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Top Ways to Make Money Online After Retiring

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We live in a capitalist society. The most basic description of such a society is “you get what you pay for”. Everyone must find a way to make money in order to purchase any commodities that they may desire, and nothing is received for free with the exception of welfare and other such payments meant to help those without the possibility to work.

With the explosion of Internet popularity in the start of the 21st century, more and more people own a computer and are connected to the Internet. While it may be an excellent way of relaxing by playing video games or simply browsing and also a way of meeting new people, some wish to manage to earn money online, mixing utility with comfort.

While there are many alleged ways of earning money online, not many of them are actually legit, and most have a catch which doesn’t make them as viable as they sound. Also, while some do offer real money sent via online banking services such as PayPal, few of them actually offer a payment high enough for a person to be able to sustain itself and/or his family through online work alone. As such, most online work is part-time only, offering some pocket money for those who have the time. 


One of the most popular ways of making money online as of late is completing surveys. Internauts register using their personal information and they receive surveys provided by companies to the site which they complete in order to receive the money reward. Some survey sites pay in cash, while others prefer other payment methods such as gift cards for certain real-life or online stores. Some survey sites have been confirmed as legit, their payments are usually meager, and users report having to wait a long time before receiving a new survey to complete, thus making it necessary for the user to register on several survey sites in order to achieve any noticeable sum of money.

Online writing:

Another option is writing online. This method is older than surveys but is still around and is still a valid means of making money online. There are many specialized sites that offer writing jobs to freelancer authors even if they do not have any past experiences. There are many things to be written or re-written, from novels and articles to college work. However, if you want to start writing on your own after gaining some experience online, be aware that what you will mostly be doing is “ghostwriting”, which means that you write for another person but they will still be accredited for the work. Your name will not be featured anywhere, because you simply wrote something that they were supposed or expected to.

Online writing tends to have a higher payment rate than surveys, however it requires more creativity and work. While for surveys, you simply fill in personal data and tick some boxes, it requires some writing skill, some time for documentation and a lot of patience in order to write even a small article on a simple subject. If you’ve decided on a novel, however, it will take even more, and the payment sometimes depends on the success that the said novel has, so you may not get paid that much after all. All in all, online writing is a good part-time way of earning money online, but don’t count on it too much, as with surveys.

Online commodities trading:

Some people earn pocket money by trading items over E-bay. They try to find a low-price item which they think might pick up in price later on; they keep it and then re-sell it later for a higher price. While it’s a risky method as you can lose money if you make the wrong choices, it is a possibility if you’ve got a touch for trading. 

Other ways of earning money online:

There are many other ways of earning money online, not all of them legit or fair. These include, but are not limited to

· Binary options trading through online brokers; this method has increased in popularity over the past years. Users say that they are legit however there are many taxes and catches that make it feel more of a rip-off and less of an easy way to make money from the comfort of your own home.

· Online betting and gambling. These are meant more for enjoyment and less for actually earning money, however if you’ve got the skill, knowledge or luck you may still earn money from them while also enjoying yourself.

· Some employers may offer you to work from your own home, documenting, creating and sending your work to them through the Internet.


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