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Friday, February 3, 2023

Tips for Making Sure Your Recent Injury Doesn't Get in the Way of Work

We’ve all been there—you’re doing something at work and you hurt yourself. You could be lifting a heavy box, sitting for too long in an uncomfortable chair, or even just accidentally hitting your arm on the desk corner.

No matter how it happens, getting injured can make it difficult to complete your work if you don't know how to manage the pain. 

If you've recently been injured within the context of your job, here are some tips for making sure you still get your job done.

Take Breaks Regularly

When you're dealing with an injury, it's essential to take breaks every now and then. This doesn't mean that you have to stop working altogether; rather, try to take short breaks throughout the day so that you can rest and relax your body. 

Taking regular breaks will help reduce stress on the injured area and give it time to heal properly. Even if it's just five minutes here and there, taking these breaks can significantly affect how quickly the injury heals.

Use Ice or Heat Therapy

Another way to deal with an injury is through ice or heat therapy. Ice can help reduce swelling and inflammation in the affected area, while heat can help improve circulation and reduce muscle tension surrounding the injury site. 

Depending on what kind of injury you have, one treatment may be more effective than another—so make sure to consult a doctor or physical therapist before using either type of therapy.

Invest in Ergonomic Gear

Investing in ergonomic gear is a great way to prevent further injuries from occurring while also helping those that already exist heal more quickly. 

Ergonomic gear includes items like wrist supports, footrests, mouse pads, lumbar support cushions, etc., all designed to keep your body comfortable during periods of prolonged use. 

Investing in this gear will not only help ease any existing pain but will also protect against future injuries due to incorrect posture or strain on certain body areas over time.

Work With an Injury Lawyer

If you believe that your injury was caused by conditions in the workplace, it's important to seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer

An experienced lawyer can help you understand your rights and guide you through any potential claims or lawsuits that may be necessary, depending on the severity of your injury.

This will not only protect you from future harm but also make sure that those responsible for causing it are held accountable.

Working with an injury doesn't have to be impossible; by taking regular breaks throughout the day, using ice or heat therapy as needed, and investing in ergonomic gear for comfort and prevention of further injuries—you'll be able to keep working without putting too much strain on your body. 

Although dealing with an injury is never fun—these tips should help ensure that it doesn't get in the way of doing your job effectively.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

When Should You Hire a Lawyer, and When Should You Not?

The law in California does not mandate that you should hire a lawyer when seeking compensation for injuries or damages after a vehicle accident. After a car accident, most victims seek legal representation while others pursue legal action by themselves.

While hiring an attorney doesn’t guarantee you an exact result for your legal case, these experts can help you in several ways and improve your possibility of winning the trial. 

After a car accident, an experienced attorney will gather sufficient evidence to use in the case procedure. The attorney can also negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf when necessary.

When Should You Not Hire a Lawyer?

There are situations where obtaining legal help from an attorney is not necessary. Several circumstances where you might not need obtaining counsel include:

No Injury Occurred

When two vehicles crash and people were not present in either car during the accident, you don’t have to hire an attorney to represent you in such a case if there were no damages. If there is no damage and you are not hurt, it is not worthwhile to pursue an accident injury claim.

You Were Compensated by the Insurance Company

If you are involved in an accident and the insurer agrees to compensate you on time to settle the matter, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer to negotiate for you.

When Should You Hire a Lawyer?

When the insurer isn’t playing nice to you or is providing compensation that does not cover all the injuries and damage suffered, you should talk to a lawyer. 

Personal injury experts like Frank Penney Injury Lawyers can help you gather the necessary evidence that proves why you deserve proper compensation from the insurance company.

You Suffered Injuries and Damage Because of the Driver’s Negligence

If you suffer significant damages from an accident you believe was due to the driver’s negligence, hiring an attorney is necessary. They can investigate your case and come up with sufficient evidence proving the accident was because of the negligence of the other driver.

If you suffer any damages, expenses, or injury that demands compensation, you should cooperate with an attorney since the insurance company will not be on your side.

