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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Planning Your Next Summer Vacation? Explore 5 Great Benefits of White Water Rafting

If you're planning your family's next summer retreat and the idea of lounging on a beach towel doesn't quite get your pulses racing, perhaps consider an adventure that offers thrills alongside its tranquility.

White water rafting is not only an exciting challenge that families can rally behind, but it’s also a bond-strengthening experience laced with incredible health benefits and a vital connection to nature.

When the water's edge beckons, and you're torn between peace and the pull of rapids, consider the myriad of benefits that a white water rafting trip can offer. 

We'll explore five unexpected advantages, shedding light on a vacation experience that's not just a passing thrill but also a long-lasting investment in your family's health and happiness.

1. Physical Health Benefits

White water rafting isn't just about navigating turbulent waters—it's a full-body workout cloaked in an adventure. The physical demands of rafting can lead to a stronger, more resilient body.

A Core Workout Like No Other

Every stroke you take against the river's current engages your core muscles, giving them a workout that's hard to replicate elsewhere. Your body’s balance is continually tested, and as a result, the muscles from your shoulders to your lower abdomen get a thorough exercise.

A Rush for the Heart

Rafting is not just for the body's core—it's for the heart too. The vigorous paddling and rhythmic motion drive a cardiovascular workout that’s both challenging and rewarding.

Stress Relief Through Adrenaline

An adrenaline rush isn't just a thrill—it's medicinal. The endorphins released during adventure sports can potentially combat stress and even alleviate pain, offering a cathartic release from everyday life's tensions.

2. Mental Health Benefits

The mental well-being offered by white water rafting is just as significant as the physical. This adventure sport provides a holistic workout for the mind, enhancing skills and boosting mood.

A Boost of Confidence

Conquering a rapid provides an immense sense of accomplishment, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s a reminder that you can overcome fears and challenges, not just on the river but in life as well.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Under Pressure

Rafting introduces you to the unexpected. The twists and turns of the river present a range of obstacles that require quick thinking and problem-solving. Negotiating these under pressure equips you with invaluable life skills.

Mindfulness in Motion

White water rafting demands your full attention. Immersed in the roar of the river, you're fully present in the moment, allowing for a mindfulness that's difficult to achieve in day-to-day life, fostering tranquility and a clear mind.

3. Quality Family Time

Family time during a white water rafting trip is of the highest caliber. It's not just about being in the same place—it's about working together, facing challenges as a unit, and celebrating victories as a family.

A True Bonding Experience

Shared experiences create enduring bonds. Rafting, with its need for teamwork and mutual support, fosters a unique closeness that translates into stronger familial ties.

Lasting Memories

A white water rafting trip is not soon forgotten. It's an adventure that evokes memories in the minds of all participants, memories that will be shared and cherished for years to come.

Team-Building Like No Other

Rafting is an exercise in team dynamics. The skills honed on the river translate to everyday life, enhancing communication and reinforcing the team that is your family.

4. Adventure and Excitement

The allure of adventure and the thrill of uncertainty are what draw many to white water rafting. But beyond just a thrill, there lies a deep satisfaction in testing one’s limits and growing from the experience.

Adrenaline-Fueled Fun

There's no denying the rush that comes from navigating the rapids. It's an exhilarating experience that, once tasted, is hard to forget.

Fear and Challenge Conquering

Rafting presents the perfect opportunity to face fears head-on. Whether it’s a fear of water or a fear of the unknown, every challenge conquered on the river leads to personal growth.

Unique and Unforgettable Experiences

Each rafting trip is unique. The water levels, the weather, and the route through the rapids—all contribute to creating a one-of-a-kind adventure that cannot be replicated.

5. Nature Connection

Perhaps the most significant benefit of white water rafting is the bond it allows you to forge with nature. It’s a rejuvenating experience that instills an appreciation for the outdoors.

The Wilderness as a Playground

The river's playground is the untamed wilderness. Rafting provides a rare opportunity to play in nature's home, fostering a deep connection with the environment.

Environmental Awareness

Those who raft often become the best advocates for preserving the waters on which they float. The firsthand experience of the river's beauty underscores the importance of environmental conservation.

Technology Disconnect

In today's hyper-connected world, the opportunity to unplug is a rare gift. Rafting compels participants to disconnect and immerse themselves fully in the natural world, recharging both body and mind.

White water rafting offers an adventure that's both thrilling and therapeutic, challenging and serene. It’s a family vacation that goes beyond mere relaxation, offering a range of benefits that foster physical health, mental well-being, family unity, and a deepened connection to the natural world. Consider it a holistic approach to summer vacation.

When considering your next family retreat, think not just of the relaxation you seek, but the experiences you wish to share and the growth you hope to foster. 

With white water rafting, you’re not just planning a trip; you’re planning a journey—a waterborne odyssey that promises to be so much more.

