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Do I Need Short Term Health Insurance?

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If you have health insurance, your are probably pretty happy just to have it, but maybe not to happy paying those large premiums. But what would happen if you are between jobs or insurance policies and still want to keep some kind of coverage. This is where short term health insurance plans comes in. 

During this gap in coverage you need something temporary, maybe just for a month or two. Normally, these plans are only good for a period of six months. 

They do not cover the same things as regular health insurance. The more advanced services like preventative medical treatments, immunization, and physical tests are usually excluded with this gap insurance. These plans are normally more expensive than regular and longer term plans. For those with pre-existing conditions it becomes even harder to get insurance.

The main reason people sign up for short term health insurance is there may be a waiting period in the start of a new job when you don't have normal health benefits. Possibly you are between jobs, short term health insurance will continue to cover you until you secure a new job and start proper health insurance.

College students sometimes need short term health care because they cannot be on their parents health care policy anymore. Short term health insurance gives them coverage until they can sign up at their new jobs. Short term policy's also start immediately, you do not have to go through any waiting period. They are also easier to sign up for, they do not have the extensive paperwork regular health policies have.

There are many benefits to having a short term health insurance. But before signing up for any plan be sure you understand how they work and if it is the best choice for you.

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  1. Health insurance always helpful if you get un-expected diseases... So better to have health insurance.

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    1. The only problem is it isn't cheap. Tracking down an affordable rate can be impossible.


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