Saturday, February 25, 2012

How To Find The Best Mortgage Rates

If you own a home your biggest expense is your mortgage. Over the years I have lived in many homes, in many different places and finding the top mortgage deals is so important to an affordable house payment. One of the problems of my home building business is finding the lowest mortgage rates for my buyers.

When selling real estate you usually have to guide the buyers to a mortgage broker you work closely with so they will have the greatest chance of qualifying for a mortgage. But your best effort will amount to nothing if the buyers credit is bad.

If your planning to purchase a home someday it would pay to plan ahead and check your credit score long before you make any decisions. It's of ultimate importance to have a good credit score so you will be able to qualify for the lowest interest rates. You may think you have a great credit score because you always paid your bills on time. But there are occasions when an error, through no fault of your own, appears on your credit report. Many errors on credit reports are caused by you being blamed for a bad debt by someone, with the same name as yours. Human error and mistaken information can cause your credit report to be 100 points lower than it should be. It pays to check beforehand.

Finding the best mortgage rates.

1. Online. 
There are many sources available to you to find and apply for a mortgage. There are many online sources that can show what's available. Those websites can let you search for nationwide interest rates through several companies. You can narrow your search by length of loan, interest rate, points, or type of mortgage.

2. Mortgage Brokers. 
If you like the personal touch, a local mortgage broker may be what you need. I like to work with mortgage brokers because of the time saving advantage. If time is at a premium, walking into a mortgage brokers office may shorten the time of the entire process. 

You can apply and possibly be approved all within the same visit. Mortgage brokers work on commission and this puts the pressure on the broker to make sure you get approved. I have seen how a good mortgage broker can work out solutions, to tough and complicated transaction better than their online counterparts. 

This flexibility is important because local mortgage brokers have multiple sources of money available for lending much more than boiler plate online sources.

Of course, compare and compare again, do not be in a hurry. No matter who you chose to write your mortgage, there will be sales pressure. Don't let that shake your plan of taking it slow. Also be aware of new home sellers that say you must use their mortgage source. This is not set in stone and you are able to bring in your own mortgage source. But if your cornered into using a specific company then use the leverage you have to get some freebies thrown in to sweeten the deal, for using their broker.

Words of wisdom. 

At the closing be sure read your mortgage papers thoroughly before signing. Maybe even spend a few bucks and let your lawyer check it out. I have seen mortgage documents with errors in them, it doesn't happen often so read thoroughly.

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