Friday, June 2, 2023

5 Tips To Adjust Your Lifestyle for Retirement

Retirement marks a significant milestone in people’s lives, offering new opportunities to embrace a more relaxed, fulfilling lifestyle and take more control over their time.

Transitioning from a busy working life to a peaceful retirement requires careful planning, especially when you have been active for a long time.

It is essential to consider how to adapt your lifestyle accordingly and take advantage of every opportunity to make the most of this new experience. 

These five tips for adjusting your lifestyle for retirement will give you valuable information to focus your energy and time.

Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Retirement is the ideal time to prioritize your health and well-being by engaging in regular physical activity, such as walking, swimming, or yoga. 

Consider adopting a well-balanced diet and making healthier food choices to keep your digestive system safe and active. By caring for your body, you can enjoy a more active and fulfilling retirement with fewer health-related limitations or issues.

Build a Social Support Network

Retirement can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation, especially if you developed in a busy work environment for many years. Building a social support network is essential to stay connected and engaged; this could also give you new opportunities for activities and meet-ups. 

Join local community groups, clubs, or volunteer organizations that align with your interests, participate in social activities, and spend quality time with family and friends.

Create a Budget

As you approach retirement, you must reevaluate your financial situation and create a realistic budget to optimize how you spend your money. 

Evaluate your income sources, including pensions, investments, and any other potential revenue streams; a self-directed IRA rollover will also help you take full control of your retirement accounts. 

Consider your anticipated expenses, such as housing, healthcare, leisure activities, and travel, to achieve a routine that works for your new lifestyle.

Pursue Hobbies and New Interests

Retirement offers the luxury of time, allowing you to explore hobbies and interests you may have abandoned during your working years. 

Activities like painting, playing a musical instrument, gardening, or learning a new language can bring you joy and fulfillment that will enrich your days. 

Hobbies can also provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment, contributing to a more satisfying retired lifestyle.

Plan For Travel and Leisure

One of the best tips to adjust your lifestyle for retirement is embracing the freedom to travel and indulge in leisure activities. 

Take the time to plan and prioritize your travel aspirations, whether exploring unfamiliar destinations, embarking on a road trip, or experiencing different cultures. 

Consider joining travel groups or booking trips with friends to make your adventures more enjoyable and make the most of this well-deserved phase of your life.

Monday, May 22, 2023

5 Services to Use Before You Retire

Retirement can be a daunting and uncertain period for many people. You have grown accustomed to your career and daily routines; it can be tough not knowing what is coming next. 

If you are planning to retire soon, there are a few services that can prepare you in advance. 

With these services, you can fully enjoy the benefits of retirement without stressing too much. 

Here are five essential services to use before you retire.

Financial Planning

Before you retire, it is important to plan financially. With the help of a financial planner, you can figure out your income sources and create a budget and investment plan. 

They can also help you plan for future expenses such as healthcare, taxes, and inflation. Financial planning can make your post-retirement life more comfortable by helping you manage your assets. 

It is imperative to plan financially for your post-retirement life to avoid running out of money.

Healthcare Consultation

With the onset of the golden years, your healthcare needs increase. Before retiring, consult with a healthcare professional who can provide you with personalized care plans, agreeable to your budget. 

They can also suggest different health insurance policies that can cover a significant part of your retirement savings. Consult with a healthcare adviser and cover all the healthcare aspects before your retirement to make the process less worrisome.

Legal Advice

After retirement, your legal needs can come with new challenges. Retiring would require you to update your will, create trusts, powers of attorney, and more. 

Consult a legal advisor before retiring to make timely arrangements and get all the legal documentation required for future use.

Travel Services

Retirement could mean no more work, but that doesn’t mean the end of busy schedules. Many retirees prefer to travel, creating a jam-packed calendar. With the help of a travel agency or planner, you can plan your trips relatively stress-free. 

Travel agents can offer exciting travel packages with hotels and attractions that you might not be aware of and ensure that you return home from your travels with amazing memories.

Volunteer Services

As part of a healthy lifestyle, many retirees choose to live a rewarding, purposeful life by volunteering their services. Volunteering can provide opportunities to socialize within your own community or travel abroad while helping others in need. 

Many non-profits and organizations require volunteers with expertise in different fields, from education to healthcare. Retirement provides the perfect gateway to give back to others and discover what you're passionate about.

If you are planning to retire soon, start thinking about these efficient services that can help ease the transition and ensure you reap the maximum benefits of the golden years. 

With the help of financial planners, healthcare advisors, legal professionals, travel agents, and volunteer organizations, you can have a fulfilling and rewarding post-retirement life. 

Invest some time in planning, and it can help you find new avenues to enjoy your retirement years without any worries.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Living La Vida Hermosa

The conversation has been had so many times that it’s starting to become a parody of itself: adult children want their parents to move out of the big house that they’ve lived in for the majority of their lives﹘despite the happy memories﹘and get into one of the beautiful new developments springing up all over Las Vegas. 

