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Monday, May 12, 2014

7 Considerations for Seniors When Renting a Car for Holidays

Simon Rents
Simon Rents (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)
Today, seniors represent a booming segment of the population, and they’re doing more travelling than ever before. This has bolstered demand for hire cars among senior populations. With that in mind, we’re going to look at seven considerations for seniors renting a car on holiday: 

1. It’s worth shopping around.

Rates vary considerably from one location to the next, as well as from one hire firm to the next. Shopping around online ensures that you know what’s really available to you before you lock in on a particular rate. 

2. Some car hire firms have upper age limits.

Most people are well aware that there is a minimum age restriction for hiring a car. However, relatively few are aware of the upper limits. Many car hire firms cannot allow people over a certain age (often 70 to 75) drive one their vehicles. This has to do with the insurer that covers their fleet and does not necessarily reflect the sentiments of those at the car hire depot. This is nothing new, either—though it has become more of an issue as more seniors are travelling than ever before. Enquire about any age restrictions when placing the booking to avoid disappointment. 

3. Know what documents you will need.

If you are travelling in your home country, all you will probably need is a valid driver’s license. If, on the other hand, you’re headed overseas, you may need a passport and international driver’s license. Look into this early to avoid any last-minute hang-ups. 

4. Be open to lesser-known brands.

This is just a means of saving a few quid on your next rental and applies to renters of any age. It’s easy to get hung up on the big names in the car hire industry, if only because we constantly encounter their brand messages when making travel arrangements. However, it’s worth mentioning that smaller firms and lesser-known can often manage lower operating costs, and this translates into customer savings. Furthermore, they all offer the same basic vehicle makes and models. With that in mind, check in with websites such as and similar hire firms to see if they can offer you steeper discounts. 

5. Airport rentals are usually going to cost more.

Hiring a car from an airport is more convenient than, say, hopping in a taxi or boarding an airport shuttle, transferring to an off-site location and completing your booking there. It also usually costs upwards of 30 per cent more. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with paying for a convenience, just bear in mind that you’ll be paying for that convenience every day for the life of the rental contract (i.e. not just the day that you pick it up). 

6. You may qualify for a senior discount.

There are all kinds of ways to secure discounts on car hire. Earlier we mentioned that many agencies are forced by their insurers to put upper age limits on who can drive a rental car. However, it’s not all bad news for seniors, as many agencies also offer discounts to drivers over a certain age. Even if the hire firm doesn’t explicitly offer a senior discount, many offer preferential rates to members of retirement associations such as AARP. Bear in mind, senior discounts are usually not advertised and usually require you to enter a promotional code that you picked up from a third party. 

7. Chauffeured hire cars may cost less than you assume.

This, of course, depends to a great extent on where you’re travelling. Outside of the West, it’s much more common for cars and drivers to come as package deals. This can be especially convenient in countries with lower development standards, where the roads and traffic conditions may be a bit chaotic.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ways to Save Money on a Rental Car

Enjoying a trip on a rented car may cost you much. Rates for car rental will differ depending on the size of the vehicle being rented, hours and days that the car will be used and the car rental agency. If you are up for a summer vacation with your family or friends or you are going to an important business trip, know the different rental car deals in order to save money. 

Important Ways to Save Money on Rental Car Deals:

Recognize A Good Deal by Shopping Around

Before you book for a rental car, look around and do some research of the different car rental agencies available. This way, getting the best price is always possible since you can have a comparison of car rental rates. As soon as you have already settle on a travel plan, do a research on several car rental agencies in an area, compare rental cost and check on the rental agency’s policies. 

Avoid Airport Rental Counters

Using a non-airport facility can give you many savings. Renting a car from airport rental counters offers convenience but in experiencing this ease, you will be charged with the so-called “convenience fee” each day of renting the car which can easily add up to the rental cost. Instead of renting a car on the airport rental counters, look for a rental agency near the airport or nearby the hotel you’ll be staying. It’s a good thing if you a have a friend in that place. Try to contact and ask that friend for help on where you can find a car rental agency offering good rental deals. 

Have an Early Booking

Book a car as soon as you have already confirmed a solid travel plan. Keep in mind that rented cars with the lowest rental rates most often are the ones that sell out first. Save money by early booking a car that meet your needs and avoid forced upgrade. Some agencies may also offer a discount for an early booking and if the rent is already paid in full a few days or weeks before the car will be used. 

Have a Comparison On Weekly and Daily Charges

Car rental rates charged daily and weekly have a big difference. Always check on the rental agencies daily and weekly rental rates for cars and calculate how much money you can save because most often, you can have a good deal when you rent a car for longer days. Some rental agencies offer discounts if a car is rented for at least 5 days to a week.

