Friday, April 5, 2013

Investing in Your Future

A great way to boost your bank balance in the build up to your retirement is to invest your money. The advice for mature investors remained the same for many years; focus on assets that will guarantee a safe return, rather than those that offer the biggest capital or growth potential. In recent years however, people have been taking note of the fact that people are living longer; therefore opening up a whole load of other exciting investment opportunities for retired people, as longer investment times mean a better chance of risks eventually paying off. Whether you want to play it safe or take a chance, there are a number of different ways you can invest your money later in life besides just placing it in a savings account. 


Purchasing a bond involves the lending of money to a business or government which they will pay back with interest. This is definitely an option for the safety conscious as investing with a well-established, reputable company or official organisation more or less guarantees a return on your money. Profits may be limited but the stability of your money and often quick return times make it a great asset for a mature investor’s portfolio. 


Buying stocks (also known as equities) essentially gets you part ownership of a business. You gain the right to vote in shareholders’ meetings and you benefit from shared profits that are distributed amongst owners – referred to as dividends. This is a great option for the more adventurous investor, as stocks are high risk assets with the potential for great rewards. Nothing is guaranteed with the purchase of a stock; its value can fluctuate daily, meaning your investment could flourish and soar just as easily as it could plummet. 


The value of gold is more stable than most currencies and even increases as the US dollar decreases in purchasing power; acting as a great remedy against inflation. There is a growing level of supply and demand for this precious metal and so your purchase will never be wasted. There are also a number of different ways to buy and sell it, from online brokers to jewellers and government mints, with many others in between. With growing interest and value guaranteed, investing in gold – and digging out any old family heirlooms – can be a great financial opportunity to utilise upon your retirement. 

Online Investments

The internet has made finding suitable investments a much less daunting task. Sites like Nutmeg allow people to invest anything from £1000 upwards and a team of professionals will split your money between assets to reduce risk. This is a great investment opportunity for those who want an easy retirement with a bit of extra cash, as the Nutmeg team monitor and move your money to capitalise on the success of certain areas and avoid weaknesses in others. You can be as distant or involved as you want and there are no fixed terms; your money is yours to withdraw whenever you want.

Gone are the days when the only way for a retired person to boost their money was to stash it away in a savings account. The world of investments has truly opened up and can finally be accessed and utilised easily, regardless of age.

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