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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Inside Tips For Hiring a Janitorial Service

Finding the best janitorial service for your business is both a challenging undertaking as well as an essential one. Many items need to be considered when you are choosing the right office cleaning company. These include the janitorial needs of your business, the cleaning service’s insurance and licensing, professional and client reviews, as well as the dependability of the company.

No building maintenance or green commercial office cleaning company is the same as the next. For this reason, you want to make sure to discuss your specific requirements with each company. Being aware of your needs will help you to decide which office cleaning company to choose.

After your needs have been determined and you have decided which of your potential companies are the best janitorial services, you need to ensure that each is properly insured and licensed. Doing so is essential. Do not take the company’s word for anything. Make sure that you request to see all of the paperwork yourself so that you make sure you are covered should anything go awry.

Another essential factor when choosing the best janitorial service is the reviews and references you can find for each company. Ask them about projects that they have completed recently. Visit one of the buildings they clean, ask the client if they are pleased with the performance of the company, and look around the facilities to see whether you would be pleased with similar work.

Reliability is another important aspect of any cleaning service. Customer service is key. Any questions or concerns that you have should be addressed in a timely manner. How the company treats you before the contract is signed is a good indication of how they will perform after.

Once all of the above has been reviewed and you have chosen a company, a contract is ready to be signed. Any contract you sign should contain all important information, including the frequency and cost of the company’s services as well as any general terms and clauses. All too many people hire a company without the necessary contract. Often, this results in the client not receiving all of the services they require. Remembering these tips will help you to choose the best janitorial service for your business and your employees.

A clean work-place is more productive than a dirty one. It is healthier and more motivated. It creates an environment that makes employees comfortable and focused. This is the secret known and shared among janitorial cleaning services.

Companies will learn sooner or later that professional janitors know something that’s worth considering. When employees are expected to clean their work spaces and common areas, they are doing so on the clock. They are earning the employer’s pay-rate, and they are not working at their job, a double coat.

Employees and cleaning supplies do not mix.. Good hygiene supplies necessary are toxic in the wrong hands, another loss and cost to the employer.

Employees make unhappy janitors. What passes for cleaning is time-consuming if orderly neglect. For example, wiping a phone receiver with a saline solution once looks clean, but it is not disinfected.

When shopping around for cleaning services, it’s important to understand that businesses that fall into this category may be operated as maid services, housecleaning services, janitorial services, and business cleaning services, or may even be a more specialized company.

All of these kinds of businesses will either operate as a residential service provider, meaning they provide services to homeowners and residences, or as a commercial service provider, meaning they provide a service only to other businesses. The more specialized companies may provide both residential and commercial solutions.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 Ways to Make Your Office Functional and Stylish

Let's face it, a workplace or home office can be rather dull and boring at times. In addition, how the office space is organized can cause more headaches than efficient actions. That is why it is important for a worker to establish ways that can make their workplace or home office functional and stylish. This will help increase efficiency and can help stimulate the worker's mind during their work day. Here are 5 ways to make a workplace or home office functional and stylish.

1. Layout and Space

One of the most important dimensions to any workspace is maximizing and using the layout and space of a work area. All of these factors will depend on the particular workspace, but if a worker has walls, a high ceiling, and different paths to enter the work area, these factors should be taken advantage of. Use walls to have hangers or cabinets and take advantage of high ceilings and walls by putting in bookcases. Always clear the paths that enter the work space so the worker and other workers can walk by the work area without hindrance. For example, do not have file cabinets, scanners, fax machines, or computer parts in the way of someone's walking path. Committing to using the work layout and space to one's advantage can neatly organize the office.

2. Lighting

Lighting is essential in any office, but the workplace or home office might not have the most effective lighting sources. Try buying desk lamps, floor lamps, or table lamps that can help brighten up the workspace. This will allow the worker to read text easier and the bright light can help energize the worker, improving their cognitive skills. It is also important to have natural lighting in the office, since this can help to improve health and the mood in the office.

