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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why Accident Insurance Is Necesary To Car Drivers?

A car accident in Tokyo, Japan. EspaƱol: Un ac...

• Almost all countries across the globe consider car insurance as a mandatory requirement. This means that a car must have a valid insurance cover for it to operate on public roads.

• However, people tend not to know the importance of having a personal accident insurance cover. In fact, some only buy insurance for the sake of abiding to the laid traffic and insurance laws.

• Accident insurance is of great importance more than people take it. A great number of people who have been involved in a road accident before can attest to the fact that the accident insurance cover was of great importance.

• You must therefore ensure you have a personal accident insurance to avoid any inconveniences should an accident occur

• Note that a car accident comes forth with a lot of complicated issues. Once a driver is involved in a car accident, a lot of troubles are bound to follow. In this regard, accident insurance is important to help victims go through such troubles.

• Once involved in a car accident, you insurer will require your car registration details. This will help them ascertain that indeed your car was involved in an accident.

• The insurance is then processed and compensation granted to the victim once confirmed. The following are benefits of having an accident insurance:


• Sometimes the accident might be intense to the extent of confining victims into disability.

• Also, an accident can be serious to an extent of making you not to work for a long time. In such cases, it might prove daunting to cater for your personal and family matters.

• However, if you are covered for motor accidents, your insurer will be there to provide you with financial support especially in times when catering for your living proves hard.

• In the same vein, death can result from an accident. In such cases, accident insurance will be important since it will help in catering for the family of the deceased.


• Injuries that occur as a result of accidents can be serious. In such cases, you will require medical attention which again might be expensive to pay for.

• In relation to this, the injured party will have no worries of settling medical bills. This means that you will undergo the recommended treatment without any kind of financial strains.


• The good thing about accident insurance is that the victim will have any other expense resulting from the accident catered for.

• You will only require proving that the expense came as a result of the accident. Once confirmed, the insurer will step in to pay for such expenses.

• To pay for different expenses that occur during the accident can be super costly especially if left for the driver to settle personally.

• However, it is important to note that not all insurance companies offer such benefits to their clients. You must therefore take enough time to come up with an insurer with best deals and benefits.

Author Bio: Amy Lawson is a content writer. She is a professional blogger from London and have written many articles on Entertainment, Finance and Health categories. Now she is doing research on british driving licence etc.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Benefits of Expat Health Insurance: Why not Having a Policy in Place Could Spell Disaster for you and your Family

Expatriate medical insurance is a must for people that live or work abroad. It ensures that no matter how basic or expensive your local medical facilities are, you can still expect to receive world-class treatment regardless of your location.

When you move abroad, you are rarely given access to free medical treatment from the relevant government and healthcare system, which means that you need to fund your own. The standard of healthcare may be poorer than what you have come to expect from your own country, even if you are given full or partial access to it.

Potential problems upon returning

Expat health insurance is designed to address all these concerns. Recently, more and more people have chosen to invest in expat insurance to cover them for their return to the UK too. This is because you’re likely to be classed as a non-resident by the NHS once you have been away for a certain period of time. If you have a medical problem once you return to the UK, you may be handed a bill for any treatment.

The government has recently brought in a series of strict guidelines around free NHS treatment in a bid to eradicate the problem of ‘health tourism’ – a trend involving non-residents heading to the UK for free medical care. This means that those regarded as former or non-residents may now find it harder than ever to secure free healthcare after a spell away – especially if they are not declaring the UK to be their permanent home.

International cover

However, some expatriate health insurance ceases to apply when a person re-enters the country, essentially placing them in no-man’s land. For this reason it’s advisable to invest in an international healthcare plan which remains in place no matter where you are in the world – including the UK.

Some countries don’t offer a public medical service or an equivalent to the NHS at all. More and more people worldwide are therefore investing in health insurance policies to cover them. Many countries that do have a free or subsidised medical service in place are finding it harder and harder to deliver the service that is needed.

Access to world-class hospitals

Some countries have various health risks attached to them and can be so dangerous to visit that not investing in the relevant insurance is virtually unthinkable. An international private medical insurance can grant you access to a well-facilitated hospital with the standard of care that you will have become accustomed to.

Some people take risks by not signing up for international health insurance only to find themselves faced with a costly medical emergency whilst they are away – that they may simply not be able to pay for. This explains why the insurance is so valuable even if the chances of you needing treatment are low.

The old adage that ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’ is particularly true when it comes to international medical insurance, so make sure you talk to a dedicated broker such as first before making the move abroad. If you aren’t covered by expat medical insurance but find that you need it, the results could be catastrophic or even fatal.