No one wants them to feel displaced, or worse, muscled out. But as time has gone on, it’s become clear that Grandma and Grandpa have surrendered to inconveniences inherent to their home because to do otherwise would mean making drastic changes to the house that they love.

These inconveniences often stem from the size of the house. When they were younger and were starting a family, they needed a place for the kids to learn to walk and run; they needed a property the entire family could manage together, teaching the kids how to work and how to rely on each other; they needed the validation of buying a beautiful piece of property together, after so many years of toil and tenacity. 

But now they’re older﹘no, not just older. Elderly. The kids have moved out and had kids of their own, and they can’t manage such a big property anymore. The master bedroom is upstairs, the laundry room is downstairs, the trash barrels are too heavy, and the garden needs weeding. 

In the end, they hold tightly to the life that they know, much to the exasperation of the very kids who learned what family meant in that home.

This is a delicate time for our beloved parents who could be so much better served, living in a place that is more conducive to their needs. When trying to convince an aged parent to move there are three things that must be present, or they won’t listen. Each of these points, if honestly meant, should quiet many of their fears.

Las Vegas Means Options

The best part about being a cogent, autonomous senior is that there are options out there. Moving out to Las Vegas to enjoy the climate and the entertainment doesn’t have to be some sort of criminal extradition. 

If they are feeling particularly hesitant about one type of living arrangement, there are most certainly others. Maybe they are nervous about moving specifically to Las Vegas, because of perceptions about nightlife, and partying, and “not being their sort of town.” There are exquisite homes for purchase all over the area, like Henderson, NV.

Whatever community they are looking for is available in Las Vegas, and there’s a reason so many seniors are finding themselves making the move. 

One of which is that Nevada doesn’t charge an income tax, including income from Social Security and retirement. Another is that being in such a lively place means that their future home is a shoo-in for visiting family.

Las Vegas Means Family

Family is ultimately what senior parents are worried about. Will they still see their grandkids? Will they still be invited to family gatherings? Will a smaller home mean that they won’t get to host their family as much as they like when they do come? 

All of these are completely fair worries to have. And that is where children can quiet their fears with assurances that their parents’ move to Las Vegas is going to be good for them, too.

One of the perks of living on the doorstep of America’s Playground is that family will always want to visit. The hotels, the shows, the food, and the gaming are not only ways to live large in one’s youth, but they are great ways to spend time together as a family. 

In Vegas, new experiences are popping up all the time that continue to raise the value of that town. And while it may be true that a smaller home might mean some family members are reserving rooms in these hotels off the Strip, chances are that not only will they enjoy themselves, but Grandma and Grandpa might just appreciate not having to maintain a big crowd spending multiple nights over.

Las Vegas Means Friends

The worries that aged parents live with when contemplating a big move are nothing new; virtually every senior person has had to deal with this fear of the unknown. But just because they’re not the first doesn’t mean that their worries are wrong, or that they need to tackle them alone. 

If these parents do consider moving into one of the beautiful senior living areas that exist in Las Vegas, they will be amazed at the camaraderie they will feel with people who so recently went what they did.

Having a support system of peers will do wonders for these senior individuals who may have seen so many of their old friends move or pass away. The new influx of friends will not only give them an essential outlet for companions with whom to spend time, but they will feel a revival in their desire to explore the richness of life.

No one likes seeing their senior loved ones disappointed, but they like even less seeing them alone or inconvenienced. There is no shortage of reasons why Las Vegas is quickly becoming the place to retire, and with an open mind, they might actually like discovering those reasons for themselves.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Interesting Things You’ll Appreciate Knowing About Living In Edmonton

Apart from being one of the most sought-after places to live in Canada, Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta. There’s more about this city than meets the eye. The city offers a lot to make you appreciate living here apart from the trails through river valleys and the immense dining experience. This article has some interesting things you’ll appreciate about living in Edmonton.


This is a popular activity in this city. It is no wonder that Edmonton has more than 170 km of trails in the river valley alone. The paths run beside the North Saskatchewan River and contributing tributaries and connect to various areas of the city. 

These beautiful routes make a great adventure on a weekend. Cyclists in Edmonton share 275 km of paths and sidewalks with walkers. Equally important to note is the 450 km of unimproved trails and unpaved single track.

West Edmonton Mall

This is the largest mall in North America spanning an equivalent of 48 city blocks and housing about 800 stores and services. West Edmonton Mall was the world’s largest shopping mall until 2004. 

There is a lot to look out for here including a mini-golf, movie theatre, bowling alley, and underground aquarium. The mall accommodates two hotels alongside more than 100 dining places. Some of the major attractions at this mall include:
  • Galaxyland
  • An ice palace
  • World Waterpark
  • Adventure golf

Rat-free city

Rats are pesky creatures that cause significant damage quickly in households. Luckily, one of the reasons to make you get looking for rent to own homes Edmonton is freedom from rats. There are no rats here and in all of Alberta. 

