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Interesting Things You’ll Appreciate Knowing About Living In Edmonton

Apart from being one of the most sought-after places to live in Canada, Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta. There’s more about this city than meets the eye. The city offers a lot to make you appreciate living here apart from the trails through river valleys and the immense dining experience. This article has some interesting things you’ll appreciate about living in Edmonton.


This is a popular activity in this city. It is no wonder that Edmonton has more than 170 km of trails in the river valley alone. The paths run beside the North Saskatchewan River and contributing tributaries and connect to various areas of the city. 

These beautiful routes make a great adventure on a weekend. Cyclists in Edmonton share 275 km of paths and sidewalks with walkers. Equally important to note is the 450 km of unimproved trails and unpaved single track.

West Edmonton Mall

This is the largest mall in North America spanning an equivalent of 48 city blocks and housing about 800 stores and services. West Edmonton Mall was the world’s largest shopping mall until 2004. 

There is a lot to look out for here including a mini-golf, movie theatre, bowling alley, and underground aquarium. The mall accommodates two hotels alongside more than 100 dining places. Some of the major attractions at this mall include:
  • Galaxyland
  • An ice palace
  • World Waterpark
  • Adventure golf

Rat-free city

Rats are pesky creatures that cause significant damage quickly in households. Luckily, one of the reasons to make you get looking for rent to own homes Edmonton is freedom from rats. There are no rats here and in all of Alberta. 

The western province in Canada has been rat-free since the 1950s. This means people here don’t have to worry about rats spoiling and consuming food, grain products, electrical wiring, and damaging building. There is no threat to people’s health posed by the rats.

The rat-free status of Alberta stands strong because of the aggressive rat control program. This ensures that the vermin is outside of the province’s boundaries. Given that a pair of rats can lead to a colony of about 15,000 rats annually, people in Alberta understand the need to call an exterminator on seeing a rat. Acting aggressively and quickly maintains the rat-free status of Edmonton as well.


In Edmonton, the first day of summer has daylight lasting 17 hours and three minutes. Here, sunrise is at 5:04AM with sunset at 10:07PM. This allows feeling like soaking up all the energy from the largest north-most metropolis. During winter, it’s another story. The sun rises at 8:49AM with sunset at 4:16PM. This allows just 7 hours and 27 minutes of daylight.

Golfer’s paradise

Edmonton is a golfer’s paradise with the city bursting with beautiful golf courses. Metropolitan Edmonton has more than 70 golf courses that appeal to people regardless of age and skill. The best thing is the availability of courses to give everyone a chance to hone their skill. Regardless of your level, you can indulge in any of the following:

  • Mini golf
  • Country club golf courses
  • Beginner courses
  • Advanced courses

Great Divide Waterfall

Designed by local artist Peter Lewis, the Great Divide Waterfall was made to mark the city’s 75th anniversary. This was installed in 1980 with a height of 64 meters making it 7 meters taller than Niagara Falls. The waterfall could pump out 50,000 liters of water each minute when turned on during long summer weekends. However, its operation during those five long summer weekends would cost the cist about $2000 hourly or $30,000 annually.

Elk Island National Park

Despite its name, this park isn’t actually an island. And, you are likely to find more bison than elk at Elk Island National Park. The name of the park is after the various tiny islands dotted in the lakes. This park was originally a sanctuary for elk before the introduction of bison. The park is a great spot to relax and enjoy nature in Edmonton.

Reaching the park is an hour from Edmonton for a chance to catch amazing glimpses of free-roaming bison, elk, deer, and moose. The 194 sq km is quite small according to National Park Standards but the largest fully fenced park in Canada. This park is filled with parkland, grasslands, boreal forests, lakes where bison, pygmy shrew, and terrestrial mammals roam in North America.


These are quite a big problem in the Edmonton area with about 30 species. Summers are quire miserable at dusk because of the mosquitoes. The warmer weather encourages mosquitoes to develop faster. These are usually more active with emerging adults seeking bloody meals immediately.

During warm and rainy weather, mosquitoes are in plenty and active. However, the mosquitoes are usually less active in warm and rainy weather. The authorities do whatever it takes to get rid of these pesky creatures using helicopters, ditch trucks, and ground crews. These lessen aquatic larvae from developing.


There are various reasons to make you consider rent to own a home in Edmonton. From the friendly people to the endless shopping at North America’s largest mall to enjoying cycling, there is a lot for anyone. Expect no worry about rats attacking your home and destroying the property and structure of your new home.

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