Get the Legal Representation You Deserve

Getting proper compensation for those injuries or damage you suffer from a car accident can be difficult, especially if you chose to handle the case involved on your own. A skilled car accident attorney will present information the right way if the case goes to court and produce results that guarantee the best chances of success.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Suffered an Injury? Here's What You Will Need to Recover Physically and Financially

Injuries can happen anywhere, place of work, on the road, or during medical malpractice. Whichever the cause of the injury, you need to get to your original physical, mental, and financial position. 

It would mean that you undergo various treatment plans and a good representation from a lawyer if the responsible party is not responding. Therefore, below is a list of what you need to recover physically and financially when you suffer an injury.

Diagnostic Tests

It is important to know the extent of the injury so that the doctor can implement the ideal treatment plan. Therefore, you are supposed to look for diagnostic tests like CT scans and X-rays. The diagnostic test performed on you will depend on the type of injury that you acquire.

Treatment from Medical Professionals

Once you have figured out the scope of the injury, it is time to get the necessary treatments. Comprehensive treatment will guarantee quick and efficient recovery. Also, you will need to consider different specialists to help you recover from the injury. 

For instance, immediately you experience the injury, you will need an ER to nurse the wound before heading to the doctor. At the treatment center, you will need access to various specialists, depending on the type and extent of the injury.

Medication and Prescription

An injury can have varied effects on your body. It can lead to severe pain and permanent injuries when it is chronic. Medication and prescription will help you in the healing process and return you to your initial physical condition. 

For instance, you will need access to pain medication to help you relieve pain. Also, some antibiotics will help you ward off infections as fast as possible. Both short-term and long-term prescriptions are ideal for dealing with minor and long-term injuries, respectively.

Physical Therapy

The injury can cause permanent malefactions on your body parts. However, with effective physical therapy, you can gain these functionalities. Therefore, it would be ideal to consider physical therapy and chiropractic care to aid your healing process.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Treatment plans can be expensive, and you would want to be compensated. However, the company you are working for or the responsible party for your medical malpractice may not be willing to compensate you for the medical expenses. 

Therefore, you will need the services of a personal injury lawyer who would calculate the amount you need to be compensated. Also, a lawyer would help you get funds to make up for the lost income and benefits.

Recovering from an injury can be a painful and long journey. Special medical cover and representation from a qualified personal injury lawyer will help you recover financially and physically.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are quite common on the roads today. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 4985 riders were killed on the road in 2018. Though driving a motorcycle can be fun, it can also be dangerous, and it is important to take enough precautions when riding one. 

Knowing the causes of motorcycle accidents will help you stay alert on the road and also know how best to avoid such accidents.

Here is a list of some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents on the roads today.


This is one of the leading causes of accidents. Many motorcycles are fast, and the rider can easily speed if not careful. However, speeding affects your ability to see or react to other drivers' mistakes in time to help avoid a collision. 

Therefore, speeding can result in a head-on collision or other types of accidents. And the higher the speed, the more significant the impact of the crash and the more severe the effects.

Unsafe Lane Changes

There are rules on how to change lanes while riding your bike safely. Unsafe lane changes can risk collision with other road users. A driver needs to check the blind spots and practice safe driving.

Lane Splitting

In most states, it is illegal to drive between two lanes. While this can help you avoid traffic jams, it puts the driver very close to cars, and should there be any sudden movement from the vehicles, the rider will not have enough time to react and an accident will ensue.

Lane splitting is risky because the rider is in close proximity with the cars, and the reduced amount of space makes it very hard to maneuver. Vehicles also do not anticipate that motorcyclists will try to pass them in traffic and not pay attention.

Left Hand Turns

This accident can be fatal because of the impact. Left-hand-turn car accidents occur when a car fails to indicate when making a left-hand turn or when the motorcyclist attempts to overtake a vehicle that is waiting to make a left-hand turn from behind.

Left-hand turn accidents also occur when the rider is going straight through an intersection or when passing it. Though accidents between cars are more common, motorcycles are more vulnerable because they are smaller in size.