AUTHOR BIO: Nick Manfield is a freelance writer specialising in insurance. He’s lived abroad for several years and blogs frequently on the expat experience. In his research for this piece, he visited several websites, including

Friday, November 29, 2013

Insuring Your Household: Will Give You Peace of Mind

The home is where most, if not all people, feel secured and safe. It symbolizes one’s hard work and perseverance in order to provide a quality living to the family. While there’s no place like home, it is also one of the most vulnerable places since it contains our most prized possessions. There are also unforeseen events such as fire, earthquake or theft which hampers the security of the family.

There are many ways where you can insure your household. Aside from employing safety and security measures such as padlocks, double doors or CCTV camera, getting a home insurance is one way of giving you a peace of mind.

Here is an overview of what you should know about home insurance policies and why you should get one for insuring your household.

Features of a home insurance policy

Every insurance company has its own features that will make them unique and more saleable to consumers. However, most insurance companies cover the following fortuitous events:
  • Fire and lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Damage caused by accidents, storm, rain, or flood 
  • Losses or theft
  • Structural damage
  • Acts of war
It is also important to note that not all coverage is included the basic policy. Oftentimes, a basic insurance policy covers only fire and lightning. If you want additional coverage for earthquake or other natural calamities, there needs to be a separate policy and payment of additional premium. 

Benefits of insuring your household

With today’s economic slowdown, most homeowners think whether having an insurance policy is viable. The answer is yes. You don’t want your home to be struck by a fire before you consider applying for an insurance policy. Hence, here are the benefits of insuring your household:

  • It protects your home, period. Imagine if you live in a hurricane-prone area. If you insured your home, you know you have something to turn to in case hurricane happens. Some companies even extend an additional coverage wherein if your home is not liveable, the living expenses incurred will also be shouldered by the insurance company. 
  • It protects your personal belongings. Aside from your home itself, you can have the contents inside it be protected as well. This feature must be included in the policy and may require payment of additional premium. In case your house got robbed while you and your family are on vacation, this feature can help replace the valuable items lost. 
  • It protects you against any court proceeding. If you’re having a party and someone slips and gets injured, you can save yourself from being sued. Your insurance company can help pay for the medical expenses – after you paid your deductible, of course. 
The more coverage you include in your home insurance policy, the greater the amount of premium to be paid. While you may think it’s a waste of money, think again. It is better to be ‘paranoid’ and prepared for any calamity or event rather than worrying about it when the time comes. 

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Choose an Insurance Plan for Your Vehicle Repair Business or Garage

If you are running a garage and are in charge of dozens of vehicles that need servicing, repair, or fitting every single day, then chances are high that you know how important it is to have critical insurance coverage

The right insurance plan coverage can spell a big difference by helping you be prepared for any scenario, unpleasant (or disastrous) as it may be. You are, after all, responsible not only for your customer’s vehicles, but for your own premises and your own staff as well. 

Insurance Plan

Even if you are simply running a repair business or garage from your own home, you would still need an effective insurance plan. But how do you choose one that suits your needs and requirements? What particular features should you be looking for?

Having a discussion with your potential insurer can enlighten you on many aspects of the best trade insurance plan. But if you ask the right questions, you are more likely to get the right answers. 

If you are self employed, do you need motor trade insurance cover?

Some self employed professionals and repairers are not quite aware that they still need proper motor trade insurance cover. Even if you are operating from your own home garage, you need cover – in fact, you are required by law to have an insurance plan, even if it’s merely a very basic third party only insurance. 

If you are self employed and you have a specific policy in place, you need to remember that when making a claim, you should be able to provide proof of your trade with the use of invoices and other business lists and records. 

What if you have no purpose-built premises where you operate your business?

This goes back to the question of whether you operate from your own home or have your own building and premises for your enterprise. 

If you have no purpose-built premises, you can purchase trade plan insurance such as a road risk cover plan, which basically covers the vehicles you drive during your normal business’ daily activities. 

If you have an existing NCB or No Claims Bonus, can you use it on your new policy?

When you take out an insurance plan, you can use your existing NCB on the policy. You can get further discounts on your insurance premium amounting to 60% to 70% depending on the insurer if you have had no claims for the last four years or so. 

If you have a good driving record with no claims, then you can certainly benefit from your NCB when you get your new cover. 

Can you protect your NCB on your new policy?

Some of us are understandably concerned about protecting our existing NCB, as we know that it amounts to a great deal of saved expense. You can opt for a protected NCB option on your policy, provided that you are willing to pay an additional fee, depending on the insurer you choose.

Running a business certainly has its share of challenges. Anything can happen, and it is always best to be prepared. Getting good trade plan insurance can give you peace of mind and will ensure that when the unthinkable happens, you are more than ready to face it head on. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nothing is More Interesting Than Insurance

Well, if you take that literally most people would find that doing nothing is indeed more interesting than sorting out things like insurance. However, it is one of those things we need to do or risk the consequences. With so many insurance providers and products on the market how do you know which ones are right for you?

