Tuesday, October 2, 2012

7 Ways Seniors Can Keep Their Car Insurance Affordable

With the cost of car insurance rising each and every year, it is no wonder that car owners have been looking for ways to make their insurance more affordable. No group of car owners, however, has been hit by rising insurance premiums as much as seniors. 

This sector of the population generally has low incomes but high car insurance costs, especially if one has not built up a good driving record over the years. Follow these tips to keep your car insurance premiums as low as possible for years to come. 

1) Keep out of trouble! 

The best way for anybody, not just seniors, to keep car insurance premiums low is to ensure that your driving record is clean and you never get into any at-fault accidents. Your insurance company is bound to get wind of any problems with your driving record at some point, so keeping out of trouble is the best policy. 

2) Take a defensive driving course

Aside from the obvious benefits of showing you how to control your car effectively, many insurance companies provide discounts to drivers who take defensive driving courses. 

3) Find a senior citizen insurer 

Some insurance companies specialize in providing cover to senior citizens, and these companies might be a little more forgiving of previous misdeeds on the road, especially if such incidents occurred decades ago. 

4) Drive less and ask your insurer for a discount 

Many seniors do not use their cars very much. Often, a senior citizen's car is only used for short drives down to the shops or to visit family. Some insurance companies provide discounts to people who use their car very little, as a reflection of the sharply decreased risk involved by driving occasionally. 

It is well worth speaking to your current insurer to see whether any such offers exist, and if not, consider switching insurance companies.

5) Keep up to date with medical checks

Insurance companies just love to see medical reports come in outlining issues with vision, as this is a great excuse for them to hike their premiums. If you detect issues with your vision, it may be worth your while to visit an optometrist to see whether corrective lenses can be worn to ensure that while on the road, these vision problems will have no impact on your ability to drive safely. 

This not only looks good to an insurance company, but it also helps to keep you safe while on the road. 

6) Switch insurance companies

Many seniors do not have access to the Internet, and hence do not 'shop around' to get the best rates on their car insurance. It is a good idea to shop around, so if you do not know anybody willing to source quotations for you, get out your copy of the White Pages and start calling around. 

7) Stop driving.

Many seniors use their cars so infrequently that it may be cheaper to get rid of the car altogether and just take cabs whenever transport is needed. Often, the cost in cab fares that will be incurred by not driving will be less than the yearly insurance premium. 

Author Bio: Anna Peterson works for InsurancePanda.com a company that provides numerous quotes to compare. 


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  2. Seniors can keep their car insurance affordable by adding important safety features into their car like seat belts, air bags, head injury protection, anti lock brake system, traction control and electronic stability control.

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  4. It is best idea to get car insurance to drive with safety.


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