Unsafe Road Conditions

The presence of potholes, debris, crumbling pavements, and lack of the necessary safety signals can increase the chances of a cyclist losing control resulting in an accident.

Distractions and Driving While Intoxicated

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is also a common cause of motorcycle accidents. It can cause head-on collisions, rear endings, or hitting stationary objects and can be fatal.

Riders who cause accidents when intoxicated can face both criminal liability and civil cases.

Sudden Stops and Car Doors

There are accidents that occur when a car driver or passenger opens a door on a motorcycle rider's path. The driver can slam into the door, and this can result in serious injuries. 

Car door accidents are very common when lane splitting. Riders who follow vehicles too closely are at risk of rear-end accidents should the cars come to an abrupt stop.

Hire a Lawyer if You Have Been in a Motorcycle Accident

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should hire a personal injury lawyer, like those at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright to help you with your settlement or defense. A lawyer will gather all the evidence necessary to defend you.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

How To Stay Financially Stable When Dealing With Unexpected And Serious Injuries

Besides the physical and mental effects of sudden injuries, people often deal with financial difficulties as well. This is often unexpected, and many aren't prepared for the bills that may come from medical needs. Thankfully, strategies exist to keep you financially afloat during your recovery process. If you’re dealing with this type of financial stress, consider adhering to the following six principles. 

Prepare a Budget

When dealing with the financial insecurity of sudden injuries, you need to prepare a budget. This task is especially important if you don’t normally keep up with your inflows and outflows of cash. You can prepare a basic budget by utilizing a spreadsheet. Simply list all of your revenue sources and all of your monthly expenses. You will quickly determine how much disposable income you have to carry you through this month. It's important to stick to this budget, and make changes as needed. If you set an unrealistic budget, it won't be doing much good, and it can be very discouraging. 

Clip Coupons

Coupons aren’t found exclusively in the Sunday newspaper anymore. While you can still save money by collecting coupons this way, you should also take advantage of downloadable internet ones as well. With a little searching, you might be able to save a healthy amount of money each month this way. You don’t even have to print coupons out anymore. Many manufactures allow you to download savings to your cellphone nowadays.

Enjoy Early Entertainment

If you’re financially strapped during a period of convalescence, you can save money by dining out early. Many local eateries offer discounted prices to patrons who eat lunch or early dinners. Check your favorite restaurants’ social media sites for opportunities. Dinner and a movie could be done earlier to save money. You may be able to save even more by avoiding going out on weekends. 

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured due to someone else’s neglect, you should consider consulting with a personal injury lawyer. This professional can help you recover any money you were forced to spend on medical expenses. A lawyer can also help you reach a settlement with the party at fault, say the experts at Bronson Jones & Co. If a settlement can’t be agreed upon, your attorney can represent you during trial proceedings. 

Search for a Telecommuting Job

If an accident has left you unable to work away from home at this time, consider searching for a telecommuting job. You might be amazed at the variety of telecommuting jobs available these days. For instance, employers are constantly looking for telemarketers, clerical assistants, accountants, writers, and teachers to fill vacant telecommuting positions. It's also important to talk to your current employer first. Often times, arrangements can be made so you can work at home and continue doing your job. 

Delay Unnecessary Expenditures

One of the best ways to stay financially afloat during a crisis is to delay unnecessary expenditures. This decision may mean putting off buying that new car for a couple of more years. Or, you might wish to rethink purchasing a pool table until your finances pick up. This goes hand-in-hand with your budget, and one of the most important things you can do for your wallet.

Suffering sudden severe injuries can be physically, mentally and financially draining. However, by being proactive, many people are able to stay financially secure during these difficult times. By following the aforementioned six tenets, you will hopefully survive this storm with your bank account intact. This will take a way a lot of financial stress that can take over your life if you let it. With a little help and planning, being financially secure even with unexpected expenses becomes possible. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Know When You Should File for Personal Injury

It’s easy to turn your nose up at the concept of filing a personal injury claim after suffering an injury, but just because this practice is sometimes abused doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. Sometimes in life, injuries happen and affect your life and through no fault of your own, you earn less or can’t do some of the things you used to do.

