Thursday, March 11, 2021

Living La Vida Hermosa

The conversation has been had so many times that it’s starting to become a parody of itself: adult children want their parents to move out of the big house that they’ve lived in for the majority of their lives﹘despite the happy memories﹘and get into one of the beautiful new developments springing up all over Las Vegas. 

No one wants them to feel displaced, or worse, muscled out. But as time has gone on, it’s become clear that Grandma and Grandpa have surrendered to inconveniences inherent to their home because to do otherwise would mean making drastic changes to the house that they love.

These inconveniences often stem from the size of the house. When they were younger and were starting a family, they needed a place for the kids to learn to walk and run; they needed a property the entire family could manage together, teaching the kids how to work and how to rely on each other; they needed the validation of buying a beautiful piece of property together, after so many years of toil and tenacity. 

But now they’re older﹘no, not just older. Elderly. The kids have moved out and had kids of their own, and they can’t manage such a big property anymore. The master bedroom is upstairs, the laundry room is downstairs, the trash barrels are too heavy, and the garden needs weeding. 

In the end, they hold tightly to the life that they know, much to the exasperation of the very kids who learned what family meant in that home.

This is a delicate time for our beloved parents who could be so much better served, living in a place that is more conducive to their needs. When trying to convince an aged parent to move there are three things that must be present, or they won’t listen. Each of these points, if honestly meant, should quiet many of their fears.

Las Vegas Means Options

The best part about being a cogent, autonomous senior is that there are options out there. Moving out to Las Vegas to enjoy the climate and the entertainment doesn’t have to be some sort of criminal extradition. 

If they are feeling particularly hesitant about one type of living arrangement, there are most certainly others. Maybe they are nervous about moving specifically to Las Vegas, because of perceptions about nightlife, and partying, and “not being their sort of town.” There are exquisite homes for purchase all over the area, like Henderson, NV.

Whatever community they are looking for is available in Las Vegas, and there’s a reason so many seniors are finding themselves making the move. 

One of which is that Nevada doesn’t charge an income tax, including income from Social Security and retirement. Another is that being in such a lively place means that their future home is a shoo-in for visiting family.

Las Vegas Means Family

Family is ultimately what senior parents are worried about. Will they still see their grandkids? Will they still be invited to family gatherings? Will a smaller home mean that they won’t get to host their family as much as they like when they do come? 

All of these are completely fair worries to have. And that is where children can quiet their fears with assurances that their parents’ move to Las Vegas is going to be good for them, too.

One of the perks of living on the doorstep of America’s Playground is that family will always want to visit. The hotels, the shows, the food, and the gaming are not only ways to live large in one’s youth, but they are great ways to spend time together as a family. 

In Vegas, new experiences are popping up all the time that continue to raise the value of that town. And while it may be true that a smaller home might mean some family members are reserving rooms in these hotels off the Strip, chances are that not only will they enjoy themselves, but Grandma and Grandpa might just appreciate not having to maintain a big crowd spending multiple nights over.

Las Vegas Means Friends

The worries that aged parents live with when contemplating a big move are nothing new; virtually every senior person has had to deal with this fear of the unknown. But just because they’re not the first doesn’t mean that their worries are wrong, or that they need to tackle them alone. 

If these parents do consider moving into one of the beautiful senior living areas that exist in Las Vegas, they will be amazed at the camaraderie they will feel with people who so recently went what they did.

Having a support system of peers will do wonders for these senior individuals who may have seen so many of their old friends move or pass away. The new influx of friends will not only give them an essential outlet for companions with whom to spend time, but they will feel a revival in their desire to explore the richness of life.

No one likes seeing their senior loved ones disappointed, but they like even less seeing them alone or inconvenienced. There is no shortage of reasons why Las Vegas is quickly becoming the place to retire, and with an open mind, they might actually like discovering those reasons for themselves.

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