Friday, December 7, 2012

Does Your House Need a Professional Stager to Sell?

 You love your home and your decor is just perfect. So, why is your real estate agent telling you that you need to hire a professional stager? Do not be insulted. See this as an opportunity to launch your home into the welcoming arms of a buyer. Who needs a stager? Some people need these professionals more than others.

It's Been Sitting and Sitting

As you follow the real estate news and information available online, you know something is wrong when your home is not moving. If your home has sat on the market without selling for six months or longer, now is the time to consider staging. It can help to paint the picture for potential buyers of what the home could be and how it would suit their needs. If you need a new tactic to get people back into the home to see what it has to offer, staging can help. It may help you to avoid a price reduction initially, too.

The Guy Next Door Is New

Another common problem home sellers have is selling their older home, which is sitting in a newer neighborhood. If your neighbors have newer homes, potential buyers may see your property as the least desirable in the neighborhood. Even if you know that is not the case, you may have to show potential buyers what this property can really do for their bottom line. Staging can help to convince them that buying your home means they are getting a well-loved, cared for and excellent investment. Even better, it will be clear that your property can rank just as high as the other guy's.

It's an Empty, Blank Slate

Perhaps you have already moved on, but you cannot truly move on until you sell this property. The problem is, your home's vacant, empty, and without so much as a kitchen table in it. This could be a reason why it is not selling as fast as you like. People cannot see how the home will look much less work for their needs. With some well-placed furniture on the other hand, you will have a stellar looking property that people can see themselves living in for years to come. Empty rooms may not be as welcoming.

It is a Cluttered Mess

clip_image004Let's face it. Sometimes we have too many dust collectors to keep a home organized. Perhaps you have a picture of each of your children from each school year and activity covering every inch of wall space. On the other hand, you may have so much stuffed in closets that if anyone dares open the door, they risk things falling on them. When you realize that you have too much, call a stager. The stager can help you to pack up what is not needed so buyers can see the real bonuses of the house.

Do you need a professional stager? If you are unsure, ask your real estate agent for some guidance. Do not be afraid to commit to the hiring of one. After all, they could end up helping you to make your move easier, not to mention sooner.

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