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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Most Profitable Location to Invest in Land (BC, Northern Ontario and Nova Scotia)

Harbour of Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia Français :...
Harbour of Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia Français : Port de Peggys Cove, Nouvelle-Écosse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In recent times, Canada has seen a rise in her real estate development, with a special focus on land investment. Visitors and residents alike have continued to show a lot more interest in this particular venture, taking their time to acquire lands for possible future property developments, be it for a personal home, commercial purpose or any other property venture. 

Though prospective investors still continue to be at a dilemma as to which areas to invest in land and be profitable, be it on a short term or a long term basis. On this note, 3 particular areas have been identified are being concentrated on due to their special attributes and this includes British Columbia (BC), Northern Ontario and Nova Scotia

Why you should have a land investment in British Columbia

British Columbia currently is one of North America’s most competitive and vibrant places to engage in business. The province is well known for high sustainable environmental standards which is a huge attraction for international markets. 

Deutsch: Boot in Nova Scotia
Deutsch: Boot in Nova Scotia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Located on Canada’s pacific coast, British Columbia is strategically located such that the rest of the world is easily accessible; also having a land investment in BC puts you strategically to also locate other world markets in Europe, Asia as well as North America. You are also exposed to the opportunity in cross-border trade, thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement which helps you to manage duty free access to other profitable markets in the United States and Mexico. 

BC is also known for a low tax system, modernized regulation which will definitely see you maximizing your profits with time. When it comes to ongoing research on technology advancement and innovations for the obvious betterment of people and the world as a whole, British Columbia has definitely taken the forefront; so why else would you not want to have a land investment in such a profitable area.

Why you should have a land investment in Northern Ontario

The first point you should take into consideration as a good reason for having a land investment in Northern Ontario is the fact that the cost of land for sale in Northern Ontario is relatively low, an attraction for any investor. 

Apart from acquisition, building costs as well as labor are equally quite low, competitive and just right for the land investor. With regards to doing business and access to a huge number of amenities, Northern Ontario has always been a preferred choice, because of its equally tactical location. 

The region has also grown its diverse economy such that there are now branches into advanced manufacturing and production, the information communication technology sector has also recorded tremendous growth with new innovations and implementations, which has given rise to the likes of alternative energy etc. 

This is a concept that is growing with progress on a daily basis and not to forget, the equal advancement of the health sciences. All of these advancement signals nothing more than profitability, so once again, why should you not take advantage and have your land investment in Northern Ontario.

Why you should have land investments in Nova Scotia:

Lighthouse of Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia
Lighthouse of Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all, Nova Scotia has shown quite immense popularity with the rest of the world in that its country-like presentation makes the place quite appealing. The area is also quite laid back and relaxed and is also gathering a lot of momentum with regards to business development. 

Acquiring land here is also affordable and easily done. As long you are planning to have a land investment, Nova Scotia presents a great choice of location as analysts and experts have predicted that the area, in a few years to come would definitely be a tropical paradise, a haven of real estate goodness.
In essence, you ought to take advantage of the opportunities presented in these three areas and invest now as you would undoubtedly profit immensely in a short time. 

The three locations discussed above continue to gain unrestricted popularity in the real estate world and if you really want to amass good business in land investment, then you should take action now. Economy now includes critical mass in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, information communication technology, alternative energy, and health sciences.

Author Bio
This article was written by David Darga, with his insight into where the best locations to invest in land currently are within Canada. is a great place to find and purchase vacant land within BC, Northern Ontatio and Nova Scotia

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ensure a Smooth Drive in Mexico with a Proper Insurance Policy

Here I am, chilling with a surprisingly clean ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Planning a trip to Mexico? Well that would be fun but if you still do not have an auto insurance policy it would be wise to get one before starting your trip. Wondering why I’m stressing so much on that? The legal system in Mexico is not like other nations. It is pretty stringent. A small accident might land you up in jail! A proper insurance will help you to protect yourself from the risk of theft and other kind of damages.

