Friday, November 2, 2012

Aircraft Management - A Growing Industry

Executive aircraft are an essential part of any growing corporation. They are a complex and expensive asset and even mid-size companies are finding them necessary to do business in the 21st century. No longer is the corporate jet thought of as a luxury. In the national and global world a jet is a necessary expense.

After a company has made the initial purchase of the aircraft the proper storage and maintenance decisions, for the plane, need to made. Does the company hire personnel to manage the maintenance, scheduling, and administrative tasks for your aircraft? Or does it find a company that provides aircraft management?

An aircraft management company can provide all the services needed depending on the type of certificate you want the aircraft to placed with. Part-91 certificates are exclusively for aircraft owner operations, prohibiting lease or charter usage. 

Part-135 certificates allow for a management company to use your aircraft for charter at your permission when not in use by your company. If you do not expect to use your aircraft full time, using a management company charter it is a great way  to subsidize the costs of plane ownership.

There are two ways you can have your aircraft managed

A Charter Aircraft Management program is designed primarily for corporations that have an existing flight department, but want to have an Executive Jet Management's base of charter customers who want private jet travel.

This program allows the corporate jets owner to subsidize some of the maintenance expense by leasing the plane out to individuals for short periods of time. 

A Turnkey Aircraft Management program is your own flight department. All of the planes maintenance, flight operations, and accounting services are managed by specialized personnel who know your aircraft completely.

Your Owners Services Manager is charged with knowing your schedule and coordinating with our Flight Center to verify your aircraft is ready for your itinerary. And your Client Relations VP is aware of all areas of your aircraft's operation and stay current on your needs as an aircraft owner.

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