Monday, July 23, 2012

From-Home Workers Demand More Virtual Office Spaces in Sydney

BAW's Home Office
BAW's Home Office (Photo credit: bayareabaw)
If there’s any industry in the urban Sydney area that has seen tremendous growth in the last few months, it’s the virtual office industry. After all, this only makes sense, since business is always booming within the heart of Sydney, but it is only recently that much of it has been based out of virtual offices. The huge majority of companies still run out of traditional offices, of course, but virtual offices are creeping up through the ranks and gradually increasing in percentage.

From-home workers such as freelancers, startup owners, and other entrepreneurs have started to use virtual offices more and more, almost more frequently than the available amount of spaces can afford. More virtual office spaces are being created every day by the providers, and yet there never seems to be enough for the clients that need them. This demand is good for the virtual office business, of course, and is allowing them to make more improvements and advances.

This business sector has taken off tremendously due in part to this advent of new improvements within many virtual office setups and the continued cataloging and availability of these offices around the Sydney area. There hasn’t been much of a lack when it comes to virtual offices in Sydney, but now more than ever there are more users wanting their own virtual offices, and therefore more must become available.

On the topic of virtual offices in Sydney, a spokesperson from a said: “The valuable service that is made available to just about anyone through virtual offices has to be made even more widespread and accessible. It would be a huge waste if all those people who want their own virtual office setup were turned down any longer due to insufficient options. That’s why we’re trying to expand our business and make those offices available in some of the further areas of Sydney.”

Sydney’s economic systems and business environment can certainly take more virtual offices, as it’s a city that continues to develop and grow every year. There’s constantly more being done to stimulate the Sydney economy and promote business development in every area of the city. Virtual office companies are just working to match the demand and the opportunities.

And entrepreneurs and freelancers are jumping to take advantage of those new options. “I can finally set up an office I can afford,” said one freelancer, “and still be able to get things done around the home. I don’t need much as far as an office setup goes, really just somewhere to take clients so that they know I’m a professional business person. My virtual office allows me to meet with them, take their calls, and receive mail from them at an official office location, and they never even have to realize that I work from home at all.”

That’s just the review of one of the many clients. Others when questioned have said the same things, claiming that the virtual office setups help them to do more serious business and work in a more official capacity. There are many different purposes that virtual offices are used for, but the numbers show that a huge percentage of them are entrepreneurs just starting out and freelancers needing a professional business front.

The Central Business District of Sydney is the main location where virtual offices are now offered for rent, but in all the surrounding areas there have been new virtual offices opened and an increased amount of office space available. Supply is sometimes short due to the demand being so large in areas like Parramatta, Chatswood, and Penrith, but in the very near surrounding areas the demand is smaller, the prices are cheaper, and there are many more options.

This is a guest post by financial writer Paul Groberts.


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  2. In business you have to save money where ever you can. It's smart and good business.

  3. Good post. Surprisingly, it seems that some major companies are transforming some part of their traditional offices to virtual offices. Thanks for the post.

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