Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be Proactive By Taking Travel Cover Before You Board on a Flight!

Most of the people get very excited whenever there is travelling involved, business or holiday. At anytime, there are options to explore newer avenues of business along with the place as well when in a new destination. However, in excitement if people decide to forgo one of the most basic needs of travel insurance, it is more than just a blunder. At many times while travelling, it is the prime requisite to travel well-covered but it is not the only benefit you are getting. It depends upon which package you take, for how long and for how many people, individual or combined (in case of family or travelling business colleagues / partners). 

Here we will be focusing on the benefit one gets by getting family travel insurance.

In the event of Cancellation 

Let us start with the first and most basic positive outcome that comes with having this special cover. Due to any reason like some mishap in home or destination country or with the family or travel partners, you might have to cancel the whole trip. As a result, money put in getting the flight / charter bookings, accommodation reservations, transportation, etc will go waste. Exactly at this point, you save few hundred-thousand dollars by getting a suitable travel cover. Just don’t forget to know about the exclusions of your policy. 

Belongings’ Concern 

There is no question of not having any baggage while on a business or family trip. What happens if they get stolen or lost? You get reimbursed (partially if not fully because of the overall limits to the amount) with the insurance. The limit will be decided on the basis of what all the items were there in your bag are and how you have made the claim. There always remains the issue of saving receipts if you want the reimbursement. 

On the wrong side of Law 

You or your family members or another person accompanying you might never have thought of getting entangled in litigation's on a stranger land but sometimes things just happen. Having travel insurance might safeguard everyone under the cover from (some if not whole of) the cost involved in legal battles you will have to become a part of consequentially. 

Health Insurance- An Added Advantage 

Standard health insurances generally exclude travelling from the policy while giving cover only in the home country. So, in case you fall ill or get injured during flight or on reaching the destination, if you have taken this consideration, your health is also covered under the insurance coveting travel. Contacting your travel consultants is highly suggested so that you take care of all the aspects of such cover. 

The Entrance of Third party in the Scene 

Here, being subjected to any kind of claim is the main concern. In case someone or his property gets damaged by you (even if accidently), you are faced with claims that you have to deal with, like it or not. So, being prepared with liability insurance as a part of the cover you will use while travelling is the best way. Being proactive never hurts. 
All the above reasons are sufficient to convince anyone for getting a cover whenever on a go. Are you? 

About the author: 
Marie Ballu is an active blogger who is fond of sharing her views on insurance to help people secure their precious items. She has also presented many guest posts on travel insurance for family, ski travel insurance and much more.

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  1. In some cases, you might not even need to purchase travel insurance, but still be covered. How? Cause there are many credit cards out there which offer similar benefits.


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