Friday, August 31, 2012

The Top 5 Personal Finance Apps That Can Help Protect Your Credit Cards

Credit CardCredit Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)It is not an easy task to keep a track of your personal finance and monitor your credit cards and debit cards 24x7 especially if you are living a busy life involving your studies, jobs, career or family. These days we have become very dependent on credit cards which are now termed as Plastic money rather than cash. Many of us think that transactions through credit cards are much more secure than carrying cash everywhere. But this not completely true and a number of credit card thefts and frauds have proved it, clearly.

Though we can somehow get an idea of our finances through online banking, which helps us to check our accounts, but that is not enough. Therefore, a number of applications have been developed to manage your personal finance accounts while maintaining the security of your credit cards at the same time.

The following are the latest applications which protect you from becoming the victim of credit card fraud and help you manage your personal finances:

Mint for OS X

This application keeps track of your personal finance details by recording every single transaction. The entire operation can be done simply with the help of the user friendly menu bar icon. The icon simply disappears when you do not want it and it appears again with the detailed information on where you are earning money from and how it is getting spent.


This is another innovative application that has been developed to protect your credit cards from getting mishandled. It continuously alerts you when there is any suspicious activity related to your credit cards and it helps you in managing your accounts.

Personal Assistant Program

It is a mobile application which keeps a strict eye on your personal finance as well as all your credit card transactions. You will be alerted if any suspicious behavior is attempted on  your credit card accounts. Though both free and premium versions of this app are available, it is suggested that you should opt for the premium version to get more protection.

3D Secure

This is a XML based program developed specially to offer additional safety measures for online transactions of debit and credit cards.


The term stands for Europay, Master card and Visa and has been developed to provide adequate security for your credit cards and personal finances.

Personal finance apps have become quite important these days. With the growth of cyber crime, people are opting for more safety measures.

About the Author:

The above article was written by AB who is associated with many finance sites and blogs. She recommends to make online payment through discovercard com payment which is the most secured online platform for making any online transaction.


  1. thank you for this very nice list of iphone apps soumaila friendly.

  2. Thanx for the article, but there is something I can disagree about. Apps for credit cards can cause a lot of problems as well. Since too many people do not log out from their apps when they are done with their trasactions or what so ever. That is why a mobile phone becomes a great field for thieves. So you need to be carefull with you credit card no matter if you are using a card itself or a special application for it
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  3. I agree that there is a problem with leaving your password stored on the phone. If you don't store it then access by others will not occur.


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