Friday, January 27, 2017

Looking Ahead? 3 Dynamite International Investment Opportunties To Consider

When you think about investing in a company, you probably think about investing in the stock market or a common company that is in the United States as this is where most of the larger corporations seem to be at one point or another. 

While investing locally is a good idea if you don't want to risk losing your funds to a foreign bank or foreign company, there are a few dynamite investment opportunities on the international table that you might want to consider.

Irish Roots

If you're looking for a stable international investment, then consider Ireland. The currency in Ireland is much stronger than it is in the United States and in other areas of the world. 

The society is a bit more stable, and companies are growing by leaps and bounds. Ireland is a country that is known for being friendly to all types of businesses. Tax incentives are offered to companies to keep them growing.

Foreign Real Estate

Instead of looking at the rising mortgage rates and falling housing market in the United States, consider international real estate. 

Sites like believe in investing and expanding real estate in countries like Poland. From hotels to shopping centers, there will always be a need for real estate in these countries because they are prime travel destinations. 

Whether the building is already in place or there are plans in the works, foreign real estate is an opportunity that is often affordable to get involved with and that has a high payout in most locations.


Whether it's chocolate or baby food, there are several food items that are manufactured in Switzerland. 

This is another country that is dedicated to the growth of businesses. Some of the top names of businesses that come from the country include Gerber and Nestle. 

These are companies that likely won't see any kind of a decrease in revenue any time soon, so if you're looking to invest in them, now is the time before more money is made and rates keep climbing. 

Sometimes, the best choice that you take is to invest in an international market. There are often more incentives for businesses to stay in the country, which means making more money for the company and for you. 

Whether it's coffee, houses or electronics, it's often easier to find an international investment than one that is domestic.

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