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Tips for Choosing a Rewards Programme

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There are many schemes out there that reward customers for buying a certain product by offering a discount on their next purchase or by making a charitable donation to a chosen good cause, or indeed both. Here are some tips of what to look for in a rewards programme to ensure your money is put to the best possible use. 

What to look for in a Rewards Programme 

There is probably no specific answer to this question as it depends on the individual as to what they are look for from getting involved in a specific scheme. Some people want to buy a product that is promoting the fact that a percentage of the money will go to a chosen charity or a worthwhile project, so that they know some of their money is going to be used in a very positive way whilst they still get to enjoy the product that they have bought. Other people want to make their money go as far as possible and like to find offers where a discount or points for future use are going to be offered to them if they buy a certain product or specific quantity. Some offers will be more attractive to you than others depending on personal preference and lifestyle but in general, any scheme or programme that supports a good cause or offers a benefit of some kind will be winning combination and hopefully prove to be an attractive and worthwhile proposition.

What to expect from a Rewards Programme 

This again will vary according to the type of offer being made but most people have to be attracted to the rewards being offered or the purpose of the scheme or programme in order to fully embrace each particular offer and actively take part or contribute financially. There are some companies who offer you a one-stop shop scenario where you can see a range of offers suitable to your interests in one location rather than having to trawl around for individual offers. There are schemes for example that follow a particular mission statement such promoting sustainable resources and reducing the impact of climate change. If this is a subject that is very important to you then you can find companies that actively pursue this goal and reward you in several ways, not just financially, for helping them to pursue these ideals. 

Developing a relationship 

If you feel strongly about climate change as an example, then you can find a company that will identify and put you in touch with a wide range of retail partners who can meet your ethical demands and supply you with anything from everyday essential items to gifts and treats which all qualify as sustainable or environmentally friendly goods from verified sources. It makes it far easier for you as a customer to find your ideal supplier who meets your ethical needs when you go through one of these one-stop shops where everything on offer is all in one place. It gives you the chance to develop a relationship with like minded companies and also benefit financially by being rewarded for your purchases with points or discounts to be used the next time you go shopping.

If there is a strong incentive for you to get involved with a rewards programme whether it is for ethical or financial reasons, sometimes a combination of the two, you want to be sure that the company you have chosen to develop a relationship with is able to back up their promises and verify their credentials. You can of course choose to investigate each offer and the company behind them yourself, but by using a one-stop shop solution you can be sure that they will have been thoroughly vetted and therefore you can shop and enjoy rewards with a good degree of confidence that everyone involved is benefitting in some way or another.

Gina Newberry is a financial consultant and advisor. She enjoys blogging about personal finance issues and ways people can save money. Signing on to a rewards program is one good way to save money.

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