Friday, November 29, 2013

Insuring Your Household: Will Give You Peace of Mind

The home is where most, if not all people, feel secured and safe. It symbolizes one’s hard work and perseverance in order to provide a quality living to the family. While there’s no place like home, it is also one of the most vulnerable places since it contains our most prized possessions. There are also unforeseen events such as fire, earthquake or theft which hampers the security of the family.

There are many ways where you can insure your household. Aside from employing safety and security measures such as padlocks, double doors or CCTV camera, getting a home insurance is one way of giving you a peace of mind.

Here is an overview of what you should know about home insurance policies and why you should get one for insuring your household.

Features of a home insurance policy

Every insurance company has its own features that will make them unique and more saleable to consumers. However, most insurance companies cover the following fortuitous events:
  • Fire and lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Damage caused by accidents, storm, rain, or flood 
  • Losses or theft
  • Structural damage
  • Acts of war
It is also important to note that not all coverage is included the basic policy. Oftentimes, a basic insurance policy covers only fire and lightning. If you want additional coverage for earthquake or other natural calamities, there needs to be a separate policy and payment of additional premium. 

Benefits of insuring your household

With today’s economic slowdown, most homeowners think whether having an insurance policy is viable. The answer is yes. You don’t want your home to be struck by a fire before you consider applying for an insurance policy. Hence, here are the benefits of insuring your household:

  • It protects your home, period. Imagine if you live in a hurricane-prone area. If you insured your home, you know you have something to turn to in case hurricane happens. Some companies even extend an additional coverage wherein if your home is not liveable, the living expenses incurred will also be shouldered by the insurance company. 
  • It protects your personal belongings. Aside from your home itself, you can have the contents inside it be protected as well. This feature must be included in the policy and may require payment of additional premium. In case your house got robbed while you and your family are on vacation, this feature can help replace the valuable items lost. 
  • It protects you against any court proceeding. If you’re having a party and someone slips and gets injured, you can save yourself from being sued. Your insurance company can help pay for the medical expenses – after you paid your deductible, of course. 
The more coverage you include in your home insurance policy, the greater the amount of premium to be paid. While you may think it’s a waste of money, think again. It is better to be ‘paranoid’ and prepared for any calamity or event rather than worrying about it when the time comes. 

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