Sunday, October 13, 2013

The High Cost of Living and How to Deal with it

It’s a given fact of life that day follows night and prices increase on a regular basis. For most people in the country, the cost of living is rising far more quickly than wages and pensions.


If you look at your gas or electricity meter and it seems to be eating up money more quickly than you can earn then you need to see if there is any way that you can rectify the situation. Double-glazing is an effective way to cut down on drafts that come through the window and the current choice of double glazed windows doesn’t just restrict you to plastic. If your home hasn’t been insulated then see if there is some form of government

help through one of its ‘Green Deal’ schemes. Most of the UK’s energy suppliers also operate charitable trusts where you can apply for assistance. Some companies also include recommendations on their website for the construction of energy efficient commercial buildings, including Colorcoat-online. A badly heated workplace can be just as depressing as a draughty and cold house.

Shop around

Take a look at some of the money saving websites and see if you can find any good deals. Remember, to read all the Ts & Cs, this may be boring but it’s even more tedious to discover that you’re locked into a lengthy phone contract, for example, just because you couldn’t be bothered to read all of the small print. The current advice from the experts at EnergyHelpline is to try and source a long-term deal rather than a short-term contract. Alternatively if you’re trying to save money on food you should also try and shop around but you should weigh up if this is going to cost you more in petrol than the saving you hope you’re going to find.


Holidays are absolutely essential to many people, but there are different ways of trying to get a good deal. You could always try and get a cancellation flight discount and as long as you are free to travel at short notice, this is a good option. If you try and book your holiday for a time other than children’s school holidays you may be surprised at the choices on offer.

Some people like taking long weekends in wonderful country house hotels, thanks to the sluggish economy you’ll see that most of these are offering wonderful reductions from their normal prices. If you can’t find a good bargain then ring up the hotel, offer to pay over the phone and haggle. It’s surprising how dew people use this option, but it is invariably successful.

Eating Out

Instead of having a three course a la Carte menu, opt for a taster menu. An increasing number of restaurants offer this choice and it’s a great way of sampling all the dishes on the menu. If you’re ordering dishes that you’ve never sampled before so much the better. The increasing popularity of gastro-pubs means that meals at these venues are first class, and often a lot more competitively priced than restaurant fare.

Bargains do still exist, you’ve just got to use your imagination and employ a spirit of adventure and then you may well be rewarded.

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