A closer look on the various aspects of Driving in Mexico

The Driving style - The driving style of most Mexicans is going to test your skills. It is unlike what it is in states of America.People over here are not at all formal while driving. You might find things illogical but that is how things are in this part of the world when it comes to driving.

The Mexican Legal system – The Mexican legal system is quite offbeat. Often it is termed as ‘Napoleonic code’. You will be taken aback to know that over here one is considered to be guilty until he/she is proven to be innocent. That might sound kind of bizarre but again, that is how it goes. What’s more? An automobile accident is considered as a crime. Therefore in order to ensure safety, you need to have a Mexican auto insurance policy. That can help you stay out of jail or police custody in case you bump on to someone. It should also be noted that the Mexican authorities do not recognize the insurance policies of any other region, not even that of Texas. Therefore you must have separate auto insurance policy of this land in order to ensure safety.

Road conditions – The road conditions are not up to the mark. You might have some bumpy experiences while driving. The rural areas do not have the smoothest of roads and you might have to encounter lose livestock here and there. So drive slow but steady. The urban areas are obviously a lot better. There are some renovation works going on. There are some freeways that are of international standards and some that are not so good. So before starting off with your road trip seek information from local guides about the road conditions and which roads to avoid.

These are some of the important things that you need to keep in mind in order to experience a great and fun-filled Mexican trip.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The 6 Best Places For Seniors To Retire Abroad

When making plans for retirement many people choose the regular places like Florida, Arizona, or North Carolina. These are great places but you are limiting yourself. Maybe it's time to consider finding a retirement destination abroad.

If you are considering such a dream, you will have to do a whole lot of research. If you are a bit of an adventurer you may find overseas living intriguing. As you do your research you will find many web sites, media outlets, authors, and bloggers who can help you find what's best at a reasonable price.

I have put together a list of a few countries that came up repeatedly, as great places to live.

In the European community there are several places you already know about and a few you would be surprised at as choices.

Here you will find the food and culture center of the world. France was rated as superior in the 2012 International Quality of Life Index. Their health care is also rated as very good. On the downside they do have high taxes, a difficult bureaucracy, and high prices. So it's better to find yourself a place outside the larger cities where your 
Qrops Pensions can give you greater benefit.

Though on the edge of the European landscape, they consider themselves more Western than Middle Eastern country. Soon to become part of the European Union they are one of the top growing economies in the region. You can find retirement destinations in the mountains or at the seashore.

Who could argue about Italy being a great place to retire to. You have the great food, culture, and the Mediterranean weather is very attractive to visitors. The best bargains are in the southern areas and again staying in the country side is going to save you a lot of money. Like most metro areas you will be paying a premium for city life.

In the Central and South American countries you have your pick of warm and tropical destinations.


Being the closest destination to the U.S. and already popular with retirees for its money saving standard of living, Mexico is a great choice. In Mexico, you will find modern and up to date health care near big cities. Many retirement and vacation communities have been providing a relaxing life under a warm sun and tropical weather for many years.

Costa Rica.
A small country in Central America that is already the home to many people that have chosen the laid back life style. It has a good economy and a stable government that encourages the foreign dollar to its shores. Retirement income and real estate profits are untaxed, combine that with lush beaches and country side living, you have a perfect destination.

Another small country that wants to attract the foreign investor and retiree. The currency is tied to the U.S. dollar, there are retiree discounts, and favorable tax treatment on income and new homes. Mostly a rural spot with no major metropolitan areas, so traveling for major health care may be necessary. The weather is also warn and tropical.

This is only a short list of all the possible destinations to retire at. You need to consider other obstacles to living abroad like language, government stability, and living standards. These and many other things need to be considered for such a big move. 

Living overseas is going to give you the adventure of your life. It takes a certain mindset to leave you home country and live abroad. Maybe after a while you may become homesick. There is much to consider in living overseas. 

Do your research and take a vacation to your destination and see if it is all you thought it would be. There are many financial challenges when living abroad, that's why it is best to have offshore financial advisors helping you build a successful financial plan. Good Luck.

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