The western province in Canada has been rat-free since the 1950s. This means people here don’t have to worry about rats spoiling and consuming food, grain products, electrical wiring, and damaging building. There is no threat to people’s health posed by the rats.

The rat-free status of Alberta stands strong because of the aggressive rat control program. This ensures that the vermin is outside of the province’s boundaries. Given that a pair of rats can lead to a colony of about 15,000 rats annually, people in Alberta understand the need to call an exterminator on seeing a rat. Acting aggressively and quickly maintains the rat-free status of Edmonton as well.


In Edmonton, the first day of summer has daylight lasting 17 hours and three minutes. Here, sunrise is at 5:04AM with sunset at 10:07PM. This allows feeling like soaking up all the energy from the largest north-most metropolis. During winter, it’s another story. The sun rises at 8:49AM with sunset at 4:16PM. This allows just 7 hours and 27 minutes of daylight.

Golfer’s paradise

Edmonton is a golfer’s paradise with the city bursting with beautiful golf courses. Metropolitan Edmonton has more than 70 golf courses that appeal to people regardless of age and skill. The best thing is the availability of courses to give everyone a chance to hone their skill. Regardless of your level, you can indulge in any of the following:

  • Mini golf
  • Country club golf courses
  • Beginner courses
  • Advanced courses

Great Divide Waterfall

Designed by local artist Peter Lewis, the Great Divide Waterfall was made to mark the city’s 75th anniversary. This was installed in 1980 with a height of 64 meters making it 7 meters taller than Niagara Falls. The waterfall could pump out 50,000 liters of water each minute when turned on during long summer weekends. However, its operation during those five long summer weekends would cost the cist about $2000 hourly or $30,000 annually.

Elk Island National Park

Despite its name, this park isn’t actually an island. And, you are likely to find more bison than elk at Elk Island National Park. The name of the park is after the various tiny islands dotted in the lakes. This park was originally a sanctuary for elk before the introduction of bison. The park is a great spot to relax and enjoy nature in Edmonton.

Reaching the park is an hour from Edmonton for a chance to catch amazing glimpses of free-roaming bison, elk, deer, and moose. The 194 sq km is quite small according to National Park Standards but the largest fully fenced park in Canada. This park is filled with parkland, grasslands, boreal forests, lakes where bison, pygmy shrew, and terrestrial mammals roam in North America.


These are quite a big problem in the Edmonton area with about 30 species. Summers are quire miserable at dusk because of the mosquitoes. The warmer weather encourages mosquitoes to develop faster. These are usually more active with emerging adults seeking bloody meals immediately.

During warm and rainy weather, mosquitoes are in plenty and active. However, the mosquitoes are usually less active in warm and rainy weather. The authorities do whatever it takes to get rid of these pesky creatures using helicopters, ditch trucks, and ground crews. These lessen aquatic larvae from developing.


There are various reasons to make you consider rent to own a home in Edmonton. From the friendly people to the endless shopping at North America’s largest mall to enjoying cycling, there is a lot for anyone. Expect no worry about rats attacking your home and destroying the property and structure of your new home.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

4 Low Maintenance and Low Cost Activities Hotels Can Provide for Their Guests

Is your hotel's business lagging, or maybe you're looking to expand and tap into new markets? Nothing brings in guests like unique and useful amenities, but offering enjoyable activities can cost a pretty penny. 

However, you don't have to spend a fortune to attract customers. Here are four low-maintenance and low-cost activities you can provide for your guests.

Bark in the Park

Many people consider their pets members of the family, and your hotel can score more business by welcoming their fur babies. Take pet-friendly a step further by offering a dog park so your four-legged guests can blow off steam at the end of the day. 

If you have some outdoor space to spare, a dog park is a very affordable amenity to provide. Just fence off the area and include fido-friendly accessories like a waste bag dispenser and durable toys.

Serve Up Some Fun

A tennis court beats the gym any day and is fun for families and business travelers alike. You might think adding a court to your property will break the bank, but tennis court construction can be very affordable with a little planning. 

They don’t require the same maintenance as lawns or gardens, and tennis balls and rackets are easily replaced when damaged. A simple court and net is all you need to provide your guests with a great place to exercise, and the occasional hosing down is all the court needs to stay clean.

Light the Night

Want to attract more families to your hotel? An outdoor fire pit is a very easy and affordable attraction that draws in not only families but also schools and scout groups. Installing a fire pit is a simple project that your maintenance staff can handle. 

Just be sure to check with your local fire department to make sure your pit is up to code and that you have any necessary permits before lighting it up.

Easy Food Options

The food truck trend shows no signs of stopping, and there's no easier or more affordable way to entice guests to your hotel than inviting vendors to set up on your property. Choose trucks that are clean, well-designed and offer unique and tasty dishes. 

