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The Booming Commercial Sector of the Estate World

English: Commercial property in Carnotstr., Be...
English: Commercial property in Carnotstr., Berlin. Deutsch: Gewerbeimmobilie der DB Immobilien GmbH in der Carnotstra├če 4-6, Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We are all aware of the power that the estate world holds on the global economy. Spanning through the world are its creations of multiplexes, shopping malls that sweep through acres of land and buildings and offices that put the best of the natural wonders to shame. The estate world has bestowed upon man the right to create man made wonders from the ores of iron and steel.  It has shaped the way the world looks and how each piece of construction speaks out its own story. The estate market is also essentially responsible for the allocation of the growing populace on the planet, for the dispensing of the work population into new work areas and for the impressive grandeur that it has added to everyday living.

From our history we can study the way we have evolved in putting across homes and centres of refuge. The estate sector has changed the whole phenomenon of living by introducing new modes and lifestyles. It has made possible the infusion of luxury in everyday homing and has brought together the elements of comfort and class that seek to make a house something close to a site of art. It has fuelled the global economy by its boost and is solely responsible for the spread of industrialization to otherwise rural areas. It is also responsible for getting underdeveloped countries a strong economic backbone in the global financial scenario by being their star asset.

The current baby of the estate market is the branch of commercial property. In developing nations like India and China and other nations in Asia, industrialization is picking up speed. It is spreading its roots further in these places and they have come to be the biggest investment sites for residential and commercial property. The reason being, that some of the top industrial names want to set up their base in these nations since these places are the future of industrialization and capitalization marking them as the most lucrative sites for investment in property.   These nations are budding industrial spots where the power of urbanization is just starting to appear and this is where the future expansion of the estate sector lies.

Also, these developing countries boast of many multinational firms and businesses that require commercial space to set up and grow their trade. As a result there has been a rave of upcoming commercial property ranges in the major business capitals of these nations, some of the namely, Mumbai (office buildings in BKC, the town’s new industrial centre), Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. These nations now cater to a work culture very different from the traditional 9 to 5 work hours one. These multinationals collaborate with local firms within the country to provide an international base for trade across the nation and thus enhances the overall growth of business within the country. These firms require work spaces that cater to the changing work culture and are a part of the growing industrial realm throughout the world. They are built with the top most of technology along with the floor space wide enough for the employees to roam about and think and to exchange ideas and thoughts.

Since it is now a collective work culture and no longer an individualistic one, the properties in construction are spaces that try and accommodate the changing demands of the industrial market. The estate world is constantly on the go to incorporate the changing trends and expressions of the human life that surrounds it and to produce and sell properties that cater to every taste and need.

Bio: Sumer Lobo is a real estate property dealer and he deals with commercial properties all around India and the Indian subcontinent. He wishes to expand his vision to the residential section of the property market as well. He thinks that the upcoming range of office buildings in BKC, Mumbai are the best sites for commercial property investment. Also he writes for

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  1. Have you noted that most of the times prices of property go higher regardless of rest of investment options and markets? This is strange but good news for safe investment.


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