Monday, January 28, 2013

Ensure a Smooth Drive in Mexico with a Proper Insurance Policy

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Planning a trip to Mexico? Well that would be fun but if you still do not have an auto insurance policy it would be wise to get one before starting your trip. Wondering why I’m stressing so much on that? The legal system in Mexico is not like other nations. It is pretty stringent. A small accident might land you up in jail! A proper insurance will help you to protect yourself from the risk of theft and other kind of damages.

A closer look on the various aspects of Driving in Mexico

The Driving style - The driving style of most Mexicans is going to test your skills. It is unlike what it is in states of America.People over here are not at all formal while driving. You might find things illogical but that is how things are in this part of the world when it comes to driving.

The Mexican Legal system – The Mexican legal system is quite offbeat. Often it is termed as ‘Napoleonic code’. You will be taken aback to know that over here one is considered to be guilty until he/she is proven to be innocent. That might sound kind of bizarre but again, that is how it goes. What’s more? An automobile accident is considered as a crime. Therefore in order to ensure safety, you need to have a Mexican auto insurance policy. That can help you stay out of jail or police custody in case you bump on to someone. It should also be noted that the Mexican authorities do not recognize the insurance policies of any other region, not even that of Texas. Therefore you must have separate auto insurance policy of this land in order to ensure safety.

Road conditions – The road conditions are not up to the mark. You might have some bumpy experiences while driving. The rural areas do not have the smoothest of roads and you might have to encounter lose livestock here and there. So drive slow but steady. The urban areas are obviously a lot better. There are some renovation works going on. There are some freeways that are of international standards and some that are not so good. So before starting off with your road trip seek information from local guides about the road conditions and which roads to avoid.

These are some of the important things that you need to keep in mind in order to experience a great and fun-filled Mexican trip.

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