Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Medical Negligence A Growing Problem For Baby Boomers

When going to the doctor we expect to find treatment and cure for our pain, injuries or illnesses. Such is the nature of the medical practitioners, to bring relief and diminish or eliminate the source of pain which is causing discomfort to the body. But what happens when the ones in charge of our health make the wrong decisions and therefore cause injuries or illnesses to patients who required their assistance? 

Medical negligence should be avoided at all costs and when it does occur, legal actions should be taken in order to obtain support and compensation. Neglect could be the result of the following actions: 

  • Incorrect or late diagnosis 
  • Errors and mistakes performed by doctors during surgery 
  • Lack of appropriate post surgical care and treatment 
  • Administration of medication which is not correct and might lead to complications 
  • Lack of sterility in the environment where the patient is located before, whilst and after surgery 

These factors will lead to complications, occurrence of temporary or permanent injuries and life threatening illnesses. In the unfortunate situation when a friend or family member finds himself in such a position, it is crucial to ask personal injury lawyers for help and advice. These people have dealt with similar situations in the past and will surely know what should be done next in order to obtain compensation and full recovery. One of the most important things to consider is the time limit: it should be no longer than 3 years starting from the moment you notice the neglect. Proof of wounding as a result of medical malpractice should be evident and well articulated, so that the patient does not lose his right to compensation due to lack of evidence. 

Bolt Burdon Kemp is one of the companies which deal with such matters and their team of professionals is highly trained so that they can offer only the best of advice and support to the client. Their website offers accurate information on anything related to the topic and people in search of help will surely find answers to all the questions they might have. If that does not happen, they can always get into contact with the lawyers via telephone or email.

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