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This Summer Will You Vacation Or Staycation?

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Will the rising costs of fuel keep you at home during the summer holiday season? According to a Times-Herald survey, many families will not be cutting back there vacation plans. Some people are feeling the pinch from extraordinary high fuel prices and have already canceled their summer holiday plans. But the bulk of people are adjusting their plans and are looking for cheap holidays.

Just how much does the cost of fuel affect a families decision to go on vacation or not? From the average high, to the latest top price, the difference is only 10 percent. This increase amounts to only $10 per tank of gas. If you fuel up twice the cost is only $20. Compare this to the rising costs of airfare and hotel stays which have much higher price increases. Though the prices of many other parts of a vacation are rising more rapidly, fuel costs should be the least of your worries.

According to the Times-Herald survey, 63 percent of families plan to spend the same amount or more on travel in 2012 as they did in 2011.

For those that feel the cost of fuel is to high to travel, they are making plans to stay home or only travel very short distances for their holiday. They are finding that they have many local destinations that suit them just fine and fit the bill for a wonderful vacation.

Finding destinations, in your region or state, can offer to you the opportunity for one day vacations or just over night trips. Most of us who travel know more about a vacation destination that is 1000 miles away than one that is only 50 miles from our home. Staying local and traveling to the shore, a lake house, or countryside cabin for a weekend opens up wonderful opportunities we have been missing.

When you are planning your next vacation on a tight budget, why not check out destinations closer to home.

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