Saturday, January 28, 2017

Little Known Highway Code Rules to Get Familiar with Before you Pass Take your Theory Test

You might be familiar with some of the well-known highway code rules, such as the speed limit for a motorway being 70 mph. But it’s also good idea swat up on the lesser rules that apply when driving on the road before you take your theory test. 

Powered wheelchairs and scooters must not travel faster than 4mph

All wheelchairs or scooters used on the pavement mustn’t go above 4mph. The reason for this is so that pedestrians have enough time to move out of the way on narrow pavements. 4mph is a brisk walk so I doubt anyone will be getting run down anytime soon!

There are 5 different colours for the reflective road stud (also known as cat eyes)

  • White marks the middle of the road or lanes.
  • Red shows the left hand side of the road.
  • Amber shows the central reservation of a motorway or dual carriageway.
  • Green shows the entrance or exit of the carriageway at slip roads and lay bys.
  • Green & yellow mark roadworks and lane layouts.

Don’t use a hand held microphone when driving

This is an odd one. Maybe it relates to the cars that used to drive around with speakers on the top during political campaigning?

Use the emergency telephones if you’re in an accident

You should use the emergency telephones instead of your mobile phone if you’re in an accident as these are connected directly to the police. By using these phones they can get your exact location.

If you stop on a single yellow line the driver can’t get out of the car

Yes, it’s true! Even though you probably see lots of people doing this everyday, technically it is against the rules in the highway code. You can take a free driving theory practice test to help brush up on these little know rules. 

If your windscreen is misted or frozen, you must clear it completely before starting to drive

How many cars do you see during cold weather driving around with half of their windscreen still frosted up? No doubt you see them snaking all over the road because they can’t see out properly.

You have to clear the whole car of snow

If you get snowed in and your car gets covered you have to clear the entire car. Big chunks of snow and ice falling off of cars can be really dangerous for other drivers and cyclists. No one wants a big block of ice hurtling through their windscreen at 70mph!

Speed limits aren’t a target

Speed limits are the maximum speed, you don’t have to drive at the exact speed limit all of the time. You’re not allowed to drive really slowly and cause an obstruction, but equally you can go the speed that you’re most comfortable with on the road or for the weather conditions at the time.

You can’t leave your car unattended on a public road if the engine is running

This rule is broken by pretty much all drivers during winter. I bet you’ve left your car windows to defrost with the engine running? Technically if you left it unattended then you’re breaking the rules of the highway code. Although I’ve never heard of anyone getting a ticket for this!

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