3. Use Stylish Office Materials

Sometimes the typical desk and office products can be somewhat dull to the eye of a worker. Luckily, many office supply companies use unique materials to produce the usual office supplies and furniture everyone needs. One great example of this is acrylic plastic. This plastic is not only used to make office supply products like rulers or signs, but it can also be used to make chairs and desks. Acrylic has the appearance of glass, but is lighter and more malleable. This is just one alternative substance a worker can use for their office that will be different than the typical metal desk and office supplies.

4. Ergonomic Choices

Many people are unable to work properly because the office chairs they use do not help their back or posture. This can seriously affect cognitive capabilities and physically harm the worker from day-after-day of bad seat use. Ergonomic chairs help workers use a chair that can help their posture and back, relieving any dull pain that could arise from sitting in the chair all day. This could increase a worker's cognitive capabilities and help the worker work more efficiently.

5. Personal Items Throughout

One way to make the workplace or home office feel comfortable is to adorn the office with personal items. These items may include pictures on the desk, frames on the wall, hand-crafted items, like a hand-made basket, placed across the office, or achievement items, like certifications, diplomas, or pictures from big events in one's life in the office. This can help the office feel more like home and influence the worker to dedicate their time more effectively toward their work while they are in the office.

Work offices do not have to be dull or boring. Whether at work or at a home office, it is important to personalize the office while purchasing appropriate and dazzling products that can increase the worker's efficiency and cognitive health.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How Your Facilities Reflect on Your Business

Your facilities most definitely reflect on your business. No matter how well run your business is, how great your products, and even how well priced, if your business facilities are untidy or under par they will negatively impact your business. Appearances count, so do first impressions. Big time! 

So what do you do if your business facilities aren’t quite up to scratch and you really can’t afford to upgrade them? What if you only have clients intermittently, so you can’t justify the expense of upgrading your business facility? There is a solution. Servcorp Australia are available from companies like Servcorp, either as part of a virtual office service, or for one-off use for that especially important business meeting. You can impress your clients with beautifully appointed meeting rooms, boardrooms and fancy foyers.
What You See Is What You Get

Human nature being what it is; we are hardwired to absorb visual information and form mental judgements based on what we see. If we see a shabby office we will unconsciously interpret that visual into an assessment that the company inhabiting the facility is also shabby; believing automatically that they probably offer shabby service and shabby merchandise. We really do believe that we see is what we will get. So if you hold that important business meeting in a less than adequate facility, chances are you will not clinch the deal – no matter how whiz bang your presentation is. Shabby does not say successful and it is not likely to engender a response of – I just really want to partner with this company. 

Colours and Layouts Create an Impression

When you are fitting out and painting your facility you really need to consider the impression you are trying to create. Colours and office layout will play a major role in how clients perceive your business, so think about what impression you want them to take away and set about creating it. For instance an open plan layout and shorter office partitioning will create a sense of communication and openness – the right look and feel for an ad agency, but highly unsuitable for a legal office where confidentiality is important. 

Get an Outside Opinion

Because we spend so much time at work, we get very used to our surroundings at work. Just because you are used to the look and feel of your business facility, and feel reasonably comfortable with it, does not mean it will create a good impression on clients. It is a good idea to get an outside opinion when trying to assess the adequacy of your business facility. Ask a number of people, friends and family, business associates and also an expert – an office designer for example. Getting a good cross-section of opinions will give you the best chance to get an unbiased opinion of your facility. They will help your see your space with fresh eyes.

First impressions are vitally important and nowhere more so than in the office where visitors will decide whether or not to do business with you based on what they see.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Flexible Finance for Modular Office

office setup
office setup (Photo credit: Rob 'n' Rae)
Modular office systems fall under the category modular buildings which are also referred to as prefabricated buildings. It can be used for various applications such as medical clinics, restaurants, banks, schools, day care centers, and office buildings. If you are interested in modular offices, you can look into the different finance options.

