Monday, October 1, 2012

4 Ways to Make Money with Certificates Of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit is the safest and the surest way to earn money by way of investment. It offers you more interest than the savings account and is devoid of the risks involved in stocks. You can open the Certificate of Deposit in any bank or financial institution of your choice. Given below are 4 ways in which you can earn money with Certificates of Deposit -
Invest In A Long Term CD

The easiest way to ensure that you earn money from your certificate of deposit is to invest in a long term CD than a short term one. CDs will require you to keep your money for certain duration before you can withdraw from it. This period can vary between six months to five years. It is known that the CD, which is valid for a longer period of time, earns you high CD interest rates than a CD that is valid for a few days or months. For example, a six-month CD can give you 3% interest as compared to a 5 year CD that gives you 5% interest.
High Yield CDs Are Not Always Beneficial

The U.S Exchange Commission warns investors from being influenced by CDs that have a high yield. Also, be wary of CDs that have variable interest rates. These CDs usually depend on the stock market and this can affect how much you earn from the Certificate of Deposit. CDs with low rates of interest usually have less risk since they do not depend on the financial market.

You should also make sure if your CD has a call feature. The banks terminate CDs with call features when the financial market dips and this can stop you from earning the full potential of the CD. This feature is usually present in high yielding CDs.
Let Your CD Mature

You should never withdraw from your CD before it matures if you want to earn from it. Access it only to withdraw money after its maturity. If you withdraw money from the CD before it matures, you may end up losing interest earned in the prior months. If you haven’t earned enough interest to pay the penalty, the bank will then deduct the amount from your principal. Thus, you end up losing more than what you would have earned.
Be Clear About How You Will Earn The Interest

When you open a certificate of deposit, the bank will give you a disclosure document that will state the features of your CD, the rate of interest that you would earn and how you will receive the payment. It is better to have the interest amount electronically transferred to your bank account rather than opting to receive a cheque.

If you want to earn money from the CD, keep in mind that it is best to invest in long-term schemes and not to touch your CD before it matures. Be clear about the rates you earn and the mode of payment.

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