Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ways to Save Money on a Rental Car

Enjoying a trip on a rented car may cost you much. Rates for car rental will differ depending on the size of the vehicle being rented, hours and days that the car will be used and the car rental agency. If you are up for a summer vacation with your family or friends or you are going to an important business trip, know the different rental car deals in order to save money. 

Important Ways to Save Money on Rental Car Deals:

Recognize A Good Deal by Shopping Around

Before you book for a rental car, look around and do some research of the different car rental agencies available. This way, getting the best price is always possible since you can have a comparison of car rental rates. As soon as you have already settle on a travel plan, do a research on several car rental agencies in an area, compare rental cost and check on the rental agency’s policies. 

Avoid Airport Rental Counters

Using a non-airport facility can give you many savings. Renting a car from airport rental counters offers convenience but in experiencing this ease, you will be charged with the so-called “convenience fee” each day of renting the car which can easily add up to the rental cost. Instead of renting a car on the airport rental counters, look for a rental agency near the airport or nearby the hotel you’ll be staying. It’s a good thing if you a have a friend in that place. Try to contact and ask that friend for help on where you can find a car rental agency offering good rental deals. 

Have an Early Booking

Book a car as soon as you have already confirmed a solid travel plan. Keep in mind that rented cars with the lowest rental rates most often are the ones that sell out first. Save money by early booking a car that meet your needs and avoid forced upgrade. Some agencies may also offer a discount for an early booking and if the rent is already paid in full a few days or weeks before the car will be used. 

Have a Comparison On Weekly and Daily Charges

Car rental rates charged daily and weekly have a big difference. Always check on the rental agencies daily and weekly rental rates for cars and calculate how much money you can save because most often, you can have a good deal when you rent a car for longer days. Some rental agencies offer discounts if a car is rented for at least 5 days to a week.

Ask For a Discount

Car rental agencies often have discounts and better deals for their customers. Just look around for a much better price and do not just look on the rental rate that one company quoted you. Ask the car rental company if they are giving discounts to club members such as a warehouse or an automobile club membership. Some rental companies are also providing coupons in credit card inserts, newspapers and travel magazines and you can use this coupon to have a discount on the rental rate or for a free day’s rental.

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