Friday, January 11, 2013

Why Home Based Entrepreneurs Prefer Virtual Office

Corporate downsizing is still a major issue all around the world and the Internet has made telecommuting a more promising option for employment. More entrepreneurs are making the decision to run their own business from home. Working from home has many benefits; giving you more time with your family as well as a more stress-free lifestyle. Working from home is the right decision for many people and below, we will discuss how working from home can benefit you. 

Cost Benefit 

One benefit from working from home is cost. When you work in an office, you have to dress a certain way, lunch away from home and commute, all of which cost money. By working from home, you eliminate this cost. You also have a tax advantage. Working from home gives you the ability to deduct part of your home operating expense as well as depreciation expenses as part of your business expense. This varies depending on where you live but can include the mortgage, property taxes, utilities, insurance and other expenses. 

Less Stress/Personal Freedom 

A major draw to working from home is less stress and personal freedom. With a work at home position, you have the ability to obtain a stress free lifestyle. You have no pushing deadlines or certain time you must begin work. You can start at your leisure which means no mornings run around your home acting crazy before heading to work! You also have more personal freedom. You have the ability to dress how you want, work how you want, etc. If you need an off day, you take one! You are your own boss so you can make your own decisions! 


You also have more flexibility in your life. When you work a nine to five job, you have to schedule your life around your work. When you work from home, you have the flexibility to schedule your work around your life. No more missed kid functions or birthday parties. You have the ability to set your own schedule as you see fit, which allows you to be flexible with every day activities such as doctor visits and dance recitals or big events such as vacation or weddings. 

Relaxed Environment 

Working from home also provides you with a relaxed environment. You do not have to work alongside anyone so there is no competition or spitefulness which can take place in the office. There is only happiness! You do not have a boss breathing down your neck, watching your every move. You can act how you want and do things when you want. This freedom allows you to be more relaxed and feel better physically and mentally.

Creative Outlet 

Once you have created your own home based business, you will realize that you have a creative outlet. You will be able to take the hobbies that you love and enjoy them. Take what you know and what you are passionate about and use it to make money to support yourself and your family. 

Professional Growth 

As your own boss, you will be taking on more positions, such as the marketing manager, sales, strategist and more. These roles will prepare you for higher positions, which allow you professional growth. You will quickly see that you have gained knowledge in many aspects of business which can help you gain a new position or expand your business in the future. 
As you can see, working from home definitely has its perks. Take a look at your current position and you may see that working from home is an option. Research the possibilities and take a leap of faith to try working from home on your own! 
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  1. Thanks for this article! Some additional tips about working remotely are here in this link. I even created a comic about this...

  2. I love the idea of a virtual office. In London office space costs so much and in a business that doesn't need client meeting it seems a waste of money. It would just be important your employees do the work you demand of them even when you are not there looking over their shoulder!

  3. Yes, I agree with all of your reasons. Home based Entrepreneur has more freedom. Freedom to do their job, freedom to discover new things on their own without fearing that their boss might fired them when they commit mistakes and freedom to choose clients. No pressure just enjoying what they are doing.

  4. Entrepreneurs who have been working from home for a longer duration vouch for its constructive worth, as they get the work done more efficiently. The pressure too, is considerably less demanding.


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