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12 Apps That Make Your Business Easier

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There are a lot of applications involved in the information technology system. Most of them come in the form of software while others are hardware. Among those that come as software, you can download some before you make use of them, while others are used through the flash mode, and others still come to you directly. These applications which are mostly used on the mobile devices have been centered on entertainment. It is very true that the mobile devices that are presently in vogue, especially the sophisticated Smartphones and other IOs, already has up to, and are also very ready to accommodate up to 4000 new applications. 

But we find out that the applications that are well known to almost everybody out there are those applications that are geared towards entertainment. This is just because the world is so stressed that everybody seeks for ways of easing off the stress. But the truth about it is that there are more business and work oriented applications that you can access to and through these mobile devices. We are going to look at 12 very good business oriented applications that will make your business easier for you. 

  • The juice defender: this prevents the use the use of business time to charge your phone or the embarrassment of the battery running down. It controls and tweaks those applications that sap your battery power. 
  • Quick office pro: this is the simplest of all of them. It helps you create and edit all Microsoft office documents as quickly and easily as possible. 
  • Pocket Cloud Pro: this gives you the leverage to access documents that are stored in computers or a computer that is out of reach due to one reason or the other. It gives you remote access to files you have in computers that are not here. 
  • Catch: this helps you in taking notes in a conference, and organizing them for future references. These notes are made into ideas and eventually given unique twitter escape hash tag. Sound and picture files can also be attached to this. 
  • Camcards: this prevents you from carrying cards around and losing them sometimes. It takes a picture of your cards and stores all the contact details involved and add them to your personal address book. 
  • Remote for PowerPoint: this will aid you deliver very clear information to your audience by insuring perfect transition between different PowerPoint slides 
  • Skype: This might be the greatest, as it allows you a lot of contacts both with instant messages and video calls that allows you join in a meeting from wherever you are. 
  • Salesforce: This allows you an on the go information on your sales details as a salesperson. With this, you give and receive information about old and potential customers, new leads and present nature of the market. 
  • Evernote: Evernote is a great way of taking note of events on the go. The good thing about this is that these notes you take on the go are synchronized with many other gadgets, like your laptop and desktop for easy access. 
  • Paycor: Getting issues of payroll wrong is now a thing of the past as paycor makes it easy for you. It enables you know everything about your pay, the paystubs, deductions, and also get information from your colleagues. 
  • Flight track: This tracks the situation of flights, departures, arrivals, changes, weather conditions or other factors that influence this, prices, changes in schedule etc. It comes in the form of alert for those who subscribe. 
  • Swiftkey: For those who make regular use of the office applications, this will learn how you type things and even help you make it faster and easier. 

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