You can either bring in extra revenue by charging the food truck vendors an operating fee or include meals for free with a room and pay the vendors to serve your guests.

When considering activities to provide for your guests, it's important to consider not only the upfront cost but also the return on your investment. A more expensive activity may pay for itself over time, while a cheaper but less attractive one could end up costing more in the long run.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Fulfil Your Dream of Travelling the World without Worrying Anymore

Travelling is a dream for some and business for others. Whatever be the case, travelling overseas is always expensive. Saving beforehand for travel expenses may help sometimes, but not always. There can be many reasons for your abroad trip plan:
  • Seeing Switzerland was your childhood dream. 
  • Your children live in a foreign country, and you visit them every once in a while. 
  • You have a vital month-long business meeting where you have to take your employees. 
Whatever the purpose is, it can be anything but economical. Financial institutions offer Loan against Property to manage your travel expenses efficiently. You can easily avail Loan against Property for travel from them and make your dream tour come true. The Loan Against Property Interest Rates are quite lower in comparison to other loans , thus a better option for repayment.

What is a Loan Against Property?

Loan against property is what its name suggests. A financial institution gives you a loan against a property registered in your name which they keep as a mortgage or security. Hence, these are secured loans. 

Such credits have high loan-to-value. It is the ratio of the credit amount to the actual value of the mortgaged property. It is usually higher in comparison to other secured loans.

Loan Against Property Eligibility:

In case you draw salaries, the age bar is 33 to 58. For self-employed individuals, the age bar is 25 to 70 years.

Loan Against Property Documents:

Loan against property documents required are minimal:

  • Salary slip
  • Statements of your bank account for the previous 3-6 months
  • KYC documents 
  • Address proof
  • IT returns
  • Property documents

Loan Against Property Tenure:

Financial institutions offer you loan against property with repayment periods of 2 to 20 years. That is a huge window to repay your credit amounts conveniently. However, there are also options for part-prepayments of the loan against property for travel. You can also opt for foreclosure of your credit account.

Additional Read: Choosing the Perfect Loan Against Property to Tackle your Financial Problems

Loan Against Property Interest Rates:

The interest rates for loan against property India are less compared to other forms of secured loans owing to their longer tenures. EMI amounts for such loans are comparatively lower.

Other Loan Against Property Features:

Financial institutions provide the following features with loan against property -

1. Easy Balance Transfer
Using easy balance transfer facility, a customer can transfer the remaining loan against property for travel amount to another lender who provides with low rate of interest. The current lender may charge a minimal fee for providing this facility.

2. Top Up

Customers can avail a loan top up with their existing loan in case they need additional financing.

Loan Against Property and CIBIL score:

Your CIBIL score will also improve if you pay the EMIs on time. A high CIBIL score helps you in many ways. While a high credit score is not mandatory for availing a loan against property, it will largely help you in getting unsecured loans and credit cards in the future.

However, not repaying your due credits in time will negatively affect your CIBIL score. Keep in mind the things to avoid while availing a loan against property.

Apart from all these benefits, availing Loan against Property has more added benefits. The application procedure is the easiest among all other financial institutions. Also, the end use of such loans is not restricted. You can finance your child’s education or meet your parents’ health requirements.

So, avail a loan against property for travel today and surprise your dear ones with a dream vacation in The Bahamas, Egypt, Japan, or any other.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Motorhome

sell your motorhome

Before you sell your motorhome there are a few things to consider that can help or hinder your chances of a successful sale. We’ve outlined these below so that you understand what you need to address to help make the process as stress-free as possible.

Evidence of paperwork

If you are able to show prospective buyers evidence that your vehicle is in good shape or has been looked after then you have a stronger chance of making a sale. Make sure you are able to present a valid MOT. 

If the time has almost come to get it renewed, don‘t delay, get it sorted out as soon as possible. A 12 month MOT will reassure a prospective buyer whereas no MOT will only ring alarm bells.

If you purchased your motorhome from new then you can make your motorhome more appealing by showing them a properly stamped service history book to show them that it has been looked after. A well maintained motorhome with a documented service history should demand a higher price.

Also be sure to present your vehicle registration document which has the details of the registered keeper. Instruction manuals are also a useful thing to present and help the potential buyer to really familiarise themselves with what they might be buying.

If you can display evidence that you have had a motorhome habitation service carried out this will also be beneficial. 

You can think of a habitation service as being a motorhomes equivalent to an MOT for the aspects of your motorhome that are used for living such as LPG / Water / Electricity.

Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, even minor damage like dents or holes caused by road debris or hail reduces the value of your motorhome. However, minor bumps and scratches can easily be repaired. 

The cost of the work will be far less than the potential loss of value when you are trying to sell your motorhome with visible damage. Be sure not to overlook the inside of the vehicle for any potential wear and tear.

