Sunday, February 24, 2013

3 Tips to Avoiding Bankruptcy with Credit Card Usage

Every day, millions of people all across the globe us a credit card. Credit cards can be used for anything from shopping to business expenses. A credit card makes it easy to purchase the items we need or want now, without having to pay any of our hard earned money upfront. 

However, credit cards can be a mean tricky devil. It is important for every credit card owner to be mindful of their expenses and usage so that they do not end up in debt. Many credit card users can fall behind on payments very easily and eventually have to file for bankruptcy to avoid the large sum of money debt they now owe credit card companies. It is best to avoid this situation and below is three helpful tips to allow you to do just that!

Set Credit Card Limits/Usage

It is important for every credit card holder to set a limit or usage amount. If you have one credit card that you use for gas purchases, then make sure you use the card only for that purpose. If you have a card that can only hold $1,000 then do not go over this amount. Be sure that the amount your card holds is an amount that you can pay. If you cannot make the credit card payments then do not make the purchase. Too many times, credit card holders will see an item they want and purchase it, with no thought to how they will pay for the item later. Think out each purchase so you are sure that you will not go into debt.

Emergency Only

A smart idea for credit card holders is to have one card that is for emergency use only. And by emergency use, I do not mean late night pizza and beer runs. One credit account should be open that allows you enough credit if your vehicle breaks down, you need an emergency flight to a loved one, etc. you need a line of credit that is good and upstanding so you have an option if something comes up that you cannot afford. However, be sure that you consider this card as an emergency option only.

Pay Your Debts

If you are going to use your credit card on a regular basis, then be sure to Pay Your Debts!!! It is essential that you never miss a payment. If you miss one payment, a fee is tacked on to the amount you owe. If you miss again, another fee is added. This can cause your bill to continue to rise and since you already owe a large amount of money, added debt is not something you want! This is why it is so important to be sure that you can pay the debt you owe. Make sure the monthly payment is something you can handle and always add extra to your payment, if you can, so the amount will be paid off quicker.

The basic goal is to use your credit card only when you need to and make sure you can make and do make your payments. If you stick to this golden rule then you will be able to have a successful line of credit and stay away from monster debt or bankruptcy.

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  1. I only keep one credit card with me and I don't like to use it that often either. Guess I am too scared of the debt stories cause by credit cards


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