Sunday, October 13, 2013

How Your Facilities Reflect on Your Business

Your facilities most definitely reflect on your business. No matter how well run your business is, how great your products, and even how well priced, if your business facilities are untidy or under par they will negatively impact your business. Appearances count, so do first impressions. Big time! 

So what do you do if your business facilities aren’t quite up to scratch and you really can’t afford to upgrade them? What if you only have clients intermittently, so you can’t justify the expense of upgrading your business facility? There is a solution. Servcorp Australia are available from companies like Servcorp, either as part of a virtual office service, or for one-off use for that especially important business meeting. You can impress your clients with beautifully appointed meeting rooms, boardrooms and fancy foyers.
What You See Is What You Get

Human nature being what it is; we are hardwired to absorb visual information and form mental judgements based on what we see. If we see a shabby office we will unconsciously interpret that visual into an assessment that the company inhabiting the facility is also shabby; believing automatically that they probably offer shabby service and shabby merchandise. We really do believe that we see is what we will get. So if you hold that important business meeting in a less than adequate facility, chances are you will not clinch the deal – no matter how whiz bang your presentation is. Shabby does not say successful and it is not likely to engender a response of – I just really want to partner with this company. 

Colours and Layouts Create an Impression

When you are fitting out and painting your facility you really need to consider the impression you are trying to create. Colours and office layout will play a major role in how clients perceive your business, so think about what impression you want them to take away and set about creating it. For instance an open plan layout and shorter office partitioning will create a sense of communication and openness – the right look and feel for an ad agency, but highly unsuitable for a legal office where confidentiality is important. 

Get an Outside Opinion

Because we spend so much time at work, we get very used to our surroundings at work. Just because you are used to the look and feel of your business facility, and feel reasonably comfortable with it, does not mean it will create a good impression on clients. It is a good idea to get an outside opinion when trying to assess the adequacy of your business facility. Ask a number of people, friends and family, business associates and also an expert – an office designer for example. Getting a good cross-section of opinions will give you the best chance to get an unbiased opinion of your facility. They will help your see your space with fresh eyes.

First impressions are vitally important and nowhere more so than in the office where visitors will decide whether or not to do business with you based on what they see.

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