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Managed Communication Services for Your Business Through Cloud Computing

English: Cloud Computing Image
English: Cloud Computing Image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cloud Computing is supporting a 30% annual growth per year as more and more businesses are moving data service to the cloud. Cloud computing allows you to move your computing needs off site. You no longer are tied to a specific computer in your office.

For a small businesses, placing your data in the cloud removes the burden of all IT problems. Even though it may cost a little more, your small business can look and act like a big business.

Things to Be Careful About

1. Is Your Data Safe. If you want to use cloud computing, one of your concerns is security. When you use cloud computing you are sharing data and personal information.

If you hire a reputable company in the beginning the answer is yes. A qualified company will have in-house security experts who will monitor services and the handling of you data.

2. Managing your Data.
How do you control your data when it is on another computer and you don't have control of it. You may feel uncomfortable at first because you have to trust someone with your critical data. 

Your data management company has to have the infrastructure and qualified personnel who is aware of in country and international laws concerning data security. 

3. Flexibility. 
Understanding the difference between a cloud computing supplier and the Internet can sometimes cause confusion. The cloud isn't the internet. The Internet is a series and networks of switchers and servers that handle the data that's put on it for storage, computing or transferring. 

The cloud service lives on the Internet and is separate from it. Your business has to understand that customer data isn't all in the same place. It may be stored in different locations to provide safety in storage containment. Keeping all services in one place could cause problems if that particular service goes down.

4. Choosing a Provider. The cloud offers real services to small companies. It increase the efficiency of your business services and allows the maximum freedom to access it any where your office may be. You should pick your cloud computing service the way you would select other providers and ask questions:

  • Does the cloud computing service have a good reputation?,
  • Are you ready to trust your service with off site services?
  • Do you believe it will help your business?

Scrutinize a few businesses when considering managed communications services if the answer to these questions is yes, move your business to the cloud.

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