Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to Have a Successful Business Meeting

If you spend a lot of time in business meetings you know that they can get out of hand sometimes. The original reasons for calling the meeting go out he door and you go off in some other direction and never accomplish anything. To have more productive meetings and not waste time you need to get organized. A well organized meeting can produce great results and increase communication between all.

Productive business meetings just don't happen. They come from the careful planning of a team of people who know how to organize. What does it take for a successful meeting? I have listed a few ideas that will help you get organized.

Plan and Prepare

No successful business meeting has ever occurred without intensive planning. Set basic goals of what you want to cover and accomplish. Inform all those that need to attend the meeting ahead of time and find out who will attend. Hold the meeting in a venue that is both comfortable but also inductive for work. Prepare media, equipment, and refreshments ahead of time to insure your attendees comfort and ability to work.


An agenda is important to give to all attendees so they will know what is going to be covered and what is expected from them. The need to prepare by bringing all necessary documents. The agenda should list all items to be covered and the estimated time of each. The agenda will keep the meeting on track and force it to start and finish on time. It will also keep the meeting from going off in a wrong direction. Include the principle attendees access to the agenda for approval and input.

Choose a Unique Venue

In the business world it's necessary to attend many conferences. Keep in mind that your attendees may become jaded to the normal conference venue. To keep their attention it's beneficial to book your conference at an international location. It's important to pick the right venue so your attendees will feel comfortable and more prone to accomplishing the goals of the conference. Conference venues in London can provide that uniqueness.

Promote Participation

Whoever is running the business meeting should plan who is to attend and what they are going to contribute. A good business meeting should not be dominated by one or two people. It should be a time when all should contribute their particular skill set to accomplish the goal. If someone is not going to produce or learn something form the meeting then they should not attend. The moderator should balance the meeting and allow for all to participate fully. 

Proper Goals

Do you have clear goals of what you want to accomplish? Having a goal toward what you want to accomplish in the meeting you increase the success of the meeting. Complicated goals can be made more manageable by breaking them down into smaller more manageable ones. Use a white board or flip board and list the smaller goals and check them off as you proceed. It keeps everyone included in the progression of the meeting and increases the chances of its success.

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  1. Very sensible article. Conducting a business meeting should take enough preparation ahead so that all things that mattered would be discussed diligently.


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