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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 Ways to Make Your Office Functional and Stylish

Let's face it, a workplace or home office can be rather dull and boring at times. In addition, how the office space is organized can cause more headaches than efficient actions. That is why it is important for a worker to establish ways that can make their workplace or home office functional and stylish. This will help increase efficiency and can help stimulate the worker's mind during their work day. Here are 5 ways to make a workplace or home office functional and stylish.

1. Layout and Space

One of the most important dimensions to any workspace is maximizing and using the layout and space of a work area. All of these factors will depend on the particular workspace, but if a worker has walls, a high ceiling, and different paths to enter the work area, these factors should be taken advantage of. Use walls to have hangers or cabinets and take advantage of high ceilings and walls by putting in bookcases. Always clear the paths that enter the work space so the worker and other workers can walk by the work area without hindrance. For example, do not have file cabinets, scanners, fax machines, or computer parts in the way of someone's walking path. Committing to using the work layout and space to one's advantage can neatly organize the office.

2. Lighting

Lighting is essential in any office, but the workplace or home office might not have the most effective lighting sources. Try buying desk lamps, floor lamps, or table lamps that can help brighten up the workspace. This will allow the worker to read text easier and the bright light can help energize the worker, improving their cognitive skills. It is also important to have natural lighting in the office, since this can help to improve health and the mood in the office.

3. Use Stylish Office Materials

Sometimes the typical desk and office products can be somewhat dull to the eye of a worker. Luckily, many office supply companies use unique materials to produce the usual office supplies and furniture everyone needs. One great example of this is acrylic plastic. This plastic is not only used to make office supply products like rulers or signs, but it can also be used to make chairs and desks. Acrylic has the appearance of glass, but is lighter and more malleable. This is just one alternative substance a worker can use for their office that will be different than the typical metal desk and office supplies.

4. Ergonomic Choices

Many people are unable to work properly because the office chairs they use do not help their back or posture. This can seriously affect cognitive capabilities and physically harm the worker from day-after-day of bad seat use. Ergonomic chairs help workers use a chair that can help their posture and back, relieving any dull pain that could arise from sitting in the chair all day. This could increase a worker's cognitive capabilities and help the worker work more efficiently.

5. Personal Items Throughout

One way to make the workplace or home office feel comfortable is to adorn the office with personal items. These items may include pictures on the desk, frames on the wall, hand-crafted items, like a hand-made basket, placed across the office, or achievement items, like certifications, diplomas, or pictures from big events in one's life in the office. This can help the office feel more like home and influence the worker to dedicate their time more effectively toward their work while they are in the office.

Work offices do not have to be dull or boring. Whether at work or at a home office, it is important to personalize the office while purchasing appropriate and dazzling products that can increase the worker's efficiency and cognitive health.

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