Some of the benefits of modular offices are the following:

      Low cost
      Fast delivery

These are also the reasons why a lot of companies and establishments prefer modular offices in comparison to the traditional buildings. As the name suggests, modular offices are able to stand alone based on the ‘module’ construction method. Depending on your preference, you can have a modular office that is one or two stories high which includes stairwells and elevators. Some manufacturers also offer four stories or even more, as per requirement of the client.

The modular buildings are manufactured in factories and the materials used as the same as the regular buildings. However, instead of constructing the building as a whole, it is broken down into smaller or individual modules. These modules will be shipped into your site. When all the modules are delivered on site, it will be assembled into one structure based on the customer’s design specifications.

Earlier occupancy is also possible with modular offices because site and preparation works can take place simultaneously. The workers will not be exposed to harsh weather because the modules are constructed inside the factory.

Flexible finance is also available for modular office depending on your location. If you are interested in constructing a new modular office building, you can check with your bank about the financing options. You can also inquire with the manufacturer to find out which banks or lending institutions offer financing for modular buildings.

Many financial institutions can help you in securing your preferred modular building because this type of structure also involves a considerable sum of money. There is a need to look for reliable companies that can finance your building. The application process is usually quick and it involves less paperwork or documents.

With the less cumbersome procedures when you obtain financing from lenders or banks, it is easier to secure the needed money to put up a modular office. These buildings are top quality and will last a long time. Manufacturers of these modular structures can be of great help and they can give you a list of potential institutions that can extend the needed money.

A lot of offices and establishments are now choosing modular buildings over the traditional structures. You can save money on your new office, but you must do your homework if you want to find flexible financing options. Conduct a thorough research and be sure to compare the rates and fees involved in obtaining financial assistance for your new office. This is the best way to find the best deal. It would also help if you compare several manufacturers of prefabricated buildings. By doing so, you can order the modular buildings from a reputed manufacturer or supplier. Secure financing today for your modular office systems

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Booming Commercial Sector of the Estate World

English: Commercial property in Carnotstr., Be...
English: Commercial property in Carnotstr., Berlin. Deutsch: Gewerbeimmobilie der DB Immobilien GmbH in der Carnotstra├če 4-6, Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We are all aware of the power that the estate world holds on the global economy. Spanning through the world are its creations of multiplexes, shopping malls that sweep through acres of land and buildings and offices that put the best of the natural wonders to shame. The estate world has bestowed upon man the right to create man made wonders from the ores of iron and steel.  It has shaped the way the world looks and how each piece of construction speaks out its own story. The estate market is also essentially responsible for the allocation of the growing populace on the planet, for the dispensing of the work population into new work areas and for the impressive grandeur that it has added to everyday living.

From our history we can study the way we have evolved in putting across homes and centres of refuge. The estate sector has changed the whole phenomenon of living by introducing new modes and lifestyles. It has made possible the infusion of luxury in everyday homing and has brought together the elements of comfort and class that seek to make a house something close to a site of art. It has fuelled the global economy by its boost and is solely responsible for the spread of industrialization to otherwise rural areas. It is also responsible for getting underdeveloped countries a strong economic backbone in the global financial scenario by being their star asset.

The current baby of the estate market is the branch of commercial property. In developing nations like India and China and other nations in Asia, industrialization is picking up speed. It is spreading its roots further in these places and they have come to be the biggest investment sites for residential and commercial property. The reason being, that some of the top industrial names want to set up their base in these nations since these places are the future of industrialization and capitalization marking them as the most lucrative sites for investment in property.   These nations are budding industrial spots where the power of urbanization is just starting to appear and this is where the future expansion of the estate sector lies.

