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How Is Classic Car Insurance Different from Regular Car Insurance

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The average driver uses their car for work, shopping, and travel. The amount payed for car insurance depends on the age of the car and your driving record. Depending on whether you have a new car or just a jalopy, the amount of insurance can vary. But the costs vary according to how much the car insurance agent knows it must pay to repair or replace your car. 

But what if you have a classic car? Many of us have that dream of owning a classic car. The car could be the car you had in your youth or that car you could never afford to buy. Now that you have it, you wonder what type of insurance do you need.

Classic cars have many of the same qualities as your new car. They need to be insured for theft and damage. But do classic cars need any other types of insurance. There are differences because the classic car is not driven on the road as much as the new car. How do insurance companies account for this?

Classic car owners take a lot of pride and care in their classic car ownership. They could of personally took the time to restore the car. Maybe even taking years to painstakingly restore the car to its original appearance. So when it comes to insuring it they are very concerned about insuring it correctly.

What is a Classic car?

Most people have some idea what a classic car is. But what do car insurance companies consider a classic car? Insurers vary according to their definitions of a classic car. In general, cars built between 15 and 25 years ago are considered "classic," while those older than 25 years are considered "antique." Make sure an insurance company considers your vehicle a classic before signing on the dotted line.

What does classic car insurance actually cover?

The amount of protection varies according to the policy. Comprehensive coverage is typically the same for a classic car as it is for a modern car but with a few extra restrictions.

Insurance policies often limit how many miles per year you can drive your classic vehicle. Many insurers also put restrictions on who can drive the vehicle.

Some policies put mandates on classic car storage. Because these cars frequently attract the attention of vandals and car thieves, many insurers require you to fit your car with approved security devices and store it in a locked garage.

Many insurance companies also offer insurance coverage for replacement parts. These policies are worth looking into if you have a valuable classic vehicle or you want any replacements to be truly authentic.

What are the specifics of a classic car policy?

While looking for classic car insurance I started online. After searching online, I found the Hartford through AARP. They specialize in giving a classic car insurance quote

12-Month Rate Protection
Because the AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford offers a 12-month policy, your classic car insurance rates are locked in for a full year — not just 6 months like most other companies.

Lifetime Renewability
No need to worry about losing your classic car insurance. Once you become a policyholder, you are assured continued coverage as long as you’re able to drive and meet a few simple requirements.

Auto/Home Bundle
If you bundle your home and auto insurance with the AARP Auto and Homeowners Insurance Program from The Hartford, you could save on both.

Anti-Theft Device Discount
Anti-theft devices can be either active or passive disabling devices that protect a car from theft and save you money on your Comprehensive Coverage. If you must manually activate the device, it is considered active. If no separate step is needed to activate the device, it is considered passive.

Defensive Driver Course Credit
If the classic vehicle is the car you principally operate, you’re the primary operator of the vehicle, and you have completed an approved defensive driver course, such as the AARP® Driver Safety Program, you're eligible for an auto insurance discount for the next three full years.

Not all car insurance companies provide classic car insurance. Some do but they do not specialize in it. Be sure that you classic car insurance is provided by a company that specializes in it. You do not want to risk your classic car with just any company.


  1. Getting classic insurance, specifically classic car insurance, is vital, if you want to fully protect your investment, your vintage car.

  2. Classic car insurance is cheaper than regular insurance. This lower cost comes with restriction though like how many miles you are allowed to drive per year, mandated storage and allowed drivers.

  3. Now, 24 years later, Prop 33 would reverse the ban and allow companies to again charge new drivers and those without insurance more for auto insurance. asigurari casco


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