It’s very important to give interior bodywork, furniture and equipment all a thorough inspection. For example, one of the most common repairs is from damage caused by wind-out awnings which are not properly secured when extended.

Damp and Water Damage

Some motorhomes leak for years without any visible signs of water damage, and by the time you discover it’s there the damage can already be expensive. Larger motorhomes that feature indoor plumbing for kitchen sinks, showers or toilets have on-board water tank or tanks that have been known to potentially leak and cause damage. 

You know you have a water leak in your motorhome when you see mould, mildew, rust and rotted wood. The majority of motorhomes get damp from the joints/seals on the outside of the motorhome. 

Examples of this include around the windows, toilet, external lockers, where the body is attached to the floor of the motorhome and where the motorhome itself is attached to the cab. All of these problems usually occur because of poor sealing at the factory. 

To prevent damp from happening a simple reseal can be applied during the time that you get your vehicle serviced.

sell your motorhome

The quicker you spot a possible leak, the quicker you can get the problem addressed. Stains, discolouration, swollen wall, saggy ceilings, warped flooring and a damp or mouldy smell are tell-tale signs. 

Making repairs yourself can be a monumental job, so it’s best you leave these up to a professional.


Elements like acidity in rain, road salt, UV rays and general pollution from the sun all damage the outside of your vehicle over time. 
So treating your motorhome to be resistant to stains, fading and oxidisation is a wise move if you want a gleaming, speck-free motorhome. 

There is a whole range of automotive touch up pain you can use to achieve this effect from pain pens to address small motorhome scratches, to brush cap bottles for scratches and chips to spray cans for larger jobs.


Tyres are designed and built to be used. The rubber used in tyres ages faster when the tyres are not used. When tyres sit still, they start to dry out and age faster. The problem is, the tyres on many motorhomes don’t get used that much. 

To determine if your tyres need replacing inspect them for cracks. Cracks less than 1/32-inch deep are fine, but if the cracks are more than 2/32-inch deep the tyre should be replaced immediately. Tyre professionals would recommend replacing motorhome tyres every 6 years because of faster aging and weather cracking and infrequent use.

Roof Condition

You should carry out annual or even biannual inspections to spot cracks that may lead to a water leak happening later down the line. A leak can happen around roof vents, the sky light and the front and rear top seams. 

If you have luggage or storage racks on the roof that have been used plenty of times or have been overloaded, they are likely to cause a roof leak. It’s advisable to have your motorhome roof resealed every 5 to 10 years to combat hazardous leaks from occurring.

Motorhome Extras

If you love DIY and think any modifications will add to the value and appeal of your motorhome then think again. These practical touches might work for you, but they may not suit a potential buyer. So consider removing extra shelves, hooks to return your motorhome back to it’s original state.

Depersonalise as much as you can, removing extra cushions, throws and personal keepsakes and out them aside for your next motorhome. However, make sure you take out and display the tools and accessories that come with the motorhome as this will only make your motorhome look more attractive.

Cleanliness and General Presentation

Last but not least is the cleanliness of your motor home. By presenting the motorhome in the best possible light you will undoubtedly have a greater chance of making a sale. Start by cleaning windows and wheels with good quality vehicle shampoo and polish. 

Clear out any rubbish and don’t forget to empty the fridge. Inspect carpets, curtains and upholstery and wash and vacuum anything that isn’t clean. If you want the job done right then hire a professional valet to help your motor home appear spotless to any prospective buyer.

Think of adding elements that spruce up the general presentation of your motorhome. Put fresh flowers on the table, hang brightly coloured towels in the bathroom or even perhaps leave some freshly baked bread and coffee on the kitchen counter to create a real home from home feeling.

Where can I sell my motorhome?

sell your motorhome


Yes, this method may not give you reach you want but it will undoubtedly, connect you with keen buyers. For instance, it costs close to nothing to park your motorhome in an area with high traffic with a ‘For Sale’ sign, using local periodicals or magazine classifieds or using your local campgrounds for flyers or ads.


There are a number of channels online to choose from to advertise your motorhome sale. Here are a few of the best ways to sell your motorhome online:


Classified websites provide a good platform for you to sell your motorhome for free to prospective buyers. From Gumtree to Craigslist to the Caravan and Motorhome Club classified section, there are plenty of options available. But just be aware of scammers as there are plenty of them around.

Online Auctions

eBay Motors is an online marketplace for buying and selling vehicles and accessories. There are several services and tools to help you buy and sell your motorhome and the listing formats are like those on eBay.


There are dozens of motorhome forums out there for nearly every manufacturer, type of motorhome and motorhome organization. You’ll find lots of motor home enthusiasts on these forums so you’ll have a great chance of getting advice on selling your motorhome and to build a rapport with prospective buyers.