Comparison sites

Many people now sort out all their insurance needs online. There are lots of comparison websites available which will give you quick quotes and compare policies that are available from different providers based on the criteria you submit. While these sites can not advise you on what is the best policy for you, they can filter a lot of information very quickly which saves you a lot of time. Always read policy details carefully and make sure you are clear about how much the 'excess' is, which is the cost you will have to pay towards any claim. Beware of special introductory offers which might tie you in to longer renewal contracts at higher prices.

Have you got everything covered?

There are lots of types of insurance available for different things you own or do: car insurance, home insurance for building and contents, travel insurance for luggage loss, health care or extreme sports. What is covered by each type of insurance can vary from one policy to the next so you need to check what you are getting for your money. For example, some personal items are not always covered by home contents insurance and if they are they may only be covered while they are in the insured home. So you need to read carefully through the features of your policy and never assume that something is covered. It might be too late when you find out that it isn't.

Policies based on your needs

Often your own circumstances can dictate the cost or terms of insurance policies available to you. Car insurers, for example, commonly identify age, postcode and the number of previous claims/accidents as risk factors which would determine the detail or cost of a policy. You may find that you belong to a particular demographic group which has insurance policies tailored specifically for your needs. Similar things can be said about contents insurance with a different range of packages available in the market. For example, AgeUK provides a range of insurance policies designed for over 50's. Click here for more information on AgeUK contents insurance.

Help is at hand

So, with so many options available, searching for insurance and making sure you get the right policy can be a bit of a minefield. Do not worry, you won't be alone if you need to ask for help. Impartial advice is available from the Money Advice Service online, over the phone or face to face. The Money Advice Service was set up in 2010 (although it started life under a different name) to help increase the public's knowledge and understanding of financial matters with the view to enabling them to better manage their own financial affairs.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Would Anyone Insure Their Art?

Statue P at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Most of us are accustomed to seeking insurance cover for things such as our homes, our car, travel, and even for our health, but when it comes to insuring fine art work we may well think why bother. There was a time when the so called ordinary person would have perceived the idea of insuring artworks to be something that only the gentry did, but nowadays with people often putting any spare money into a work of art which is likely to appreciate in value, then insuring against loss, theft, or damage should be a reality. 

Insuring Against the Unexpected

Whether you own a small exquisite piece of fine art or are an art dealer with numerous priceless pieces adorning your gallery, insurance is paramount for peace of mind. Aside of the tragic loss of human life which happens when natural disasters like hurricanes or floods wreak havoc around the world, art galleries and swanky offices can sometimes be left assessing the level of damage to irreplaceable pieces of art which were damaged when the area flooded. Naturally they’re also worried about the cost of their insurance premiums rising, but the point here is that at least they did have insurance for when the unexpected happened.

NYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art: Statue of Yu...

Collections Borne out of Love

Under insurance is another big problem because plenty of people over the years amass large collections of antiques, jewellery, and art but many of them don’t have a real grasp on the true value of their collection. Because collections are invariably built out of love or passion for particular items, insurance isn’t approached in quite the same way as it would be if they were looking to insure their car for example. Often they just insure these valuable collections for the price which they paid for them some years ago.

To counter this problem people should be insuring items in their collections for the retail replacement value, which means getting someone to appraise them on that very basis, every few years or so. This means that they have appraisal reports which they can pass to insurance companies to ensure adequate coverage and it also means they have evidence to back up any future claims.

More insurance companies are starting to employ art consultants and can make their more wealthy clients aware of the importance of valuation and insurance. However, if you’ve got collectibles or art worth a couple of thousand pounds or more, then you may need a specific policy clause to cover your valuables, since most general home policies rarely cover items above that level.

There are plenty of specialist insurance companies such as Catlin Insurance UK who offer coverage for a variety of fine art. The range of inclusions under a fine art insurance policy is wide and includes such things as

  • Furniture, lighting and mirrors 
  • Historical artefacts 
  • Arms and armour 
  • Fine wine, bottles and glasses 
  • Musical instruments 
  • Ceramics, silver and glass 
  • Fossils and mineral specimens 
  • Textiles 
  • Memorabilia 
  • Paintings
  • Toys and games 

It’s worth shopping around for the best deal but take care to find out just what risks are covered. Check that the policy offers protection against theft, accidental damage, and as in the case of a natural disaster, losses from fire and water damage.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be Proactive By Taking Travel Cover Before You Board on a Flight!