Also, these developing countries boast of many multinational firms and businesses that require commercial space to set up and grow their trade. As a result there has been a rave of upcoming commercial property ranges in the major business capitals of these nations, some of the namely, Mumbai (office buildings in BKC, the town’s new industrial centre), Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. These nations now cater to a work culture very different from the traditional 9 to 5 work hours one. These multinationals collaborate with local firms within the country to provide an international base for trade across the nation and thus enhances the overall growth of business within the country. These firms require work spaces that cater to the changing work culture and are a part of the growing industrial realm throughout the world. They are built with the top most of technology along with the floor space wide enough for the employees to roam about and think and to exchange ideas and thoughts.

Since it is now a collective work culture and no longer an individualistic one, the properties in construction are spaces that try and accommodate the changing demands of the industrial market. The estate world is constantly on the go to incorporate the changing trends and expressions of the human life that surrounds it and to produce and sell properties that cater to every taste and need.

Bio: Sumer Lobo is a real estate property dealer and he deals with commercial properties all around India and the Indian subcontinent. He wishes to expand his vision to the residential section of the property market as well. He thinks that the upcoming range of office buildings in BKC, Mumbai are the best sites for commercial property investment. Also he writes for

Monday, December 17, 2012

Five Benefits of Having Natural Daylight in your Offices

office setup
office setup (Photo credit: Rob 'n' Rae)
If you walk through the office after lunch and notice that your staff seems a bit sluggish and maybe even drowsy, it might not be the lunch they just ate. Take a look around the room; are there blinds on the windows? The problem with the lack of energy and therefore the lack of productivity could be the fact that they are sitting under artificial lights. 

There are numerous benefits of letting the sunshine in through the windows or skylights. Maximizing natural light in the workplace will result in more productivity and efficiency. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits. 

Increased Productivity

When you have the sun streaming in through the windows, the serotonin levels of your workers will be on the higher side. This will put them in a better mood, making them more active and keep the workforce bustling with energy. It might become a little noisier in there, but you shouldn’t mind that as long as they are accomplishing more.

Health Benefits

Your company probably loses a good amount of money and production when people call out sick. Having natural sunlight in the office will increase the production of Vitamin D. This will increase everyone’s immune system and have them at their desks instead of at home. Recent studies have shown a 15 percent decline in absenteeism when employees worked under natural light conditions instead of artificial lighting. So, by just “keeping the blinds open” (hypothetically speaking), your employees get better health and you get more work done. Need I say more? 

A Better Atmosphere

People are just happier when they have the sun shining on them, especially in the relatively cold regions or weathers. It means, everyone feels good about coming to work. They show up on time, don’t take too long on breaks and do not jump up at exactly 5 o clock. Remember, if you are keeping your shades drawn, your employees are not getting much daylight at all. They do not have a chance to get out during the day to soak up the energy. This can make them grumpy at work, and just as a smile is contagious, so is grumpiness. Who wants to go to a workplace, where everyone seems to be in a sour mood? 

Increased Sales

If your staff is some kind of a marketing or salesroom, having natural light will increase their creativity and salesmanship. Because they are more chipper, it will help them with customer service, lead generation, or sales. Not to forget that if your showroom has a lot of sunlight, even your customers will be in high spirits, hence more likely to do business with you. Sunlight has dual benefits when customers and sales are involved. 

Financial Benefits

Any time you use natural daylight to light up your office, and avoid having overhead lights on, you are saving money on your electricity bill. But that’s just one of the many financial benefits. As earlier mentioned, lower absence rate will mean you’ll not be paying for temporary help while also paying for an employee’s sick day, giving you more savings. Not to forget that an increase in production, and eventually in sales will also improve your bottom line.

When you consider all the advantages of using natural light in your offices, you will wonder why you didn’t think of it before. You may think it is the lower power bills, increased production and better sales that have you feeling so happy, but in reality, it is just the talk of extra sunshine that has you feeling great.

Scott Ryan is a home and office interior design expert, follow him on twitter.

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