscribers regain control of their health by helping them get the most out of their healthcare spending.”

Once a consumer signs up with Cake Health, getting started is easy. The new subscriber adds their insurance login information into their account and Cake Health does the rest. The service will monitor and analyze claims, dynamically update the policy information to reflect claims, insurance payments and deductible payments and search for potential billing mistakes like mismatched medications, double entries and other common errors.

Three key features to Cake Health include:

Cake Health Money Manager: A service that pulls together insurance benefit information as well as billing information from medical providers. Subscribers will see, in an easy-to-understand method, what coverage they have, where their healthcare dollar is spent and, in many cases, identifying benefits they didn’t realize they had.

Cake Health Plan Matcher: A unique recommendation engine that identifies healthcare plans based on a subscriber’s actual healthcare spending, individual requirements and history.

Cake Health Mobile: A bill capture feature for the iPhone and available through iTunes. With Cake Health Mobile, subscribers simply take a picture of their medical bills, and Cake Health Mobile reads the image and automatically populates their account. In addition, subscribers can scan documents and forward them to Cake Health via email at docs@cakehealth.com.

The healthcare system today is run like amateurs today. Having a reliable dashboard online to monitor your claims and benefits is desperately needed. You can use you insurers website but there is a lot of things there and often are hard to navigate. CakeHealth.com takes down the wall between insurers and consumers. Here you will find cost, coverage, and procedures plainly spelled out.

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  1. There are lots of benefits and advantages you can get from the Cake Health online system. It may have some issues right now, but they make sure that the services they offer are still the same.

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