Most of the people get very excited whenever there is travelling involved, business or holiday. At anytime, there are options to explore newer avenues of business along with the place as well when in a new destination. However, in excitement if people decide to forgo one of the most basic needs of travel insurance, it is more than just a blunder. At many times while travelling, it is the prime requisite to travel well-covered but it is not the only benefit you are getting. It depends upon which package you take, for how long and for how many people, individual or combined (in case of family or travelling business colleagues / partners). 

Here we will be focusing on the benefit one gets by getting family travel insurance.

In the event of Cancellation 

Let us start with the first and most basic positive outcome that comes with having this special cover. Due to any reason like some mishap in home or destination country or with the family or travel partners, you might have to cancel the whole trip. As a result, money put in getting the flight / charter bookings, accommodation reservations, transportation, etc will go waste. Exactly at this point, you save few hundred-thousand dollars by getting a suitable travel cover. Just don’t forget to know about the exclusions of your policy. 

Belongings’ Concern 

There is no question of not having any baggage while on a business or family trip. What happens if they get stolen or lost? You get reimbursed (partially if not fully because of the overall limits to the amount) with the insurance. The limit will be decided on the basis of what all the items were there in your bag are and how you have made the claim. There always remains the issue of saving receipts if you want the reimbursement. 

On the wrong side of Law 

You or your family members or another person accompanying you might never have thought of getting entangled in litigation's on a stranger land but sometimes things just happen. Having travel insurance might safeguard everyone under the cover from (some if not whole of) the cost involved in legal battles you will have to become a part of consequentially. 

Health Insurance- An Added Advantage 

Standard health insurances generally exclude travelling from the policy while giving cover only in the home country. So, in case you fall ill or get injured during flight or on reaching the destination, if you have taken this consideration, your health is also covered under the insurance coveting travel. Contacting your travel consultants is highly suggested so that you take care of all the aspects of such cover. 

The Entrance of Third party in the Scene 

Here, being subjected to any kind of claim is the main concern. In case someone or his property gets damaged by you (even if accidently), you are faced with claims that you have to deal with, like it or not. So, being prepared with liability insurance as a part of the cover you will use while travelling is the best way. Being proactive never hurts. 
All the above reasons are sufficient to convince anyone for getting a cover whenever on a go. Are you? 

About the author: 
Marie Ballu is an active blogger who is fond of sharing her views on insurance to help people secure their precious items. She has also presented many guest posts on travel insurance for family, ski travel insurance and much more.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Benefits of Having Car Hire Excess Protection

English: Rental hire car park, Aberdeen Airport
English: Rental hire car park, Aberdeen Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While driving a hired car, you should have car hire excess insurance. If any accident occurs or the car gets damaged or people get injured due to your fault you have to pay a large amount of money. Sometimes you have to pay even if there was not any fault of yours. Car excess protection can help you in these cases. While driving a rental car, you will get protection in any case of accident if you have car hire excess insurance. 

Excess insurance covers you for the expenses occurred due to damages in a car after an accident and it confirms that you don’t have to pay to settle things. When going for such policies it is very important that you must know how much protection you will get while paying for car excess protection insurance. All insurance policies are not the same, some policies would not give you cover against some common damages. For example, some companies do not provide cover against damages to windscreens or tires. So it is very important to know what you will be getting before investing on any type of car hire excess insurance.

Buying car hire excess insurance provides mental peace to the buyers. You will not be responsible for any kind of accident or any damages and you will get protection for any kind of damages to the car. Car excess protection will cover you even in cases of vandalism, theft of the car, or if the car catches fire.

When hiring cars, you will be offered by the company to purchase car hire excess insurance. The cost of those insurance is very low and they don’t protect all types of damages which the car could sustain. Many people are unaware of the fact that far better alternatives are there and they are easily available. It is just you need to research a bit so as to get the best policy for your hired car. It is always a great idea to invest some time on net and search online so as to get good information on the all available options. You can compare the policies and then decide which one to go with as per your need and budget.

Online car hire excess insurance is also beneficial if more than one person is going to drive the hired vehicle. Sometimes few insurance policies charges extra for second driver. But if you decide to purchase your excess insurance online, they might give you cover for any driver and no extra cost might be charged for that.

If you are opting for daily car hire excess insurance, you must check the rental period before purchasing. If you are hiring a vehicle for a longer period of time, it is better to purchase an annual car hire excess insurance which gives some additional facilities.

While hiring a car, it is good to have a car excess protection. Sometimes an accident can cost much more than the premium of insurance thus it would not be a wise idea to ignore excess insurance. If you are going for car hire excess insurance, you will have mental peace while hiring a car when you are out of station. It will help you to save money if you face any kind of accident while driving a rental car.

Author Bio:

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