Filing a claim can be a long and exhausting process, mentally tough, emotional, especially when trying to heal physically at the same time. That’s why you need someone who has experience in the industry to help you decide not only when to file but how to go about making it happen.

Common Areas

Some of the more common areas of personal injury law include:
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Long-term disability
  • Slips and falls
And within these areas of injury, you may be looking at more specific incidents, such as:
  • Car, truck and boating accidents
  • Amusement park ride accidents
  • DUI accidents
  • Medical malpractice incidents
  • Dog bites
  • Construction site accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Accidents on private property

How It Generally Works

Usually, it all starts with an accident of some sort and an injury. The injury may be minor or major, but it happened because someone else did something they shouldn’t have done. That “something” can vary greatly, depending on the details of the injury.

They may have driven after having a few drinks, forgotten to shovel their sidewalk, let their dog roam around without a leash or prescribed the wrong medicine for a particular ailment. Once the injury is suffered, the victim will contact a personal injury lawyer and tell their story.

Then, the lawyer will lay out the options, whether he feels the case is strong and outline the best way to proceed. Sometimes, a settlement is reached out of court and sometimes the case must be settled in court. 

Following Advice

Since the top personal injury lawyers have experience in the industry and in the area you suffered the injury, it makes sense to follow any advice you’ve been given. Your lawyer will know who can sue in your area and what conditions must be present to get a decent settlement or any settlement at all.

Any reputable lawyer will do everything by the book and won’t be the stereotypical “ambulance chaser” type of personal injury lawyer. Suffering an injury out of the blue through no fault of your own is terrible.

Not only will there be medical costs, but you may not be able to earn in the same capacity. You deserve someone to take responsibility for your injury, so don’t feel ashamed about seeking out legal help. Make your claim and do what your lawyer says. Sometimes, you may receive a settlement and still be out some money after all the medical and legal costs. No one plans to get injured or wants an injury, so don’t feel bad about doing something about it.

Author Bio:

The author of the article is Jeremy Benson. He has been writing about finance, mortgage and law since 7 years. Blogging is one among his greatest passions. Follow him on Twitter@jeremybenson19.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

How to claim a Personal Injury Compensation

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of personal injury claims every year leading to a rise in compensation companies. The entire process is very complicated and leaves you wondering what to do next. 

You might have been unfortunate to meet with an accident without any fault of your own. In such a situation, you would not know who to speak to; therefore, we have put together a guide to help you in the complicated compensation claims.

The first question that comes to anyone’s mind is about claiming the compensation money at all. For your knowledge, compensation can be claimed for several reasons from end number of people. In case you have met with an accident in the last 3 years and the accident was not your fault then there is a good chance you can claim the compensation.

For instance, you have met with an accident while cycling. Now the question arises how to get cycling injury compensation . You can easily claim the compensation but it is very crucial to first identify the person who was responsible for your injury. If you were injured without any fault of yours then someone is definitely responsible for it. 

Sometimes it is not easy to ascertain who was actually at fault in a car accident. For instance, if you trip in the street and end up injury yourself then you can blame the poorly maintained public footpaths. However, there is no singular person responsible for this accident.

It is also imperative to support your claim with an evidence to stand a good chance of receiving your compensation amount. Ensure that you keep a record of the names of any witnesses and manage to get photographic evidence if possible. 

Nowadays everyone has a camera phone so getting photographic evidence should not be an impossible task. It is necessary to look for the right legal advice to claim your compensation too. Many legal companies exist out there, it is crucial for you to choose the right one. 

Try to look for a company that offers a No Win No Fee service and are experts in all types of injury claims. Choose a trustworthy company who is reliable and can provide you with the services you need.

You should also visit the compensation group. These groups have a team of highly skilled and experiences experts who are masters in compensation claims. The compensation groups are very reliable and its skilled solicitors make sure that you get 100% of your compensation and offer a no win any fee service. 

This way you can claim your compensation without any risk involved. They can also help you with rehabilitation and treatment of your injuries.Nowadays everyone asks you to claim for different things. This can become very overwhelming and result in confusion and missing out compensation amount you rightly deserve. 