Motorhome Dealer

To make the sale quick and relatively painless, many people will sell direct to a motorhome dealer. When you sell your motorhome to a dealer you are sure of a guaranteed sale. 

You might be looking at less money than you would get if you were selling privately, but a dealer will take all the hassle out of speaking and dealing with private buyers and you can sell your motorhome fast. You’ll also avoid dealing with those who contact you and can’t really afford your motorhome – so it can be a massive time saver.

Motorhome Broker

A broker is a company that will accept your motorhome onto their books and try to match it with a buyer. You don’t get paid until the broker sells the motorhome and then they will take their commission. 

Think of the relationship that a real estate agent has with a home seller you that’s the relationship you will have with a broker. However you should be aware that most brokers will tie you into a 3 month contract and charge 10% average commission, regardless of whether he vehicle sells or not.

How to Place an Advert

When placing an advert to sell your motorhome, there is one golden rule you need to consider. Before you do anything, make sure you are honest and open about the condition of your motorhome, otherwise you will have lots of wasted test drives and meetings that don’t lead to a sale. 

Taking the first step will place you a better position for a sale. There are other things to consider though when placing an effective ad online.


Be sure to use a good digital camera. Take as many photos as you can from every imaginable view, then afterwards touch up or edit them if necessary, choose the best 10 to 15 you can find. Try and aim for an equal split between pictures from outside and inside the motorhome.


Look at ads other people have written about the same brand, year and model and copy what applies to yours. Keep the ad simple and use lists rather than wordy descriptions. Ensure the ad is also accurate and grammatically correct.

How Much is my Motorhome Worth?

sell your motorhome

When it comes to valuing your motorhome, there is no definitive guide. With such a wide range available of different sizes, layouts and types, valuation can prove difficult. If you set the price too high you’ll have few prospects. 

Set it too low you could lose out on a potentially higher sale. Ideally you want to set the price above what you want to accept, which leaves room for customers to haggle.

If you still can’t decide on how to price it then luckily there are ways and sources where you can get some idea of how much your motor home might actually be worth.

Get a Free Quote Online

One tactic is to try out the many sell my motorhome valuation tools available online, gathering a number of quotes as you go along. If you compare enough you might get some idea of what might be offered for your motorhome.

Ask Experts Online

Online forums are a goldmine for educated opinion on your motorhome. Here you will find a wealth of knowledge and information that will help guide you in your pricing decision.

In Summary

sell your motorhome

So in summary if you are looking to get the best possible price when selling your motorhome, don’t forget to keep the following mind:

  • Pay attention to aspects that can help or hinder the sale of your motorhome
  • Investigate what channel is the best way for you to sell your motorhome
  • Come to a price that you’re happy with by gathering online quotes or by using a third party motor home appraisal service


  • Be friendly and try to build a rapport when people call. People buy from other people they trust
  • Never lie about your vehicle
  • Encourage people to come out and see your motorhome in person
  • When a potential buyer arrives, have the sales paperwork at hand
  • Get complete buyer information prior to signing anything

Looking to sell your motorhome? Get a free valuation today!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

50 Plus Travelers Going on Vacation: Planning Ahead for Cash Purchases

Traveling can be stressful. There are a lot of plans that have to be made, reservations, itineraries, not to mention saving up and setting a budget. If you’re going outside the country all those things can get even more complex, and at the same time you have to add on concerns about passports and customs and so forth. Whether it’s a family vacation or a business visit, anything you can do to simplify your life when that trip comes up is a good idea. One of the things that make the biggest difference is planning ahead for your money. Here are a few ways to be prepared when it comes to your wallet.

Make exchanges before you go whenever possible

Foreign exchange is tricky. Every market plays a role in how much one currency is worth as compared to another. Those rates are constantly changing, and it can be pretty difficult to keep track and make sure you’re making smart moves even without the added stress of traveling. If possible, you should plan ahead and exchange some currency before it’s time to leave. In most cases you’ll be able to use your credit card, at least at an ATM, or find someplace with decent rates for currency exchange. Some places, especially if they’re popular tourist areas, may just accept your US dollars. But why bother with the hassle if a little planning ahead can save you?

This plan gets a lot more complicated if your trip is taking you through multiple countries who don’t share a common currency. You don’t want to be carrying too much cash around, even if it is from a variety of countries. While you may want to plan on exchanging most of your cash as you go, it’s still a good idea to have a little of each, just in case you find yourself in a tight spot somewhere, say you can’t find an ATM that will accept your card.

With that being said though, try to budget as close as possible. If you have a lot of cash left over after your trip, you’re going to pay to exchange it back into US dollars. Pull out as close to what you will need as possible, and if you are going on another trip any time soon, save the extra instead of exchanging back and forth.

