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10 Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home

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Increasing the value of your home is essential to improving its resale chances, and can help to beat the mortgage crunch and the current housing market. Moreover, by increasing the value of your house, you can get on top of maintenance demands, and ease any long term problems associated with property selling. This can be achieved in a number of ways, from making your home more eco friendly, through to adapting bathrooms, investing in new blinds, and decluttering. These tips, and more, can be found below:

1 - Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

An eco friendly home can stand out in a housing market as the result of its lower energy bills, and long term sustainability. You can make your home more eco friendly by switching white goods for eco saver appliances which use less energy, as well as by installing solar panels as an alternative energy source.

2 - Deep Clean

An occasional deep clean by a professional company can improve your home’s value by removing built up grime, and by resolving hard to reach areas. A deep clean can pressure wash carpets, and get in behind kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

3 - Adapt Bathrooms

If you have two bathrooms, then it is worth considering the conversion of one into a wet room. A waterproofed wet room adds more space than a conventional bathroom by using a walk in shower, and is particularly ideal for disabled and elderly users.

4 - Invest in New Blinds

New blinds with UV resistance and black out coverings can create more flexible options for rooms. Moreover, conservatory blinds can be installed to give new owners the benefit of privacy or natural light.

5 - Improve Your Garden

It shouldn’t cost too much to improve your garden and raise its value. This can be achieved by cutting back weeds, planting flowers and a vegetable garden, and by painting fences and repairing sheds.

6 - Replace Windows

Any leaking or drafty windows will lower the value of a property. Invest in double glazing, or replace older windows with hard wearing vinyl and wood.

7 - Declutter

Removing your personal items can make a home more attractive to a potential buyer, and will make more use of available space. Decluttering will also give you the chance to be ruthless about throwing away anything that you’ve been hoarding.

8 - Make the Most of Natural Light

Open out rooms with natural light, which can be achieved by installing roller blinds, or leaving open skylights in attics and bedrooms. Alternatively, you can improve the atmosphere of a room just by cleaning windows.

9 - Extensions

Adding an extension that’s suitable to your home will boost its value. Possible examples might include a conservatory, or the conversion of a space to become a new bedroom.

10 - Make Neutral Renovations

When remodelling and renovating for a future sale, don’t do anything too unusual, and focus on neutral colours and fixtures that will appeal to buyers who want to make a property their own. Similarly, avoid adding energy hungry installations like jacuzzis or outdoor pools.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm is a regular blogger on all aspects of finance. From GBP guarantor loans to how to your home can save you money – he has a passion for passing his knowledge onto others.

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  1. Increasing the value of my home makes absolutely no sense to me, as I will never be able to realize more cash as a result.


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