Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Online Education Balances Work and Career Opportunities

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Online education has exploded, students are learning that online degrees are becoming more accepted by potential employers like traditional university degrees . According to many companies, online education is continually gaining more respect as it establishes itself in academia and the workplace. 

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal says in the past many businesses were not familiar with online degrees. Today, this opinion is fading because many mainline universities are offering MBA's, Masters of Public Administration online , and other Master's degrees online. 

A recent study by the Online Journal of Nursing Administration shows that Health providers are becoming more accepting of web based degrees. The need for employees to have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, required for their employment, is not being satisfied by the regular university system. Their findings show that the time commitment required when attending a traditional university can not be integrated into a health care workers long hours. The time constraints of a full time job and the many duties that a family and home life require put an employees time at a premium. So nurses are converting their RN to BSN online degree.

Today's health care providers see present employees, who have gone through online degree programs benefiting from their online education. It is becoming apparent that the training they have received has made a them valuable members of the team. Companies also responded that their opinion of a potential employee with an online degree five years ago would of put that persons resume to the bottom of the pile, but not today.

One of the managers major concerns are that when you take courses online you do not have a way to use your social interaction skills that are necessary in a business environment. Sitting in front of a computer in your pajamas doing your course work can not be transferred to a dynamic work environment. Hiring managers have this opinion and it's something the employee has to think about when being interviewed.

Not all health care providers see the benefits of taking entire degree courses online. They do give much credence to already working employees adding additional degrees like a nursing or a bachelor of science degree to an employees credentials through online learning. There still is a prejudice against online colleges. The advancement of online degrees has made it's way into the systems of many state colleges. Every year you see the technology of delivering complete degrees through online programs becoming better. Today's online education system is changing rapidly every year which will greatly benefit both health care providers and employees.

The online student has to keep in mind the views hiring managers have. When taking your course work it is imperative that you work toward receiving the highest possible grades and while you're attending your online school you should continue to work so as to have even more job experience when finally going for an interview after you receive your online degree.


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