Learn to recognize the currency you’ll be using

Another advantage of exchanging some cash beforehand is that you can get to know it. When you’re already in an unfamiliar place, likely with an unfamiliar language, adding to that trying to count unfamiliar money is just a nightmare. Most of us completely take for granted how well we know our currency. We can tell how much a bill or a coin is worth with a quick glance. You could probably tell me a value just by seeing the president.

If you don’t have a feel for the currency, you run a few risks. First, you might just be embarrassed taking so long to count it out. Second, it makes it a lot easier for someone with less than honest leanings to take advantage of you. Third, you don’t want to accept counterfeit bills, and tourists are the perfect target for that type of scheme.

Try to get a feel for how much things cost

While you’re busy keeping track of how much your cash represents, there’s another easy way for you to be scammed. You have a pretty good idea how much something is worth in US Dollars. You wouldn’t pay $20 for an ice cream cone, even in Disneyland. That is a real risk if you don’t have some intuition about the currency you’re working with though. You’ll be so busy making sure you counted right, you may not notice that you were charged a fortune. At the same time, don’t let them charge you in US Dollars either. In that case, they can use any exchange rate they want. Even if it seems reasonable, it may be anything but.

As of this writing, $1 US is equal to:
  • 101.55 Yen
  • 13.16 Mexican Pesos
  • 0.72 Euro
  • 0.60 British Pounds

Keep in mind these numbers fluctuate constantly, so look up the current exchange rate before your trip. Getting an idea of what to expect can keep you safer, and likely save you quite a bit.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vacations That Don’t Cost the Earth: Is the Eco-Lodge the Holiday of the Future?

English: Eco-Lodge Situated around Brompton La...
English: Eco-Lodge Situated around Brompton Lakes. A side elevation of a lodge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you’re a real super-saver, it’s likely that you already have many ways to save money when it comes to going on vacation. In fact, we’ve got a whole host of great money-saving travel tips right here on the site that you may be able to use. But it’s not just about a change in the way you take your holiday; there are in fact completely eco-friendly alternatives to a more traditional vacation. Looking at recent trends it looks like the next big thing in green vacationing may just be the ‘eco-lodge’. So let’s look at these in a bit more detail to help you decide if this may be the way you’d like to spend your next big vacation. 

What is an eco-lodge?

It only seems right to start at the beginning, so let’s first find out where the eco-lodge concept came from and how exactly we can define an eco-lodge. Well, the first good examples of eco-lodges came about in the early 2000s in Europe, when the European Union began to designate hotels with their ‘eco-label’. This is essentially a sign to travellers that this place is eco-friendly. Around this time was when the real boom in the popularity of green vacations really began, making its way to the USA soon thereafter. There are a number of characteristics that premises should have in order to be classified as an eco-lodge. Here are just a few examples:
  • Sustainable energy used throughout (wind and solar power, for example)
  • Sheets, towels and other fabrics made from recycled materials
  • Air exchange system
  • Re-usable dishes and cutlery
  • Organic soaps and other household chemicals
  • If vehicles are provided, they are generally ‘green’ (bicycles or hybrids, for example)

The benefits of a green vacation

For the keen money-saver, it can sometimes be a difficult change to go from a thrifty lifestyle back home to a more decadent one during a holiday break. By choosing a holiday at an eco-lodge or similar green vacation property, you can enjoy all of the traditional benefits that such a trip brings – relaxation, getting a break from the everyday, spending time with loved ones – without the burden of worrying about electricity use and other unsustainable expenditure. Even better, staying at an eco-lodge can in many cases be more affordable than staying in comparable accommodation without these green features. Of course, if you want to go all out in 5-star style and stay eco-friendly, the price tag may well increase – but there are other ways of getting access to a quality eco-property, as we’ll discover.

Investing in your own green property

You might think that owning an eco-lodge or similar of your very own is nothing but a pipe dream, but it’s actually becoming quite achievable via schemes such as time-share properties. These aren’t just for ski resorts and sunny beaches anymore! By exploring the many time-share properties that are available on the market, you can in fact find a number of them which are eco-conscious and have the features that would fall into the category of an eco-lodge. If you’re interested into locating a time-share property that you can either turn into a sustainable haven – or one that already has these features – be sure to check out the many online resources on time-share properties. Of course, the best part of all of this is that, because you’re sharing the cost with a number of other people, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a 5-star eco-lodge at a price that won’t break the bank – or cost the earth.

Examples of popular eco-lodges

If you’re not quite ready to own an eco-property of your own, there are plenty of green hotels out there for you to explore and test the waters of. And because the concept has become such a phenomenon, your choices are now literally global. Examples include the Pole Pole in Tanzania, the Bushman’s Kloof Wilderness Reserve in South Africa, and the unique Concordia Eco-Tents in the Virgin Islands. These are just a handful of examples that we’d recommend you look into in more detail – but there really is a world of eco-lodges that you can look into. Who knows – you might just discover a life-long passion for sustainable accommodation, and maybe even snag one of your own one day. Happy trails!

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