Ask For a Discount

Car rental agencies often have discounts and better deals for their customers. Just look around for a much better price and do not just look on the rental rate that one company quoted you. Ask the car rental company if they are giving discounts to club members such as a warehouse or an automobile club membership. Some rental companies are also providing coupons in credit card inserts, newspapers and travel magazines and you can use this coupon to have a discount on the rental rate or for a free day’s rental.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vacation Budgeting: Is it Wiser to Rent or Drive Your Own Car?

gas pumpThere's no clear-cut answer when you're asking whether it's better to rent a vehicle or use your own car. However, there are several calculations that will help you do the math. With these equations, you can make a budget-minded choice for your next road trip.

Fuel Costs and Opportunities to Drive Greener

Your fuel cost is one of the easiest things to calculate for your trip. You can find the MPG of nearly any vehicle online. Simply compare the MPG for your car with that of a rental. If you're not taking a lot of luggage with you, opt for the smallest car you can comfortably fit in. Renting a hybrid vehicle will also cut your fuel costs. Unless you have a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle yourself, you can almost always find a rental with better fuel mileage than your own vehicle. A rental will probably win this category.

Maintenance Costs vs Rental Fees

If you drive your own vehicle, you need to consider the maintenance costs associated with your trip. Your next oil change, tire rotation, front end alignment, and factory scheduled maintenance will all be moved up by a long road trip. AAA estimates that the average cost for maintenance, not including oil or gas, is 4.42 cents per mile for a medium-sized sedan. The cost for tires is 0.91 cents per mile. You'll cut these costs with a rental and replace them with your rental fees. Divide these by the number of miles you're driving for a comparison.

Vehicle Depreciation Considerations

Every mile that you put on your car speeds its depreciation. Most vehicle depreciation comes from the number of miles driven and not the age of the car. Use a resource like Kelley Blue Book to calculate the current value of your car as well as the projected value with the mileage from your trip. This will tell you what your long-term depreciation costs will be.

Paying Now vs Paying Later

Comparing your calculations for the above categories will let you know whether a rental car is ultimately cheaper than driving your own car for your next road trip. The last thing that you need to consider, however, is when you'll be paying. Many costs associated with driving your own vehicle come up later. You won't pay upfront for depreciation or maintenance, while you will pay upfront for your rental. If your car needs maintenance before the trip, however, you should visit a qualified shop like Tindol Ford to have this done before you leave.

The Value of Comfort

Comfort doesn't have a monetary value, but it's worth considering. A rental will be fresh and clean for your trip with no extra effort on your part. However, your vehicle may have features the rental does not. Consider the benefits of a larger trunk, more cup holders, or heated seats, whether these come with your own car or the rental. If this competition is close, this may tip the scale. Doing your math will help you make the best choice of vehicle for your next trip. Simply add up these important values and you'll find the best answer for your needs.    

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Benefits of Having Car Hire Excess Protection

English: Rental hire car park, Aberdeen Airport
English: Rental hire car park, Aberdeen Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While driving a hired car, you should have car hire excess insurance. If any accident occurs or the car gets damaged or people get injured due to your fault you have to pay a large amount of money. Sometimes you have to pay even if there was not any fault of yours. Car excess protection can help you in these cases. While driving a rental car, you will get protection in any case of accident if you have car hire excess insurance. 

Excess insurance covers you for the expenses occurred due to damages in a car after an accident and it confirms that you don’t have to pay to settle things. When going for such policies it is very important that you must know how much protection you will get while paying for car excess protection insurance. All insurance policies are not the same, some policies would not give you cover against some common damages. For example, some companies do not provide cover against damages to windscreens or tires. So it is very important to know what you will be getting before investing on any type of car hire excess insurance.

Buying car hire excess insurance provides mental peace to the buyers. You will not be responsible for any kind of accident or any damages and you will get protection for any kind of damages to the car. Car excess protection will cover you even in cases of vandalism, theft of the car, or if the car catches fire.

When hiring cars, you will be offered by the company to purchase car hire excess insurance. The cost of those insurance is very low and they don’t protect all types of damages which the car could sustain. Many people are unaware of the fact that far better alternatives are there and they are easily available. It is just you need to research a bit so as to get the best policy for your hired car. It is always a great idea to invest some time on net and search online so as to get good information on the all available options. You can compare the policies and then decide which one to go with as per your need and budget.

Online car hire excess insurance is also beneficial if more than one person is going to drive the hired vehicle. Sometimes few insurance policies charges extra for second driver. But if you decide to purchase your excess insurance online, they might give you cover for any driver and no extra cost might be charged for that.

If you are opting for daily car hire excess insurance, you must check the rental period before purchasing. If you are hiring a vehicle for a longer period of time, it is better to purchase an annual car hire excess insurance which gives some additional facilities.

While hiring a car, it is good to have a car excess protection. Sometimes an accident can cost much more than the premium of insurance thus it would not be a wise idea to ignore excess insurance. If you are going for car hire excess insurance, you will have mental peace while hiring a car when you are out of station. It will help you to save money if you face any kind of accident while driving a rental car.

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