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3 Good Reasons to Consider a Short Term Loan

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Individuals who may be considering a personal loan may be daunted by the situations that may work against them, but there are other aspects that may work in their favor. Personal loans are short term loans which means people can get their hands on some well needed cash much faster than if they opted to try for a regular loan. There are a variety of sources from which these loans can be obtained. Here are three good reasons you should consider getting a short-term personal loan. 

1. It is a Viable Option for Building Credit 

High risk loans are potentially more harmful to a credit score. Short term personal loans are high risk loans because they are not secured against an asset. While defaulting on such a loan could be detrimental to your credit score, paying it off will on the other hand result in an immediate credit boost. Paying off short term personal loans is especially beneficial because you can receive a credit boost in as little as a few months when the loan matures. A high credit score can help you to save on credit. Short term loans may come with a high price tag, but they can help you to quickly boost your credit score. 

2. They Can Protect Your Credit 

Short term loans are not only good for saving bad credit, but people also use it to protect their credit score. You may have a very good credit score and wish to keep it that way so that you are save any hassles later on. A short term loan can save you from getting a black mark against your credit score because of a late payment. Use the loan to keep your payments up-to-date. 

3. With Short Term Loans You have Flexible Terms 

The terms that are available on short-term loans are attractive, and therefore appealing to many borrowers. With this loan you will be working with a shorter time frame which essentially allows you more options when it comes to the terms of the loan. One such option is the balloon payment which is commonly associated with short term loans. With this payment option you will only have to pay the interest rates on a monthly basis, and then pay off the balance at the end of the loan. This will give you more flexibility with your monthly budget. 

Overall, you should consider getting a short term loan because they are unsecured, and if you do not default, the high interest rates they carry will be well worth it. You will have the cash in your account in a short time, also see your credit score increase in a very short time. As was mentioned before, these loans are not only a savior for bad credit scores, but they can be used even if your score is good and you need to protect it by ensuring you do not default on other credit payments. There are no limits on what you can use the loans for so that is another bit of flexibility. 

Author Bio: Peter Coppola, an independent researcher and financial expert. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on various personal finance blogs. Find out more about Easy Finance short term financing options.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I think that short-term loans have lots of advantages but it’s very important to use them prudently. To my opinion, the key to success is responsible usage, so apply for a loan only if you have a very serious reason for that. I think that short repayment term is an advantage, because you will be in debt just for a limited period of time and loan repayment will not take months or years. As it was already mentioned in the article, taking out a short-term loan is a good way to build a credit. If loans are used responsibly then lenders will possible to see that in a credit score and you will be offered the best deals and will be able to appraise all the advantages of having a good credit.


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