In cases of an accident caused by road defects or poor signage you local municipal authority is responsible as it their duty to maintain the roads and you injury has been a result of their failure in repairing the defects on the road. If the injury is not due to your fault, you stand a high chance of reclaiming your compensation money.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Navigating the Decision to Get a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you've been injured because of another person’s negligence, such as in a car accident, you need the help of a lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. The other party’s insurance company does not hold your best interests at the top of their priorities; however, they would like to settle with the minimum amount of loss. It’s difficult to stand up for yourself in court against insurance companies and people who aren't willing to compensate you fairly. That’s why you need someone experienced to do it all for you. 

Important Qualities of a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, you want to carefully screen them for your needs. It’s always a good idea to search by locally or by county. For example, say you were searching for an Orange County Personal Injury Attorney, here are a few qualities that can help you narrow down your search:
  • Experience: The most important quality to look for in a personal injury lawyer is the years of experience as a lawyer. More experienced lawyers are typically better because they have dealt with several cases in the past. You want a lawyer that has experience is various kinds of cases with varying circumstances, as it will increase his expertise in an assortment of different situations. 
  • Compensation Structure: You should never pay any money upfront for the services of your personal injury lawyer. You should pay based on the settlement you receive from the case at the end. This is the best compensation structure for you because you don’t have to worry about the cost during the proceedings. 
  • Attitude: There are lots of different personality types, so you want to choose a personal injury lawyer that has an attitude and personality that gels with your own. For instance, you probably don’t want a lawyer that is going to sugar coat everything for you — you want someone that is optimistic, but tells you how it is. 

What Does a Lawyer Do?

A lawyer is your personal advocate. He or she works with you closely to build your case. Your lawyer helps you file all the required paperwork for the court system and handle negotiations about settlements. Your lawyer is there to take the burden off your shoulders and get you a fair compensation.

In some cases, you may even want to hire a team of lawyers to handle your case — either way, it is better than having no lawyer at all. Some people try to handle their cases alone because of the price of a lawyer. The interesting thing is that lawyers tend to get people more money, so you have to weigh the cons and benefits of having one before proceeding without one. If you have a strong case, hiring a personal injury lawyer can make thousands of dollars difference in your compensation.

So, if you need a lawyer, search for one with the qualities mentioned here. You will make more money from your case and enjoy a much smoother process with the court system.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Medical Negligence A Growing Problem For Baby Boomers

When going to the doctor we expect to find treatment and cure for our pain, injuries or illnesses. Such is the nature of the medical practitioners, to bring relief and diminish or eliminate the source of pain which is causing discomfort to the body. But what happens when the ones in charge of our health make the wrong decisions and therefore cause injuries or illnesses to patients who required their assistance? 

Medical negligence should be avoided at all costs and when it does occur, legal actions should be taken in order to obtain support and compensation. Neglect could be the result of the following actions: 

  • Incorrect or late diagnosis 
  • Errors and mistakes performed by doctors during surgery 
  • Lack of appropriate post surgical care and treatment 
  • Administration of medication which is not correct and might lead to complications 
  • Lack of sterility in the environment where the patient is located before, whilst and after surgery 

These factors will lead to complications, occurrence of temporary or permanent injuries and life threatening illnesses. In the unfortunate situation when a friend or family member finds himself in such a position, it is crucial to ask personal injury lawyers for help and advice. These people have dealt with similar situations in the past and will surely know what should be done next in order to obtain compensation and full recovery. One of the most important things to consider is the time limit: it should be no longer than 3 years starting from the moment you notice the neglect. Proof of wounding as a result of medical malpractice should be evident and well articulated, so that the patient does not lose his right to compensation due to lack of evidence. 

Bolt Burdon Kemp is one of the companies which deal with such matters and their team of professionals is highly trained so that they can offer only the best of advice and support to the client. Their website offers accurate information on anything related to the topic and people in search of help will surely find answers to all the questions they might have. If that does not happen, they can always get into contact with the lawyers via telephone or email.

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